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sup /ck/ you have any recommendations for knifes?

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sure do
this is all you need, nothing pretentious or expensive, just a simple knife that does the job

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Anything but Victorinox Fibrox. They're just awful, shitty rolled steel. Plus they often snap off at the handle.

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They're a bit pricey but also the best knives on the market.


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Based handmade knife recc. The munetoshi butcher is also an amazing knife to have. Unique and very sturdy.

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Unironically this. the IKEA 365+ all stainless chef knives are perhaps the knives with the most bang for the buck on the market. As good or better than Victorinoxes at half the price, and they even look better.

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I wondered about that one. what do you use it for? I already have a knife for boning chicken, which is all the butchering I ever do

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If you aren’t using the
You literally don’t know shit about cooking.

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I just want the knife Chinese Chef John uses for everything

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The times when Globals where the best knives on the market are long gone, anon. The steel isnt easy too sharpen, doesnt hold an edge very well and they are notorious for snapping off at the weld between blade and handle when
dropped on a tile floor at an awkward angle.

Globals made their reputation when they were the first thin and light kitchen knives on the market during a time when a kitchen knife was still considered the better the thicker its spine and the heavier its bolster was. They have been coasting on that reputation ever since.

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For me, it’s Guy Fieri’s Big Stick.
Every time I wrap my hand around Guy’s Big Stick, I’m transported directly to Flavortown.

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new poorfag delusion just dropped

fibrox overpriced, all you need is an IKEA for $20

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>They're just awful, shitty rolled steel.
All knives made nowadays are rolled steel, even premium """forged""" knives like the Wüsthof Classic series. Just watch the official Wüsthof video about hpw they manufacture their knives, they make no secret of it.

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surprised /ck/ doesn't have a wiki

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>new poorfag delusion just dropped
LOL I have spent more money on my collection than I am comfortable thinking about. I have a Miyabi MC, a NIB Hiromoto AS gyuto, two Hattori KKF gyutos, two F. Dick 1798, a Güde, a bunch of Wüsthof Classics and F. Dick Premier Plus, two specially ground and tuned up Tojiro DPs, Fujiwara FKM, CarboNext etc etc.

I still like to use the IKEA for everyday prep. Comfy handle, good profile and geometry of the blade, takes and holds an edge well and is easy to touch up on my smooth butcher's steel.

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Anything with bones really. Kind of like a more maneuverable deba. Carving out the bone in a pork shoulder for example.

It's very sturdy compared to a gyuto or japanese paring knife, so if you aren't a tard you won't chip it on the bones. It's also very easy to sharpen and it comes very rough, so you can have fun polishing the blade up as well.

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>t. that guy who used to make anti-Victorinox threads until he got BTFO by someone who tracked down his OP image and pointed out that the owner intentionally took the handle off
What really kills me is that you've admitted that you're just a contrarian yet you continue on your pointless crusade.

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Don't listen to people shilling expensive or exotic knives. For less than $20 you can get some that will serve you very well and last

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>lil' guy
enough is enough

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it literally doesnt matter if its true or not. victorinox are not good enough, steering anons away from becoming fibroxfags is good no matter what methods you use, deceit, intimidation, anything

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Nothing wrong with Vnoxes except their inflated price after they were hyped by America's Test Kitchen

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Use whatever your favorite youtuber chef uses

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>it literally doesnt matter if its true or not.
Seek help.

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That's not a particularly good guide. More like a product showcase at best.
It doesn't go into types of knives, or what to look out for, or materials or uses, just showcases a few products without any explanation.
Part 2 is pretty based though, though recommending a ~6000 polishing stone to beginners without explaining what it does seems stupid. A beginner doesn't need a 6k grit stone, they need a 1k stone for sharpening and a coarser stone for fixing. Especially if it's not a high end stone.

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No mention of shigefusa either. Pretty shit guide honestly.

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Holy shit look at this oldfag

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fucking THIS

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how is chinesium any less exotic than a japanese knife? at least Japan is quite open about how they make their knives so well. whereas every western kitchen brand's China-made knife is truly full of the mysteries of the Orient

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I want to FUCK Ponko.

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I didn't think the rabbit hole went this deep on knife snobbery.
I've always bought serrated knife packs from the dollar store and thrown them out when they get bent or excessively dull.

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It goes way deeper than that and those infographics are missing some important details IMO.

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Lmao you have NO idea

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>it was real in your mind

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there are people to whom this makes sense. if you go far enough down you may begin to understand it yourself

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kek, true. time to go out and get me an aliexpress knife for the true mystical exotic eastern knife experience

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If I only jumped on it when it was in stock. Fug.

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Is this a good knife?
I've used it for 7 years now. Only sharpened once. I use it for everything.

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Not it isnt, but if it has been working for you then it doesn't matter.

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get yourself one of these chinese meat cleavers, they're rather affordable so you can just buy a $20 one and it will last you until you feel like buying more knives cause you're bored. This shit is extremely reliable, from chopping meat, to chopping thin slices of onions, you can't go wrong and you should have one in your cooking utensil drawer

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yeah, run one across your jugular

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>giving actual useful advice

you got it wrong bro, these people want text wankery about some autist $500 weeb knife that doesnt even make a difference and wont make them cook any better

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$1000+ actually. Minimum 1000 folds, of course tamahagane steel, and the most obvious of all it needs to be made by a licensed swordsmith in Japan. EVERY one of those must be met if you even want to consider properly cutting and onion, or considering yourself a cook.

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>Infographics detailing bare bones entry level advice on basic knife maintenance
I guess keep wasting your money on dollar store knives though, if that makes you happy. I paid $40 for my workhorse knife ten years ago, it's still as sharp as day one, thanks to a one time purchase of a $30 stone ten years ago. I use my leather belt as a strip, but that belt was a gift and I don't know what it cost, so let's just say a total $70 to keep me knifed up for the rest of my life, while you're going to the dollar store every other month. Yeah bud, you're a real salt of the earth fella, huh?

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>chop a mountain of veggies
>use it like a scoop, from board to pan, easy
>feel happy and productive

how can skinny knives even compete

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A pointy knife can come in real handy sometimes.

Cutting the pith out of a bell pepper is one example.

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I like having a mezzaluna. Fantastic for parsley.

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>a $100 knife is 100000 layer extreme snobbery that might as well cost $1000
The years go by but /ck/ is still NEET cope central

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if you come at me with that shit in my kitchen I'm stabbing you with the pointy end of my chef knife

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>some autist $500 weeb knife that doesnt even make a difference and wont make them cook any better
>having zero appreciation for craftsmanship
I’ve never once heard someone claim such a knife makes them cook better.

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I’m so fucking sick of you faggots and your fucking meme knives.
Pic is all you need. It cuts anything you’d need to cut. If it can’t cut something, it means that thing isn’t edible so stop trying to fucking eat it.

But no, you lazy ass faggots are all
>fuck using a rock to cut food!
>instead, let’s grab a shit ton of rocks, and spend all day crushing them, and spend another day burning those rocks in a huge hot ass fire, just so we can get a tiny bit of OMG METAL out of them, and then spend another fucking day using another hot ass fire so we can make the metal red and smack the shit out of it until it’s roughly the same fucking shape of the rock-knife we don’t like, and then spend yet ANOTHER fucking day rubbing that metal against a fucking rock until the edges are sharp just like the rock-knife we don’t like
>and then we can use it to cut food!!
See how fucking retarded that is?

Holy shit. The copper age was a fucking mistake and it’s why we have useless lazy zoomers.

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wow everything in that image is wrong
based retards of /ck/

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It's at least 10 years old, I remember seething about it when it was first posted. Now it just makes me wonder what I'm doing with my life that I still shitpost here

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Imagine being stabbed by one of these in a parking lot

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gonna go buy a Fibrox right now just because you posted this
this is your fault

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it does actually make prep a teeny bit faster because it cuts so dang good

t. my knife cost almost exactly $500

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>recommendations for knifes?
Don't cut yourself with them

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I'm going to order a fibrox just so I can call them shit with authority

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just order some cosplay kunai online and then sharpen them yourselves. The kunai hole things makes them easy to hang on hooks

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Cold Steel Tanto

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when you were in culinary school I was studying the blade

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off AliExpress or what?

>> No.17822123

I was thinking of doing this as well and to understand what the fuss is about. There must be a couple redeeming factors.

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amazon adbot getting salty!

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if you've already spent that much then you might as well go for it. you should force yourself to use nothing but fibrox for one month. imagine how good it would feel to go back to the other knives after that.

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>all that absolutely fucked carbon steel

>> No.17823750

I don't have anywhere near shit guy's collection but I forced myself to use a shitty "so thin it's a laser by accident" stainless knife very similar to a fibrox when I had some houseguests who were too retarded to touch nice things and I had to hide my good knives, and it was a huge relief to put it away and use a nice knife again when that was over

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*shig guy, but shit guy is ambiguously hostile in a 4chins kind of way and I like how that turned out

>> No.17823761

>shit guy
that's a pretty good typo lol

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Based and grugpilled

>> No.17824023

That's exactly what I was thinking and to experience the handle, which many people love.

Eh, I actually enjoy polishing san mai blades, so I don't mind if they get kinda fucked. Just as long as there's no pitting I'm okay. Those westerns are old sabatiers and are my abuse knives.

Heh. Maybe one day it will change to kato guy.

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once it goes full grey it won't corrode any more, it's the carbon leeching out of the very outer micromillimeters of steel and shit, eventually the blade will look white and it will be in essence nearly stainless

>> No.17825802

>cut onion
>smells like my knife is burning
my least favourite thing about carbon steel

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bestest and basedest post itt

>> No.17825945

no it's not, he copy pastes that same dumb joke every thread

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Bro you have a fucking metal nail in your unga club.

>> No.17826081

it's the iron age now

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I like kiwi knives, they're super thin soft steel but get scary sharp on a $10 waterstone in under a minute.

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Soft steel can't get objectively scarily sharp.

>> No.17826219

You can push cut rice paper with soft steel if you have good stropping

>> No.17826221

nah son. what happens in /ck/ stays in /ck/

>> No.17826232

Passing the HHT is scary sharp imo.

>> No.17826244

You can beat the HTT with an aggressive edge that's less sharp than you'd probably call sharp

>> No.17826272

Are you sure about that?

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I bought some "members mark" knives from Sams Club, after my chef friend recommended them to me. I think they're pretty good, especially for the price.

lots of people swear the Victorinox Fibrox is the best "cheap" knife.

I got a few Wusthof & Henckles knives from the local thrift stores. $5 USD each. love them.

>> No.17826537

I've only had that experience with a cheap sk4 knife

>> No.17826801

I've had that experience with SK as well, but also with iron-clad Aogami Super

>> No.17828307

I also have an ikea chef knife and I love it. The knife block they have is great too and it looks great desu

>> No.17828584

what's the knife at the top?

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File: 3.06 MB, 5760x3840, TakedownChefspic1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its a knife that took me a very long time to make.

The one underneath is a test knife I made that's 70hrc. Zmax ultra meme steel.

>> No.17829646

Unironically yes, but there's other places. They are called "cai dao" and even a lot of the bigger western brands have versions of them now. But a true cai dao isn't meant to be too expensive, just made from good quality steel and afordable.

>> No.17829691

cool. choil shot?

>> No.17829725

Based cave-boomer

>> No.17829741

Nicest knife I have is a Nakiri that was made/engraved for me by a craftsman in Sakai-shi, Osaka.
It ‘only’ ran me $500ish because he’s just a 3rd-generation knifemaker. So he can’t charge what the billionth-gen guys descended from sword-making families can.

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File: 295 KB, 1030x2199, 20220511_182806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mirror finished and carefully rounded. I haven't sharpened the blade yet, which is why it looks so thick.

>> No.17830779

here's my knife recommendation: round your spine and choil. just spent my afternoon doing that with the new Hisamoto that I posted in the other thread. Love how it looks and feels now.

>carefully rounded
I prefer recklessly rounding. strip of sandpaper, give it the ol' shoeshine. turns out nice enough for me. yours looks pretty good though

>> No.17830827

dollar store knife
dollar store whet stone
spend 10 minutes sharpening

if the knife gets rusty or the handle starts to come off throw it away and get another dollar store knife. Even if you throw away the knife every single year and buy a new one, you'll still spend less money than most people who spend $200 on a fancy damascus blade.

>> No.17830847

if the knife can get rusty or lose the handle from a simple ten minute sharpening then those dollar store knives really are shit

>> No.17830904

Based reccomendation. Rounding spine+choil is pretty easy to do and makes a major difference in comfort and usually only very expensive knives have it done.

>> No.17831084

every noob thinks "why would I do that? all that work just to make the spine round? the square spine doesn't bother me"

I don't blame them. It's not really possible to understand what it's like unless you've felt it. Seems pointless, just one of those meaningless things on a knife nerd's checklist that proves a knife is worth $800. they just don't know

>> No.17831396

I wouldnt buy the cheapest but i had a cook who worked in michellen restraunts in france and he told us the cooks there only bring cheap knifes and learn to sharpen them. They also sharpen all the time. While all the staff had weeb knifes he was with a 20$ knife that every time he'd sharpen it would cut like any other knife. He was also the best at sharpening

>> No.17831425

>the cooks there only bring cheap knifes and learn to sharpen them. They also sharpen all the time. While all the staff had weeb knifes
I wonder who is more of an expert on cutting, the cook or the guy whose job is to cut vegetables for his entire shift

>> No.17831985

I don't own Japanese knives because I think they're better for being more expensive. I just simply like the aesthetic.

>> No.17832652

any behandled, relatively thin piece of rigid, relative-to-what-you'll-be-cutting hard (mohs hardness) piece of material with at least one straight edge, a whet stone, and a bit of elbow grease.
I have a butterknife (actually curved blade) that cuts hair.

>> No.17832691

Yeah but trying to sharpen some metal freehand sucks ass and doing it on a waterstone sucks ass even more. High chromium steels I go diamond plate to develop the edge then switch to natural stone for polishing. You can use waterstones for everything but you certainly don't need to work so hard.

>> No.17832915

The work relaxes me, hence my love for it. Though it is true that it's ass if you've just started out and don't know your face from your foot, making dull knifes somehow duller.

>> No.17832949

Based sharpening enjoyer. Have you tried jnats? I find them to be the most satisfying to work with. Most of them are pretty slow is the only thing.

>> No.17833019

You could be a 124th generation knife sharpener that trained from birth and still be a retard using a ceramic stone on elmax. No amount of skill is going to let you defy basic physics.

>> No.17833023

Global shit is fairly affordable but good.

>> No.17833355

>the cook or the guy whose job is to cut vegetables for his entire shift
the cook because he formerly was that guy who cut vegetables for his entire shift

>> No.17833369

Thats like saying it doesnt matter if one drives a used 200.000 mile Civic or a new BMW M5 because with US speed limits being what they are they will take you to your destination in exactly the same time.

>> No.17833387

Except the more expensive BMWs are designed to be thrown away after a couple years for the next shiny thing while cheaper Hondas are serviceable for life, so I don't think your analogy holds together the way you want.

>> No.17833631

It does hold together for people who arent contrarian autistic pedants.

Substitute BMW with Mercedes or Cadillac or Rolls Royce for all I care if it helps you grasp the analogy better.

>> No.17834467

if I have to bet on who has the better work avoidance strategy and my two choices are a driven and intelligent guy who fought his way up to the top, or a tattooed drug addict loser who has no ambitions beyond finishing his shift with minimal hassle and clocking out, I will always bet on the second guy

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>dragon dagger

>> No.17834908

not really. my first project was sharpening a piece of rusted junk i found in the village my grandparents live, i've never really bought a knife, i've just sharpened cheap stock. i'm realtively poor, and much as i would like a quadrillion folded nihonese steel blade blessed by the emperor, the butterknife i mentioned cuts through anything edible like desiccated horseradish or frozen meat into newspaper pages

>> No.17834949

it doesn't get rusty or lose the handle in 10 minutes, it may do that after a year or so of use
it comes down to whether or not you think it's worth it. I have a nice heirloom watch but most people say their cell phone gets the job done just fine, and they're right. If you want to chop carrots with a BMW M5 you're entitled to that.

>> No.17834951

>tfw strange men thrust their big stick into you repeatedly in the parking lot

>> No.17834959

>move into new place
>doesn't have a magnetic knife strip
>its an apartment so can't install one myself
>my knives are too eclectic for a knife block
>they are just sitting awkwardly on the counter


>> No.17834972


>> No.17834973

I'll just get the $10 one at meijer's. Does it cut things? Then it's good enough.

>> No.17835049

Buy a basic Mercer set if you're not super serious about cooking. They're good for their price. But if you're gonna be going all-in, buy hand-forged knives that will last your whole life if you treat them well.

>> No.17835094

based, fire was a mistake

>> No.17835142

Even more based. Do you have pictures of some of the knives you have restored?

It may be out of your budget, but there's a lot of used japanese knives on ebay that are chipped up and rusted that go for pretty cheap. Lots of debas usually around 30-60 dollars with shipping.

If you have the eye for it you can pick out some really cool old ones that you know were handmade. I've restored 4 or 5 of them and they all came out really nice.

>> No.17835200

"good enough" fags are so fucking annoying

>> No.17835216

Personally I just rip things with my hands

>> No.17835259

I'm using a $100 Zwilling 8" Chef's Knife and I like it. It comes super sharp and it has stayed quite sharp for over a year.

It's my first good knife, so I can't compare it to other good knives.

>> No.17835335


>> No.17835348

Do you also discuss and carefully pick your fucking fork and spoon before spending $800 on one?

>> No.17835377

Depends how many folds they have.

>> No.17835389

Do you eat with a child's plastic spork?

>> No.17835398

I eat with some shit I bought at Target like 15 years ago that was on clearance for ~$3 for a pack of 10 of every needed piece.

>> No.17835404

Have you considered if you were actually satisfied you wouldn't feel the need to argue about how satisfied you are by entering a thread that supposedly has nothing to do with you?

>> No.17835407

>do you have any recommendations for knives?

was the thread topic, have you considered that? The thread is literally asking what knife you are satisfied with lol.

>> No.17835409

If you got a full set of nice handmade forks, spoons, and knives it would probably be pretty expensive. Hopefully not 800 tho.

>> No.17835413

Nobody wants "i got me dollar store knife" as a recommendation because the recommendation from someone who buys the cheapest shit and turns their brain off means jack shit.

>> No.17835418

Nobody wants recommendations from retards who sperg out about knives either. He is asking for recommendations - he didn't ask for your personal opinion on knife thread etiquette. Strange you bring up the thread having nothing to do with you and yet you are ENTIRELY ignoring what the thread is about and demanding it be turned into a cock-size comparison thread but with knives.

>> No.17835428

You think anyone who knows what they're actually talking about is "sperging" because you're uneducated and don't understand what makes a steel good.

>> No.17835433

I'm gonna repeat the part you chose to ignore. You complained that I am in a thread that has "nothing to do with [me]" yet you are;
1. Demanding it be about obsessing over expensive artisan knives rather than recommendations.
2. Making it a back-and-forth argument with one poster which is not on topic or relevant or to anyone's interest.

Great job.

>> No.17835436

I'm only "complaining" in that I'm accurately describing your presence as useless.

>> No.17835447

So is yours, as you are not making recommendations and instead trying to take a thread over instead of keeping it to your 1 person discord server. Beyond that, you're simply aiding in making the entire thread useless rather than just me by continuing to reply with stupid shit and ignoring that you took the thread off topic to begin with. :)

>> No.17835452

Post your knife and sharpening set up.

>> No.17835463
File: 25 KB, 710x461, Screenshot 2022-05-12 224001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It is quite simply good enough.

>> No.17835470

That doesn't count we need your actual knife and sharpening system. I don't doubt you have that knife, but there's more to it than just the type.

>> No.17835474

I'm sorry, but you seem to be treating the thread as your personal knife discord where we compare and contrast what we own. This is my sole recommendation to the OP. I might have and use more, but this is my recommendation. Who is "we"?

>> No.17835506

Well this is a knife thread, so if you're having an argument the best way to settle it is to show your knife and sharpening system. The we is everyone else in this thread.

>> No.17835533

The "we" is you being the fucking same person, nice try, bye bye.

>> No.17835541

Well... being a paranoid weirdo is one way to out yourself as the lesser in a knife argument I suppose.

>> No.17835613

I'm going to ask my sister to let me borrow her IKEA knife so I can find out if it "does the job" or not

>> No.17836801
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Benchmade Meatcrafter

>> No.17837556

No camera and no phone. Reburishing decent stock sounds like a spiffy idea, I'll probably do that. Thanks for mentioning it.

>> No.17837583

put them in a drawer

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