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>unmelted cheese in an untoasted bun is better than a big mac and fries...because it just is, OK!

Why do boomers hold irrational prejudice against fast food?

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What's preventing you from melting the cheese or toasting the bread?

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The bun on a big Mac isn't toasted. And the cheese isn't melted. Aside from that, it's also completely disgusting. What's with zoomers not being able to make their own food?

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Presumably he's talking about getting food on the go, since he's offering an alternative to McDonalds.

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What am I supposed to do about the fries and coke then?

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>And the cheese isn't melted

You're just outright lying to accomodate your irrational Europoor/boomer hate for McDonalds.

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I've never had melted cheese on a big Mac.

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What an idiot. Say you get a loaf of shitty white bread, thats about $3, the cheapest roast beef is about $7-9lb and is very poor quality roast beef, and say you get "good" cheese like a mid tier deli swiss which is also going to run you $8lb so even if you do half a pound its $4. You're spending about $16 to make full use of the bread/ meat/ cheese all of which are subpar in quality at best. Not defending a big mac, but 6 mediocre roast beef sandwiches is more expensive and still a shitty food option to eat that excessively

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Thats the math for Biden's America. It used to be so different...

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The heat of the patty melts the cheese.

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The heat of the meat cooks the cheese. Not even meming. You could only have unmelted cheese if they gave you a cold burger patty or the cheese is some shitty brand that doesn't melt right.

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most american thread ive ever seen

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Majority of big macs Ive had havent been warm enough to enjoy nigh on melt cheese.
Big macs cant met cheese like jet fuel cant melt steel beams

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I love a nice hunk of crusty bread and cheese. Even better if served with a thick homemade stew.

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>he actually prefers stew to a hamburger

Eastern European much?

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Not anon and not eastern euro, im uk, love a crust bread and cheese. Pickled onions, beetroot etc.

Theres a time and a place for that or a burger, both different

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>meat OR cheese
you're not getting both, and a big mac meal costs 10 bucks

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Fuck you, you're not me
Central European technically. Cold day with hot goulash and bread with cheese or butter is based and comfypilled

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Why is the concept of making a fresh cheese sandwich at home so triggering to Americans?

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>on the go
>have to stoo at the grocery store and walk around for 15 minutes looking for the ingredients. Then spend 20 minutes in the checkout line.

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>want to get a sandwich while walking around the city
>buy an entire loaf of bread, block of cheese and some meat
>have to carry all the unused ingredients with my while i'm out and about

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Yes. This is my point.

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>It takes him 15 minutes to locate bread, cheese, and meat.
Are grocery stores this confusing to zoomers?

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>The bun on a big mac isn't toasted

It absolutely is, it's just they put sauce on it which makes it go soggy anyway. But they have a special toasting machine that they run all the buns through

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>But they have a special toasting machine
Yeah, it’s called a toaster.

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Wasn't this guy a touring musician via a van and he was just talking about stretching money by getting a few easy groceries rather than eating fast food every meal?