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I held the glass up and thought "fucking americans I bet this is going to be disgustingly sweet like everything else they do" and I was wrong. Genuinely good whiskey.

Maybe I've been wrong about Americans all this time. Maybe you're not all fat stupid morons.

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of all the fuckin swill you could possibly find to enjoy in the name of US alcohol, you got maker's mark

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That's not even good bourbon, ya auzzie fgt.

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Nah Americans are fat stupid retards. Bourbon is alright though.

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Now go get one of these. Changed my view entirely on bourbon.

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Elijah Craig is some mighty good Bourbon,
certainly the best in its price range.

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Ok thanks I will try this next

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Specifically barrel proof is fantastic

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Learn the difference.

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There's no difference, you're just being a shit cunt

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/ck/ needs the /sp/ and /int/ treatment.

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>He cannot stand seeing a couple threads about alcohol related topics in a SEA of cooking threads
An alcohol only board would be slow as fuck, just so your little baby eyes don't have to see muh 2 or 3 alcohol threads. Get over yourself retard, humans have been drinking alcohol with food for thousands of years. It pertains to cooking.

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> I held the glass up and thought

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Rent free desu

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I'm saying it needs flags, you dolt.

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I am retarded

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