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Well? What is on it exactly?

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Fruit, kefir and yogurt (both plain and whole fat), peanut butter and coconut sugar (to make my chan famous pb cookies I posted recipe in the creative thread), maybe a steak too.

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Canada here. No list. Planning to grab whatever bags I can from unsuspecting shoppers in parking lot. Fall back is eating neighbours.

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Pic related is the only grocery list you’ll ever need, unless you just need to be an unhealthy fatass

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why would i BUY water retarded list

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i hate this bitch already

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In the morning when I get off work, I'm gonna stop by the grocery store and buy some oatmeal, tea bags, peanut butter, milk, and bread (I SHOULD buy keto bread since I'm a diabetic but I'm probably gonna buy the real stuff because the keto bread shit tastes awful unless toasted). I'm also gonna pick up a dozen cookies and some doughnuts to take to the ER as a treat, I try to do that every so often (I work in EMS).

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>low fat dairy
A less nutritious, more processed, and less tasty product!!!

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shit, the writing is obviously done by a woman
imagine buying water, does she live in flint?

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>water (obviously), t. list
>w-why would I buy water?
If it isn’t obvious to you, you’re clearly too low IQ to comprehend the list.

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i am low IQ not ashamed to admit it come to terms with it years ago but even i am not stupid enough to buy water.

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Was gonna have a knee jerk reaction and make fun of this, mostly due to the fact I hate women so much its unreal, but it really isn't that bad. It's healthy and varied. Something /ck/ doesnt know about because all you eat is the McChicken, the best fast food sandwich. Sure there are some items that i would replace like turkey bacon and stevia. But all in all, this isn't that bad.

What if she's on a cut and looking to cut calories where possible? Also "processing" isn't all evil. Especially with physical processing like skimming milk. It's not like they are doing an organic solvent wash of the milk using hexanes.

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>I just love ordering from the app on my iphone!

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>literal soyjack-posting faggot
So is it technology in general that makes you shit your pants?
Or are you one of those “people” who get their panties all twisted over someone whose phone comes from a different Chinese factory than yours?

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>having some wagie do your shopping and bring it to you
sounds reasonable to me poorfag.

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>this image

heckin' hilariousarino

edit: how do i upvote

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OP pic is old lore you dumb fucking newfag.

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How do I downvote this

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your bantz sucks too newfag. get better. also what is on or will be on your next shopping list, please. fag.

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stop projecting

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My always on hand list:
Lettuce, On vine tomatoes, 2-5lb bag of carrots, Celery, Onions, Mushrooms, 2 head of garlic
Jasmine or Basmati Rice and whole wheat flour and bread flour
1lb each chicken, steak, ground beef, sweet Italian sausage meat
Mozzarella, Parmesan wedge, 1 snacking cheese
Deli meat/cheese, bread
Eggs, Whole fat: milk, cottage cheese, yogurt

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>wild game is all grass fed
Not really. The deer I shoot tend to have spent their lives eating fruits and corn. They taste pretty good.

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are you female? please reveal busom

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remarkably similar to my regular list although i am not rich enough for the cheeses and usually just choose 2 meats (chicken thighs and a kind of pork)

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It takes a special kind of stupid to buy water when you get perfectly good water out of the tap for a fraction of the price. Only time I buy water is when I need distilled water for my humidifier. I could buy a home water distiller, but its not worth the effort.

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>It takes a special kind of stupid to buy water
>The only time I buy water
Special kind of stupid detected.

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You can't use tap water in a humidifier, it ruins it due to mineral buildup. I probably should have said 'to buy DRINKING water'.

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autism speaks

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this list is quite comfy for some reason

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God only knows how many years it's been since I first saw these and they still make me chuckle.

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