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ITT: we post food items the brits actually do right (which is rare)

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Lee Perrins

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literally not a single thing. fried fish? fried potato? meat pie? blood sausage? curry? Britain is the culinary mediocrity capital of the world.

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fish and chips is fucking sex and I have no interest in hearing anyone else's opinion on the matter unless they live on the south coast of england

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Coast FC till I die.

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Fish and chips
Shepherd's pie
Gregg's Sosij Roll

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Toad in the hole.

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I'm not gonna pay 9 dollars for some fucking mustard.

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roast lamb with roast potatoes

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4 dollars max … fuck off you poor shit and enjoy ur store brand yellow

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We do everything right.

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Boar with mint sauce.

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Mint sauce is for lamb.

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Treifslop box

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Brittanic food is the best on earth. This is not my opinion.

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Lol that looks very British... Generic food one could just easily make around the house, at least with pizza it's worth ordering in a box since pizza takes a lot of effort to make and a lot of preparation and a lot of clean up afterwards. Take your moynchay boyx and shove it lol.


Fried potatoes aren't limited to Brits, and curry is Indian... Brits can't cook for shit from what I've seen, even the "famous" Brit chefs are completely overrated.

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Probably the only flavor you know of, if you're glorifying expensive mustard, you must be a Brit

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>what sauce do you want
>yeah lemme get uuuuhhh.. toothpaste
mint sauce is shit

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British food* is shit

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was british food always terrible or was it a symptom of two world wars, money saving tips, depressions, and then a lack of stay at home moms after the war?
i cant imagine the biggest empire in history could have such shit food by design.

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What's the white mush in the middle? I'm guessing the mush on the bottom left is mashed potatoes but what is the white mush in the middle? What's the bottom middle brown mush? Stuffing? And what's the shredded black stuff?

The rest of that stuff in the picture is laughable to waste money to order out, plain steamed veggies, a roll, etc.. That stuff is not only ridiculously easy to make but wouldn't take long to make nor would be worth the cost in my opinion to order out and have some place "cook" it for me.

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it's not a standard takeaway item, munchy box+sunday roast staples=obvious gimmick. the middle stuff is cauliflower cheese, shredded stuff on the side red cabbage, not sure about the bottom.

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Lol if that's the "gimmick" one, what's in a regular one? That's called "who threw a bunch of generic food in a box? where the hell is my pizza?" Around here

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sosig rolls
that's scottish

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>that's scottish
Scots are British. Deal with it.

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I see the envy is going strong ITT.

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When i found out cheddar cheese was invented in England it blew my mind

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I'm 90% sure the bottom is Paxo sage & onion stuffing. The meat looks dry as shit, but at seven quid it's cheaper than I was expecting.

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I think Scones are pretty good. Credit the Brits with that

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definitely was the wars. if you look at old recipes they used everything available to them, which is to say, the shit they took by conquering savages

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Some good drinks: scotch whisky, London Gin
Stuff in pastry: melton Mowbray pork pie, Cornish pasty
Scottish smoked salmon
Cheddar, Stilton
Named the Sandwich.

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"Curry" as in meat/veg in a spicy roux was invented in the UK.

Curry is a different thing in India, it's closer to a spicy soup or stew.

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We don't have shit food at all, but culturally we are in a perpetual post-ear rationing mindset that never went away.

Potatoes and fish were two of the only things not rationed from 1914-1950s, so all our foods revolve around potatoes. However, we have the best langoustines in the world. Amazing salmon and sea trout. Our beef and lamb is amazing too. All it takes is expanding your horizons a bit.

Also, Colemans is genuinely amazing.

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British pies and curries are genuinely top tier, while black pudding is perfectly fine. Fish and chips are literally papier mache and I cannot comprehend foreigners' obsession with it.
What does this anon even mean
Does he even know what greggs is
It's a shitty fast food place which makes bad food cheaply, it's our mcdonalds

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Amazing beer, too. Porters, stouts, pale ales and India pale ales were all invented in the UK.

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>literally papier mache
It's literally fish and chips.

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Literally is used for emphasis in English, ESL-kun.

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>Literally is used for emphasis in English
Only by Americanised idiots.
Saying something is 'literally' something that it literally isn't is fucking moronic.

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Why not? That's sort of how using something for emphasis works. If I said fish and chips had no taste would you counter that it in fact tasted of fish and chips? You are wilfully misunderstanding how language works, probably because you get off to outrage over very small things.

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You're a yankbrained idiot.

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I read it was meant to be shit to stop ppl eating do much lamb. dunno if it's true or not

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>paper mache
I don't get the analogy... Fish and chips is delicious and I wish we had more around me. Long john silvers is about all we get aside from the occasional diner that usually fries it with a corn meal batter.

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Rationing lasted a retarded amount of time so we had to deal with boomers growing up with american great depression-tier "cuisine" and passing on absolutely no culinary knowledge to their kids. Cooking is seen as a hobby compared to just buying an oven pizza from tesco or heating up a ready meal pasta bake like most people.

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Proper fish and chips is hard to do. Ideally You have to double fry, or the moisture from the fish will fuck the batter. But if you double frytoo much the batter will fuck no longer be light.
I dunno how they do it with single fry, but I think the fillet size USA factor as well besides batter, oil temp, initial temp etc.
Im an ausfag and it's exceedingly rare for fish and chip places to get it right. If I want good fish and chips I have to go to a good pub usually. Even then it's usually shit.
Proper good fish and chips then cost fucking 25$ so fuck that.
If you're in Australia the only place that does this consistently well and for about $11 a serve is Cicerellos in Fremantle, western Australia.
Trust me I've been most places in Australia, I can't find it a good fit $11 anywhere else.

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That “roll” is a Yorkshire pudding you fucking troon

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Spotted Dick

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That's Japanese curry. British curry uses onion as the thickener.

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It tastes of nothing and it feels like mush in your mouth. Even the best chippies taste like delicious rich batter over tasteless nothing that used to be a haddock. If you think fish and chips is delicious then I have a fundamental disagreement with your tongue.

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Nowadays. Japanese curries are almost one to one copies of pre immigration British curries.

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Fuck up, fatty.

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Curry sauce served in English fish and chips shops is still basically identical to katsu curry.

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Go to a better fish and chips shop.

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you're getting raped on inflation if they're charging you 9 for this

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even better with proper sourdough

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literally literally means literally you fucking septic ballsack

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yes. however chippy curry sauce has got fuck all to do with the kind of curry you would make for an actual curry main course at dinner. it's like comparing ketchup to a ragu

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Not buying the Pride of Norwich

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>however chippy curry sauce has got fuck all to do with the kind of curry you would make for an actual curry main course at dinner.
Wrong, like I said it's the same as katsu curry, and pretty much the last common example in the UK of what inspired katsu in the first place.

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What the fuck has that got to do with Indian curry? "Curry" sauce from a chippy isn't at all the same as the sauces you get from Indian restaurants which, as the original anon said, aren't authentic Indian cuisine because it was invented by Bongs and merely inspired by Indian pot curries.

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Calm down dear.
Katsu Curry is served in Japanese restaurants as a main course.
It is inspired by British takes on Indian curry.
Curry Sauce served in UK chip shops is still made that way.
Curry in UK Indian restaurants is not.

I know there's a whopping 60 posts ITT but try to keep up.

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Maybe the troon is you, calm down, I thought it was a dinner roll

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Yes, quite true. And what does literally mean?
I've been to some really good fish and chip shops, anon.

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British cheeses are among the world's best. I think the British have a very high standard for dairy products which you don't get elsewhere.

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>ScottisH therefor not BRItish

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no, Hendo's is the correct answer

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>What's the white mush in the middle?
Cauliflower chees
>What's the bottom middle brown mush? Stuffing
>And what's the shredded black stuff?
Red cabbage

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Yeah thats why turks and indians often pair lamb with mint right? They're idiots too, its not like they perfectly compliment each other. Mint sauce doesn't even taste like toothpaste, its tastes like herbs.

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ignore the retarded amerimutts

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>Mr. Brian and the 6 Faggots
Welp boys looks like I have the name of my band.

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>When i found out cheddar cheese was invented in England it blew my mind

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So I've been making alot of meat pastries as of late and pork pies are by far my favorite. I usually mix pork loin with green onion, red pepper flakes and diced up hard boiled egg. Quail eggs can be hard to find around here. I have noticed one thing though. I prefer to dice my pork with a knife rather than grind it. I find it give a better texture to the pie.

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Fuck that looks good.

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I'm an American and these look delicious, but I'd worry about the pastry being dry. It's not too tough of a pastry is it? And do you eat them hot or cold? Or like, room temp?

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It’s not British anymore and they fucked with the recipe to make appeal to foreigners.
It’s nowhere as strong as it used to be.

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Britain produces more varieties of cheese than any other nation.
Wendslydale ftw, shame it’s so hard to find here.

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Who do you think the nips discovered curry from?

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Blue Wensleydale is fucking lush, got some in the fridge waiting for me.

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Colman's is a nasty vingar shart, I can't think of ANY country producing worse mustard.

>> No.17820311

There's no vinegar in Colmans.

>> No.17820317

Yeah, it’s made in Germany now.
Fucking krauts.

>> No.17820324

And it doesn’t contain any.
Don’t worry. It’s only the food and cooking board.

>> No.17820355

Makes a comment about how bad something tastes and just proves to everyone he's never tasted it. Retard. Must be from plebbit.

>> No.17820387


Wallace & Gromit was the best thing to happen to Wensleydale

>> No.17820424

Its a butter pastry. I use the same recipe as I do when making fruit pies, but I omit the sugar. I usually eat them room tenperature. I pack them in my lunch and have one or two instead of a sandwhich. I will they are pretty good hot, but aren't traditionally eaten that way.

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Don't pork pies use suet pastry?

>> No.17820433

>ahurr it doesn't have vinegar therefore it can't be vinegary

/ck/ - ordering from grubhub, in a nutshell

>> No.17820436

Usually, but like quail eggs its hard to find suet too. I make due with what I have.

>> No.17820454

What the fuck is grubhub?

>> No.17820488

It doesn't taste vinegary. You would know that if you had tasted it.
Plebbit tier logic ain't gonna back you up.

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Mushy peas.
and scotch eggs

>> No.17820512

Haggis? Because that's probably the best offal dish I've ever had and genuinely delicious.

>> No.17820525

Yes it does. Clearly you never had it, or you grew up without tastebuds aka a brit

>> No.17820643

Traditional "hot water crust" pies use pork lard.

Either you're confused with a different mustard or you're confused in general.

>> No.17820694

I'm English and I disagree in the strongest possible terms.

English mustard is terrible.

American mustard is so much better it's not even close.

I like strong flavours and very spicy food, but English mustard is simply too strong. It's barely usable.

American mustard has the same taste but with the correct balance.

>> No.17820742

>It's barely usable.
Fucking baby palate.

>> No.17820749

I would NEVER forget nor mistake something as vile as Colman's bottled vinegar shart.

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gis a bit

>> No.17820806

Southern fish and chips are shite. Come to Whitby faggot.

>> No.17820832

Full English
>fried egg
>bacon(proper bacon, none of that noncy yank shite)
>black pudd
>fried mushrooms
>hash browns

get in

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hola coño

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>English mustard is simply too strong
fucking ashamed to call you my countryman

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Maybe you had some of the powder made up with vinegar? Colman's is barely even acidic.

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>> No.17821409

Wisconsin wins more global cheese competitions than the rest of the world combined.

>> No.17821422

Have you tried making it up “fresh” from the powder? That is pretty hot still

>> No.17821427

Genuinely don't give a shit what Americans think tbqh.

>> No.17821431

I am embarrassed on your behalf.

>> No.17821434

I know europoors are dumb, but you understand the term global, yeah?

>> No.17821442

Why do brits name things like children?

>> No.17821444

Ok, let me rephrase.
I genuinely don't give a shit what any foreigners think.

>> No.17821471

It’s taking a bunch of different things and putting them on a plate, it’d be like dumping a bunch of shit from a Chinese takeout onto a platter and calling it a Full Asian

>> No.17821479

The only other thing I can think of is that you're confusing pungency with vinegar.

>> No.17821480

And the World Series only consists of American teams, nobody gives a fuck. Now get your fucking shinebox

>> No.17821482

£7? That's absurdly cheap for that much food, though it's likely not terribly high quality and the meat is, as you said, cooked to shit. Looks like gravy wouldn't even save it

>> No.17821483

Not really.

>> No.17821486

care to extrapolate?

>> No.17821491

Children have to have names. It's the law.

>> No.17821502

Nope. Wasn't named till just before my first year. Stupid to name an infant because it may die.

>> No.17821512

You must be a 3rd worlder. In civilised countries you have to register births and you can't register a birth without a name. Failure to register a birth is against the law.

>> No.17821541

Nope. In the USA. Up to the states probably like everyone should be.

This shit isn't anything new. My parents weren't given names until a few months after born. I've asked this question a few times in my youth. It's a common thing. Makes sense though.

Civilized countries my ass. No one should force registration of your kids until a year or two. Are you boasting you live in a government who rules the fuck out of you? Perhaps you are the third worlder here.

>> No.17821564

rationing ruined it. my grandparents left in 1952 because there was still rationing 7 years later.
british beer was ruined and the strength/alcohol content dropped by about 1/3 up to 1/2 and many regional variants disappeared
regional variants of cheese were banned and production forced into "efficient" cheese production due to rationing.
a lot of notions around "sanitation" and "cleanliness" re: food and industrialization destroyed local and traditional cuisine.
in any case my grandma could still cook very well and had experienced a wide range of other european foods, but stuff like spaghetti or pizza was the equivalent of a suburban american thinking of say ordering pakistani food - highly exotic and potentially weird tasting. they refused to get peanut butter after moving to canada for a long time, they didnt understand the idea.
the best bits were just well cooked, properly seasoned and salted meats and general meals if a bit heavy on butter. also excellent shortcrust pastry, there is nothing like properly made shortcrust pastry and a variety of sweet filled tarts.

>> No.17821613

Preteens just go with hardcore you know? That's why preteen hardcore is PTHC and those who are softcore is PTSC.

>> No.17821623

Fucking yes really. Cook some eggs in oil, cook some bacon in oil, rinse repeat for everything but the toast from the toaster and the beans from a can.

Actually you’re right, it’s not the same. Nothing in the Full Chinese is literally just Heat Contents Of Can in regards to cooking

>> No.17821635

Bubble n Squeak, chip butty, toad in the hole, calling something a munchybox is frankly small potatoes, or ittybittyirishmen I guess you’d call em

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File: 1.02 MB, 3024x4032, yckmglapovrz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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cor fackin ell

>> No.17821762

>it's a Saturday in 2002
>you're spending the day at Crealy
>go to the grass for a scrummy picnic
>mum pulls out these fuckers

>> No.17821771 [DELETED] 

>Nope. In the USA
Okay, so third world niggermutt.

>> No.17821777

Twinkies and Ding Dongs and Tootsie Rolls. People in glass houses...

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It means "in a literal way" you dumb fucking mutt. Try an actual dictionary, not the big book of America niggerspeak.

>> No.17821816

Colloquial to who you illiterate faggot? Certainly not the English you absolute spastic. Do you LITERALLY speak like some American woman? Kill yourself you retarded faggot. Nice job picking the third definition down and ignoring the first two that emphasise what the word actually means. Maybe someday you'll earn above minimum wage.

>> No.17821830

They adopted our language over 250 years ago. And they're still struggling with it. They're just dumb.

>> No.17821935

#1 superpower loser xd.

Enjoy slavery

>> No.17821961

Your country is run by middle eastern nomads.

>> No.17821988

>given names until a few months after born
Why are you still doing mediaeval plague traditions

>> No.17822235

Embarrassingly for you, I showed you a screencap of the Oxford English Dictionary. Do note the definition points out that this colloquial sense is now the most common one, and also note that we are in fact talking to each other colloquially.
I think you're hypercorrecting. You seem to think that using "literally" for emphasis is an Americanism, and therefore ought to be stamped out. It's actually just people using the English language the way they've always done. This is very working class behaviour.

>> No.17822799

We didn't send our best.

>> No.17822837

except those are candies for literal children, makes you think huh?

>> No.17823401

You made this same ridiculous argument before. Adults buy and eat them. So there goes your plebbit logic.

>> No.17823410

Obelix doesn't even taste food at the rate he eats it. Fuck what he thinks.

>> No.17823448
File: 91 KB, 720x960, 7F6563FD-9BD7-4CB5-9F66-BEB98EDEE8C4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was in the UK a few years ago, they have full English breakfast delivery the same way we have pizza delivered here. 24/7 you can get a huge box like this and you don’t have to give the delivery driver a tip

>> No.17823466

Wow no tips?!?! Holy shit and you get beans and eggs as well?! Well I'm coming right over, the dystopian surveillance nightmare you're living is completely offset by hecking eggs and beans!

>> No.17823508

glizzy, garbage plate, snickerdoodles; putting a bunch of sweet shit in a bowl, covering it with canned whipped cream, and calling it a salad

>> No.17823564

See those black pudding slices? They're not for eating. They fit snugly over the lenses of surveillance cameras. We know what we're doing.

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File: 187 KB, 444x429, scrnli_10_05_2022_11-54-19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked for 1/64th lactose intolerant

>> No.17823701

Hash browns shouldnt be part of a fry up. Therye dogshit

>> No.17823847

They're terms of endearment, it's what happens when a lot of people like something for a long time.

>> No.17823863

Why are you throwing such a fit about contronyms?

>> No.17823928

thats fuckin dire la

>> No.17823938
File: 270 KB, 942x724, 1587170287827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're afraid.

>> No.17823956

Whilst drinking original Guiness. That is a challenge right there.
I am a pisshead but never enjoyed drinking booze with a fry up, always has to be a cuppa tea

>> No.17824031

That yolk is fucking FAT.

>> No.17824055

I've never had black pudding, but it looks hella gross.
Just Googled it, and there's no actual meat in it?
Jeebus Christmas.

>> No.17824116

imagine being this low test

>> No.17824148

imagine wanting to eat a sausage with no actual meat.

>> No.17824161
File: 2.95 MB, 640x360, black pudding.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's great.

>> No.17824164

imagine thinking blood is "gross"

>> No.17824174

It tastes amazing, and is a superfood now which is hilarious

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File: 67 KB, 634x422, 2FE7DB4300000578-3390108-image-a-22_1452247639163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeh betta be bringing back one of them fancy boxes wit tha peetser or I'm not even lettin ye ave a whiff o me gash. Yeh got a famly teh feed. Gottah mayek shur yes dotter grows big an strongg

>> No.17824188

>imagine thinking blood is "gross"
Show me where I said that?

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>> No.17824193

It's implied.

>> No.17824198

Its called pudding of color now.

>> No.17824202
File: 79 KB, 827x960, 1l8e0tk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm complaining about meatless sausage, try yo keep up.

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Somehow that joke pic still looks less gay than actual vegan sausages.

>> No.17824220

All the fish and chips I had in england were absolute garbage compared to everywhere else I've had that in the US and canada
desu I was kind of disappointed

>> No.17824231

People here genuinely prefer soft, stodgy chips and batter. It's very strange.

>> No.17824282
File: 437 KB, 2484x2484, vanilla-custard-sauce-3056247-5c5487f446e0fb00018200b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Americans will never know the joy of your mom cooking you a beef stew and following it up with bread pudding and custard on a cold winter night after playing your school footy
I actually feel bad you guys miss out on such basic but solid food

>> No.17824287

that literally happens in the US, but instead of baby puke cake of whatever that is, we get icecream

>> No.17824292

bread and butter pudding is god tier

>> No.17824295

truly peasants

>> No.17824299

>remember American coworker asking what black pudding is
>tell them its fried pigs blood with pepper
>look at me like I'm some freak
I always thought it was weird how Americans were okay with having hundreds of chemicals in their foods but draw the line at the off-cuts or animal by products that can be repurposed into extra food

>> No.17824300

Dont knock it until you try it. I can say its far better than ice cream.

>> No.17824317
File: 177 KB, 1199x1500, download (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Marmite is excellent

>> No.17824330

The "meat" is pork blood, welcome to England

>> No.17824345

Go read the posts again you idiot.
It's the LACK OF MEAT that's an issue, NOT the presence of blood.

>> No.17824920
File: 93 KB, 720x480, rhubarb-apple-crumble_1980x1320-127921-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread made me so hungry. Can't believe crumble wasn't mentioned yet.

>> No.17824973

gis a bit

>> No.17825827

Funny how Wallace saved them from going out of business purely because "Wensleydale" was the funniest animation they could get for his mouth.

>> No.17825838

Almost choked on my beanie weenies and tater tots reading this!

>> No.17825852

>Funny how Wallace saved them from going out of business purely because "Wensleydale" was the funniest animation they could get for his mouth.
Mad that. It's one of the most popular cheeses in England now, and rightly so, it's very good.

>> No.17825874

Even has the authentic Arabic script.

>> No.17825911

Imagine how many varieties have been lost because they didn't get that serendipitous boost.

>> No.17826449
File: 1.08 MB, 1728x1740, 199084742_111765314467777_4357552547737167617_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Branston PIckle
>Shepards Pie
>Cotrage Pie
>Sausage Rolls
>Meat Pies
>Bangers and Mash
>Fish and chips
>steamed cakes
>yorkshire pudding
>sunday roast
>mushy peas