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How do I learn to enjoy vegetables?
I hate the crunchiness and bitterness of most vegetables.
The only vegetables I like are Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Onions, Potatoes and Carrots (but only when mushy).

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i love this lil fella like you won't belive

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>I hate the crunchiness and bitterness of most vegetables.
Cook them longer. Vegetables usually get sweeter when cooked until soft. Some people say vegetables shouldn't be cooked that long and should still be crispy, but I don't like that much. Vegetables that are cooked but still crisp don't have the freshness of raw vegetables or the sweetness of well-cooked vegetables and it just seems worse than both. Also add a little lemon or vinegar and maybe a little salt, that helps balance out the bitterness.

You'd probably like beets if you like carrots. Sweet potatoes too. And if you like broccoli then you'll probably like cabbage if you prepare it a certain way. I'll chop up cabbage and toss it with a little melted butter or oil just to coat it, then bake it in a covered dish until it gets soft, then take off the cover and let it roast until it starts to brown. It gets sweet and tastes pretty good especially with a little vinegar.

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Also don't boil them unless you're making a soup and going to be serving them in the broth used to boil everything. Stick with roasting or steaming to retain more flavor.

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Do sweet potatoes even count as vegetables?

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based and balsamic pilled

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Try not being a fucking child for once.

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Most salad greens are garbage and taste like shit. Instead of using them in a salad you can throw them in a hot pan with a little oil until they're a little wilted and it will drive off some of the bitterness. Sesame oil is my go to for this.

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Not liking vegetables could just be a sign of preparing them badly instead of being a child. Lots of people say they hated vegetables because they only ever had them boiled and plain but then loved them when they were prepared in better ways.

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fuckign americans lmfao how does they so is the stupid?????

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Butter and salt.

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>How do I learn to enjoy vegetables?
>I hate the crunchiness and bitterness of most vegetables.

You try to not be a pathetic, autistic little bitch. Failing that, ventilate yourself.

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This plus cooking them up in a pan or steaming them, I don’t care much for raw vegetables either.

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Literally what vegetables are bitter? I cant think of any besides some leafy greens... Such as spinach, which you like.

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try other shit like what you're eating, branch out to bok choy from Spinach, spring onion or shallots from onions, also garlic and soy sauce on everything

it sounds like you're undercooking bell peppers

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The secret is to cook them for the appropriate length of time, to use the right method, to season them, etc. for instance a vegetable that a lot of people claim to dislike are sprouts, but most people either overcook them, or undercook them, which can cause them to taste raw or bitter. The trick is to cook them so they’re just tender enough to bite through comfortably, but to still have a little texture, this way they’ll be sweeter. You can also do things like roasting them with some oil, which will cause their natural sugars to release even more, the same goes for lots of vegetables, like you mention only liking carrots when they’re mushy, but have you tried roasting them with some butter? You can also add some honey and herbs like thyme to them. And going back to the sprouts, you can cook them until almost tender and then sauté them in a pan with some bacon. It’s also important to season vegetables with salt and pepper, just like you would a steak, even to season the water if you boil them is vital, or to add things like herbs or garlic to things like potatoes for extra flavor. Finishing vegetables off with butter also is important to maximise their flavor. Like just new potatoes boiled in salted water until tender and then drained and seasoned with salt and pepper and served with some butter mixed through them is amazing, even adding some chopped chives can take it to another level. There’s so many things you can do with vegetables.

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>Mushy carrots
Anon you...

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Make them in stir-fry, stews and soups.
I don't dislike vegetables at all but I find them much more enjoyable to eat in sloppa form with meat and all the other flavors with them.

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What is this wall of text shit? Learn to use paragraphs. I can't bother sifting through this.

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I'm sorry you have the palette of an 8 year old but usually seasoning veggies helps a lot.

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I eat a lot of vegetables raw, I prefer it over cooking them. Crunchy shit is my jam. I have eaten entire heads of lettuce by myself before, the core is the best part.

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>I hate the crunchiness

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You either do it slowly or you don't, just swallow them like medicine with the help of a glass of water

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Why wouldn't they?

From a botanical point there is no part of a plant this is a "vegetable"

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cook them in salt and butter

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>the core is the best part.
hell yea, i like the crunch

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try bell peppers in fajitas they're the shit

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It's a doggy dog world out there

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> mushy
Fucking retard, grilled vegetables are kino. Made some grilled potatoes, carrots and broccoli the other day. Sprinkle a little salt or oil on top if you want more flavor