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can any Aussie anons confirm if these things are author Australian fare? I want the Authentic Australian pie experience.

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these things are delicious. I am shamefully addicted to the mac & cheese one.

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Not even close. Clearly american flavours.

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The more I look at it, the more the foreshortening comes off as fucked up to me. So, it looks like the table and your foot are at the same height, and thus those are huge fucking boxes.

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The pepperoni one is pretty good. You gotta properly bake it like 20-25 min or so I think but then it's flaky crispy crust.

I guess I should try to reverse engineer pepperoni pizza flavors in an actual double crust pie. I have 5 inch pie pans.

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Steak and cheese pie.

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Gay feet :|

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never seen them before in my life. nice troll feet, by the way.

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They don't even have the plain mince beef in gravy which is the basic one. An Aussie wouldn't be caught dead with these glorified hot pockets

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Nah you got scammed mate

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It says boomerang on it. All Australians are constantly thinking about boomerangs.

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I've never seen an abo with a pie

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I doubt they're legitimate but the Mac and cheese one is embarrassingly good.

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I've never had potato with my steak pies, I don't get the point

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They're not Australian, they're pre-Australian. That's why Australia Day is commerated at the beginning of their end.

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they're very seppo pot pies

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Mac and cheese pies? Fucking Americans, I have no words

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Desperate to flex that English degree eh?