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What is your usual order?

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20 peice nugget meal, 2 McChickens on the side, and 2 cinnamon rolls for dessert.

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2 mcdouble 2 junior chicken 20 nuggies if Im extra hungry

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12 McChickens

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I liek the Big Mac

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Mcdonald's is SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE. How the hell do they charge 2 dollars for a mcchicken? How the hell do they charge so much for a miniature big mac? Why is their fish sandwich with 2 square inches of fish more expensive than my local burger joint's stuffed footlong catfish poboy? How the hell is mcdonalds SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE?

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It used be 2 doubles and a large fries but now I use 1.99 vouchers and get 2 things in a whatever combination i feel like , lately its been chicken sandwich and nuggets

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quarter pounder
sometimes a double qp
sometimes fries

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Do they not have vouchers in the US. They always have vouchers in the UK either newspapers or giving them away in nearby stores. Been years since i paid full price

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Every 1-2 months I get sudden cravings for McDicks. Usually I get a big mac and 2 mcchickens. I always regret it by the time I'm finished.

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Quarter Pounder Combo
6 piece nuggets with BBQ sauce
Apple Pie

...well actually they changed their Apple Pie a few years ago and I hate the new one, so I don't order that much anymore.

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>no drink

that's infuriating

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big mac meal with tea as drink, 3x cheeseburgers
triple cheese burger,fries,tea and 2x cheeseburgers.
Or 1/4llb meal deal
Dont eat any chicken shit from Maccies, nor shakes nor fizzy carbonated shyte

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They only send out the coupon papers once a month where I live, how the hell am I supposed to get my thrice daily McDs intake at a reasonable price like that? I think they want me to starve

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Also if you have the app on the phone they send offers, think currently theres one a day this month
I have the app for the park and have it delivered to youre car.

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When its summer they sometimes add a big mac and drink voucher or it may be on a voucher for a specific store instead of any. Otherwise its always something and fries/salad

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I never get mcdonalds coupons and coupons over here are typically only 1 good deal and the rest are like 5% off regular price.

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>not cooking
>barely food
this fast food goybage does not belong here

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The app in the UK has an offer every Monday and random vouchers and promos here and there. Last month they had a different thing each day like 99p Big Mac or triple cheeseburger for 99p for example.

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>Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese
>Large Fries
>2 Hot n' Spicy McChickens
>Oreo McFlurry
>Large Diet Coke

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Double quarter pounder with cheese menu and a 6 piece McNuggets with bbq sauce.

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2 McChickens and a small Sprite

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make up and cgi need to be outlawed

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two mcdoubles with extra pickles, fries, and a coke zero

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literally haven't been in over a decade. for me it's the mc chicken

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Fellow goyslop enjoyers. Triple cheese burger, 6 nuggets and 2 truffle dip.

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9 nuggets and a medium potatoes deluxe with sweet and sour sauce, a big mac, a bacon cheeseburger, a mcfish, a caesar salad, a goat cheese wrap with a ice cream.
Was still hungry

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One Double Quarter Pounder BLT, please!

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2x double cheesburgers (without ketchup) for $3.00 with the app deal.

"If you arent using the McDonalds™ app, you're paying too much"™

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how do the coupons work anyway, do i have to show them my phone or just recite whatever code i get to them in the drive thru

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used to be a 20 nugger and a diet dr pepper (no ice). I haven't eaten mcdonalds in almost 4 years now. For some reason I just stopped wanting it one day. Still like the smell, miss the hell out of the fries, but never enough to go "I want mcdonalds".

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Just give them the 4 digit number. App is the only way to eat there nowadays

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Double Cheeseburger
10 Piece Nugget
Medium Fries
Iced Tea

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Steak Bagel with extra breakfast sauce, and a jalapeno double. Oh wait, they don't have those anymore. Fuck grandma, Covid took my breakfast all day!

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Why do faggot zoomers keep recommending the fuckin mcdonalds app? I don't want another fuckin app to save two dollars on my first purchase.

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>What is your usual order?

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I was using the codes that you type in on the self serve machines until some zoomer cunt made a tiktok about it and it got patched. My 2 pound burger and chippies!

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Use a VM machine ya freelancing polevaulter.

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2 Quarter Pounders with cheese meals, 20 piece nuggets, milkshake for drink. Mcdonalds food just isn't filling.

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>I have the app for the park and have it delivered to youre car.

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>with Chez
>No 'must
>No 'chup
>No 'yuns
>Extra pickles
>Apply my own 'chup since they always drench it
>Sandwich only
>Buy 1× get 1× free app order
>>Patty Only Plain NO Salt
>Make a 2× ¼# for the price of 1×
>Free water

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2 mcdouble 2 junior chicken thanks

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Because you have a boner from looking at a man in makeup you fag?

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you just tell them the code after ordeing, youre literlly throwing money out the window if you dont use the app. the average americna saves $10 a week when using the app

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I don't go nearly as often as I use to but when I used it about 6 months ago you woul save a lot daily. Lots of buy one get one free kind of things, free fries on Friday, buy one get one 50% on Sandwich + Nuggets. I would use that a lot since a burger was fine but I was really craving nuggets and I only ever drink water anyways. In that time too you couldn't even go into a lot of the Don's you had to go through the drive thru and it would save them time if you ordered on the app ahead when you went through our you could order and park. I think they have the most well designed app of any fast food place period. Everything works well, I rarely run into employees that don't understand how it works which is a testimonial to how well integrated it is that their wagies can figure it out.

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I use the daily app coupon for buy-one-get-one-free Quarter Pounder® with Pasteurized Process Cheese Product. No pickles. I then bring it home and put slices of Grillo's pickles on it and pour myself a glass of white wine.

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2 quarter pounders for the price of one off the app. Large fry. Large Dr. Pepper.

The quarter pounder is so fucking good. The meat is actually quality unlike the goyslop big mac

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i have never seen maccas coupon in my life and i live in texas. i see kurger bing coupons alot though.

>> No.17808383

today it was a bacon double cheeseburger large menu + a double cheeseburger

>> No.17808409

The onions are fresh too, not that rehydrated diced onion stuff on the Big Mac. It's ridiculous that they're the same price, isn't it? Such a good deal.

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2x depression and 20pc diahrrea and diet coke

>> No.17808579

2 McDoubles, small fry and a small Dr. Pepper or the same but a Quarter Pounder w/ cheese.

>> No.17808581

2 McChicken (plain)

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Yeah newspapers started covering it. Now they have no code and you have to scan them or hand them in at till. The receipt has a voucher on them at the top. Just do the quick survey it says online and it gives you a number or a QR code to get big mac and fries for £1.99

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Mcdonalds have been at a crossroads for a number of years. They could either have stayed on the cheap and nasty budget end of fast food. Or they could up their polish and market themselves as the premium fast food brand. They chose the latter. Notice how the restaurants interior and fittings are now much fancier than they used to be, how do you think they pay for that?

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Yeah but their food is still fucking horrible, they did nothing to increase quality

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Nothing because I'm not a depressed NEET and fully capable of leaving the couch and preparing my own food.

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It's been over 3 years since I've had any, but my go-to is:
2 McDoubles
Large Coke
Cup of: Mac Sauce

>> No.17809927

the sonic the hedgehog 3 happy meal & knuckles

>> No.17809930

2 cheeseburger meal with sprite

4 cheeseburgers, 2 fish fillet, 10 pc mcnugget, large fries

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You're eating it with a fork? What are you, are heathen?

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i only eat once a day so keep that in mind with my normal order but like ideally i'd have
>2x double quarter pounders
>20 nugs

>that big mac pack thingy

alternate 2:
>as many mcdoubles as i can get for $10

pretty much only go there drunk though, so it's not really a common thing.

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seeing the cross section of a burger sends signals form your eyes to your brain and makes it taste 125% better

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Quarter Pounder with Cheese
10 piece nugget
Diet Coke (For flavor, regular soda is too sweet for me.)

>> No.17810045

Double cheeseburger w/ lettuce and roma tomato.
I take the bottom bun off both and put them together.
Not good for you but not really bad either

>> No.17810046

Large fry that's free on the app and 2 McChickens. Such a filling meal for $2.

>> No.17810051

Usually a Double Quarter Pounder, large fries and large Coke.

>> No.17810067

Small double cheeseburger meal. One burger, one small drink, one small fry. Comfy.
For some reason I don't like big macs.

>> No.17810073

I'm adult, who would I go to MacDonalds.

>> No.17810085

i never got to try schezuean sauce

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2 Hamburgers, plain
2 Large Fries
Large HI-C Orange or Dr. Pepper

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Two double QP with cheese, plain
Four mcchickens, plain
Two 20pc nuggets, s&s sauce
Two large fries
Two Oreo McFlurries
Small Diet Coke

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This anon knows how to order a damn burger!

>> No.17810378

I never understood if he was asking for two 45's and one of them has cheese, or two 45's plus another with cheese.

>> No.17810388

>2 large fries
Can you really buy French fries individually?

>> No.17810399

haha good one

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Big & Tasty w/ side of Coke and enough regret to kill a caribou.

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>three spicy mcchickens and a large sweet tea with no ice
rip, I haven't been to a mcdonalds since they raised the price of the mcchickens and got rid of the spicy one

>> No.17810467

Pretty sure it’s a registered trademark.

>> No.17810476

big mac, small fries, frozen coke, oreo flurry

>> No.17810937

Shit, nigger, I know that Maccas. It's in New Zealand and a suburb of the capital city called Newtown. I recognise it because that white building in the background is an Asian whore house

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Big Mac all day.

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Filet o fish, medium fries, and medium choccy shake

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A double bacon cheeseburger, double order of fries, a large orange soda with no ice, and a hot apple pie.

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big king

>> No.17812382

Black coffee.
Only because Tim Hortons is outright dogshit these days.

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2 x triple cheeseburgers, 2 x medium fries, 2 x milkshakes (when machine not fucking broke) and a 20pk of chicken nuggets. We also order the cheesy dippers when they get them on the menu too. But it needs the salsa sauce. And we also need the barbecue sauce and sweet curry sauce for the nuggets too

>> No.17812399

This is my order, except for the milkshake (I just get whatever) when I’m just ordering for me. Filet o Fish is underrated to me

>> No.17812410

No Josiah, I would not like to order using the mobile app
>10 mcnuggets, sweet n sour sauce, fries, dr. pepp
>plain mcdouble
see you tonight

>> No.17812661

10 Spicy McChickens
+Big Mac Sauce

>> No.17812711

>bbq sauce
>diet coke
>large fry

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>> No.17812822

A hot fat shit in the bathroom and a short walk to Wendy's.

>> No.17812832

I kneel.

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2 mcdoubles
2 spicy mcchickens with no mayo
2 large fries
oreo mcflurry

>> No.17813349

no spicy chickenuggets?
no buy.

>> No.17813382

Filet o fish with mayo for dipping

>> No.17813640

I feel you. There are sit-down places I can eat a bigger meal for less than McD's

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when im high, 2 double qtrs/no pickle, 20 piece nuggies meal. sprite or cock

>> No.17813740

Lunch time I either get a big Mac or mcchicken, but always with a coke.

>> No.17813988

Double quarter pounder with cheese meal

>> No.17813999

2 large diet cokes. that's it. $2. i go through the drive-thru

>> No.17814035

/a salute from the 90's
Big n' Tasty
Oreo Mcflurry

>> No.17814066

>tfw a cheeseburger costs 4 dollarydoos

>> No.17814085

I only go for breakfast so
2 sausage burrito with hot salsa
Medium coffee
Sausage egg muffin
The hash brown from the meal is added to the sandwich

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Whatever gives me diarrhea so i can shit all over the bathroom and force a wagie to clean it up

>> No.17814144

cheez burger

>> No.17814159


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a fajita with picante sauce

>> No.17814705

Large Diet Coke.
Only reason I go to McDonalds is for the $1 any size drink.

>> No.17814710

sorry i pulled into the wrong parking lot, bye

>> No.17814748

I was a POS kid and would fuck with the local McDs staff. My Exes parents were franchise owners and dicks to me. so I thought up a plan to slightly cost them money, every week. My master plan was pulling into the drive in once a week on my way home from college and ordering like 20 or 30 bucks worth of shit at the intercom. It was late '90s so 30 bucks was a lot of food. it was always the odd shit too like 10 fish fillets extra tarter sauce or big and tasties with very specific toppings, just so they couldnt reuse to fill other customers orders. After i placed the order I'd just pull out into the pass through lane and drive off. One time there was a car blocking my escape and a big dude from their staff actually walked into traffic and confronted me about. I tried to play it off as I lost my wallet but he was like "My team sees your car here every week and you always pull this shit, if you do it again we will ban you from the property and I will personally follow you home and kick your ass" lol. Fair to say I stopped doing that and grew the fuck up

>> No.17814946

i drive 25 minutes to go to a mcdonald's that has biscuits and gravy
i do this about once a week and the entire trip takes like an hour

>> No.17816395

Hear me, and hear me well: I don't know what insignificant shithole you hail from, but I must lament the fact that it hasn't been carpetbombed enough to eradicate every trace of your verminous folk. You are a testament to the low character of your people, a blazing sign in this modern hellscape that advertises the absolutely deplorable nature of your backwoods no-name land. You aren't worthy of the bullets that would send you and your kind back to the abyss from whence you spawned. As for my political leanings, you are far from the mark. You have missed me by such a large margin, and it speaks volumes about how sorely you lack intuition of any sort. You will be forgotten at the moment of your passing. You have died.

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>> No.17816447

I need a double cheeserbuger and hold the lettuce
Don't be fronting son, no seeds on the bun

>> No.17816977

Mcdouble, extra onions, no pickles, big mac sauce. Depending on the weather throw in a regular smarties mcflurry. Honestly the return of the smarties mcflurry is the only reason I started going back to McDonald's every so often.

>> No.17817048

double mcroyale with cheese, big fries

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