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What are the most ridiculous rules you've ever seen posted inside a restaurant?

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They didn't mention wifi so I'm assuming I can torrent my Jav bukkake videos there?

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I've seen bars with stupider rules
>no camo
>no polos
>no tank tops
>no jeans
>no hats, bandannas, or do rags
>no suspenders
>no sports team clothing
>no gingers
>no leprechauns
>no irish period

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lol never happened

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>having to deal with niggers
That’ll to do it to ya
>having to deal with island niggers
That’ll also do it to ya

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>no irish
I wish there were bars like that

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Yes but no laptops, bring your computer with a generator.

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>doesn't say no beavers

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It was a simpler time

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Ayo, dis fuggin raysis

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turned 360 degrees right there

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I read that, and I just wonder what horrors that poor shop owner has seen.

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My old bar pre fake pandemic use to have high school girls serve and strip (unofficially) 15-18 yo. They were also frequently prostitutes. Now there is a new law that says they cant even serve beer till 18. So now they are a shadow of their older self. Want 15yo tits? Not anymore. Guess you gotta use apps to find hs freshmen and sophomores.

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Most of these are to keep basketball americans out, which is good

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says nothing about not taking a dookie wherever I please

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These rules are literally to keep out ghetto hoodrats. You should be thankful.

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does the guy wear that on his hat?

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>too afraid to say nigger
the state of 2022 /ck/

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it was unposted but the waiter came to our table to say you weren't allowed to eat all the fully loaded nachos when you are sharing an order. I think the guy I was with might have asked the waiter to do it because who has a rule like that?

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This, nowhere does it state that you cannot hook your desktop up in the restaurant and watch bukkake videos while you eat

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Literally the greatest basketball player in the world is Larry Bird. He has the best specs and he is white. Sooo...

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You can't if they are preteen. Bukkaje or not. Ive had actual people ask me to get it off my phone on a southwest flight.

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What possessed you to watch porn on an airplane?

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Uhmmm think about it dude. Therw isn't much else to do.

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this has to me in mexico

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No. Georgia.

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I want to know the story behind the 'no discussing gambling' rule.

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Gambling is a vice and illegal dumb dumb.

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Damn man. Watching porn in a confined space with complete strangers in the potential presence of minors.

Have fun being a registered sex offender.

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>>no irish period
You gotta really hate the Irish to own a bar and stand by this rule

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No irish? Seems like No Niggers would solve more problems

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the country or the state?

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>no camo
>no jeans
>no hats
I guess I wouldn't be allowed in that bar.

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>wonder what horrors that poor shop owner has seen
Niggers, what else?

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Peace brother, HH

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This is just a no blacks allowed list. I'm impressed.

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>>no irish period
no irish women? based

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Never been to Ireland have you?

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But it also says no workboots.

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Despite popular left wing talking points, Irish are worse than niggers.

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You watched preteen porn on an airplane?

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>mad thad's diner

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Not ridiculous, but one luncheonette near me has "No snivelling" written just under the menu on the wall.

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>permanently closed
huh, wonder why.

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Everything else aside, prohibiting bandanas at Hulk Hogan's restaurant is fucked

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>>no camo
>no polos
>no tank tops
>no jeans
>no hats, bandannas, or do rags
>no suspenders
>no sports team clothing
as a bartender, these are all reasonable.
anyone that thinks going out for a drink wearing any of this shit is a degenerate, and i dont serve degenerates
we dont allow women to wear yoga pants either, shit's trashy as fuck

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What the fuck is with all this dog hate?

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Quite a lot of these rules would exclude the Hulkster himself.

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It's bizarre. The Irish are generally good people but Irish-Americans are generally the worst sacks of shit second only to Italian-Americans. Did the US only get the trash of Europe or something?

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>no skull caps
Not so subtle antisemitism detected.

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They got the low-life cowards that escaped the famine.

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how is a polo degenerate? most country clubs require them

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Gambling is Haram.

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It makes me wonder if Irish descended people living in other parts of the new world are just as arse-fuckingly shitty as the Irish Americans, such as Irish Kiwis or Irish Aussies, for example.

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Not knowing which wife your parents find suitable fit you, isn't gambling?

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>no work boots
guess I won't be eating there

>> No.17745007

That's just a nice way of saying No timbs and No Prince Yashua.

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I'm actually half Irish myself idk what it's about really. I suspect it's more to do with the type of Irish, most people think of me as Dutch and I don't correct em. I've noticed people proud to be Irish tend to overedue the negative stereotypes like alcoholism and quickness to violence so it might be that.

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Illegal and draconian government lockdowns?

>> No.17745860

Correct. Take the five seconds to switch your work boots to proper dress shoes before going out. That's why they're called 'work boots.' You wear them at work to keep your nice shoes looking nice.

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Shut the fuck up already

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It certainly wasn't the "no lettuce wraps!" policy that did it.

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>no camo
As someone who lives in rural Maine i'm struggling to think of the last time i was in a place where half the people including employees weren't wearing camo. I can think of 3 places just in my town where the official work uniforms have camo in some form.

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They just wanna be able to actually see you, dude.

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They're called work boots because they're a tax deductible expense. Only suckers get other shoes.

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almost all of those rules are reasonable and designed to discourage some really annoying people.
>No change also (no credit)
you need to be able to give people change especially if you don't accept credit cards.
>No outside food
Bro I might love your food but want to bring other things to add to my meal, like maybe I want to bring the fries from one place, a shake from another, and order a bunch of your food to go with it. don't punish me for no reason. I'm still coming HERE to buy your food on purpose. This rule will make me leave and not buy anything.
>No sitting long
I like to eat in a relaxed way. If I'm rushed, I'm not eating here.
>no flirting with the cashier
Not even a nice smile or a kind word even though I know it will never go anywhere?
>No address enquiry
Hey it's just so I can pick her up on a date later
>No running away
How am I supposed to get away from you trying to hit me with a rolling pin because I flirted?
>No fighting
See you're breaking your own rules
>No sleeping
Well you knocked me out so, how can I avoid this?
>No bargaining
So you beat me within an inch of my life and I can't even beg for mercy?
>No credit
so I can't tell people how good your food was?
>No discussing gambling
So estimating the odds of survival after flirting with the cashier is out?
>No leg on chair
>No free advice
Okay so how much do you charge?
those are the only unreasonable ones

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The problem is not so much the rules as it is you just know the people who run the place are cunts the second you walk in and see that, and the food in most cases does not remotely make it worth it.

>> No.17746369

>it was unposted but the waiter came to our table to say you weren't allowed to eat all the fully loaded nachos when you are sharing an order. I think the guy I was with might have asked the waiter to do it because who has a rule like that?
That makes no sense
>order food
who is supposed to eat it then?
you can have your cake and eat it too, what the fuck am I supposed to eat someone else's cake?

>> No.17746519

>The problem is not so much the rules as it is you just know the people who run the place are cunts the second you walk in and see that, and the food in most cases does not remotely make it worth it.
you know what, you're probably right.

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what is their problem with phones ?

>> No.17747247

it's called Iran cafe because when I saw the rule I did a 180 and ran way

>> No.17747259

Only the HULK can wear a bandana at Hogan's Beach, nigger.

HH, brother

>> No.17747266

>rules aside from common sense/sentiment
360° and moonwalk the fuck right back out.

>> No.17747270

Some places don't want people to share meals. That's what the other anon meant, dumbass.
Still fucked up either way.

>> No.17747274

There's torrent clients that work on smartphones.
Disable the pointless crap you don't actually need, if you're worrying about battery life.

>> No.17747282

My friend and I once went to an "anarchist club" underground electronic goth music concert in my city.
They had a sign at the bar saying "if you use any gender pronouns while ordering you will not be served"
They also told us off for trying to talk into then microphone while there was no one on stage, and eventually asked us to leave because we smoked cigarettes in the wrong section outside and they thought the police would notice.
I started hating anarchists after that

>> No.17747287

The nerve of some people. As long as you used headphones, that complaint was completely unjustified.

>> No.17747521

It's anti Catholic sentiment in a different color.

>> No.17747759

>no flirting with the cashier
That's pretty much the only reason I actually go inside any restaurant nowadays.

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I hate this fucking place and I refuse to eat there since they told me they wouldn't do takeout on my birthday. They only do takeout like two days out of the week, which makes no logistical sense to me.

>> No.17747772

t: Paddy O'Connel's rambling before going home to abuse wife

>> No.17747774

>our servers make their living from tips
red flag even ignoring everything else

>> No.17747779

>You must wear a mask to enter this restaurant. And then, as soon as you order, you can take it off. But, don't try to not wear one when you enter. You'll get everyone sick.

>> No.17747785

> Jeans
> Degenerate
What, you serve on a 1950s WASP club?

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There used to be a bar in my old Pittsburgh borough that was infamous for its rules, incredibly shit owner, and copyright infringed logo.

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drinking alcohol in public is degenerate you fucking retard alcoholic

>> No.17747810

>1) Makes sense, except for the gay hugging and faggot tipping request.
>2) I only tip when I get my haircut and beard trimmed by my barber. Fuck tipping at restaurants since how about you pay your employees properly?
>3) Makes sense as I previously worked at a restaurant and large parties of 6 or 8 plus should receive a small tax fee.
>4) Makes sense
>5) Makes sense
>6) Makes sense
>7) If you are that cheap to sneak beer into a restaurant, you have an issue with your life.
>8) I hate the trend of dogs inside bars. Either keep them on the patio or don't bring them around.
>9) Makes sense
>10) A piss-poor attempt at humor.
Somewhat standard "house rules" for bars I've been at.

>> No.17747844

>all of these NO PHONES ALLOWED rules
There was a restaurant around the edge of the Thomas Jefferson/George Washington national forest in Virginia that had the following rules on its door of
>All phones must be on vibrate or silent while you're inside.
>Texting is fine, no calls or you'll be asked to leave.
While people will roll their eyes, it makes it a lot nicer to not have to deal with hearing annoying ringtones or random conversations while eating.
I remember waiting with hiking friends and two inner-city youths came in smelling of weed. One of them started playing rap music while waiting to place an order. This 90-year-old-looking man came out from the kitchen and began screaming at them to either turn off their shit music or get out.

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I don't think I have ever visited a restaurant that has actual rules laid out.

>> No.17747880

Are people allowed to talk in the restaurant? What's the difference between talking on the phone and talking to people you're with?

>> No.17747883

People on the phone actually tend to talk much louder, from my experiences. So I'm not against saying please take phonecalls outside.

>> No.17747901

>no ranch
why even open a restaurant, then?

>> No.17747917

it's a bar, they probably make at least half of their money off of alcohol sales, if they did take out every day of the week, they'd lose out on alcohol sales and the food sales wouldn't be able to keep up.

.t wagie who works for a bar that does takeout, we don't clear 2k a day if most of our orders are take out

>> No.17747938

People don't realize the volume on which they are speaking with someone while on the phone.

>> No.17747946

Ah, yes. This classic rules for a restaurant that lasted less than 6-months before shutting down if I remember correctly the last time the picture was posted here on /ck/.

>> No.17747950

>no onion rings
>no mushrooms
>only american cheese
Its like the only customers they want are oxymorons

>> No.17748033

Many people don't talk into their phones, they scream at them. This is especially common among middle+ aged shitskins.
The assholes that use videocalls are even worse, because the moment the call start they seem to forget that they're not in the privacy of their own home anymore. They are forcing everyone in the immediate vicinity to listen in on whatever, often absolutely disgusting, inane drivel they're talking about with someone else. No, I do not want to know that you forgot to buy tampons and are freebleeding on your chair right now.

>> No.17748110

Are you a woman?

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>> No.17748177


People spend so much time on their phones that they take 50% more time in the restaurant to place their order and finish the meal.

>> No.17748495

>It's bizarre. The Irish are generally good people but Irish-Americans are generally the worst sacks of shit second only to Italian-Americans. Did the US only get the trash of Europe or something?
Maybe a combination of the retarded bits of America's frontier mentality, the usual brutalization of disliked minorities similarly to non-immigrant African Americans, and any inherited social issues from 19th century Ireland?

>> No.17748538

try again

>> No.17749055

>Not even a nice smile or a kind word
You don't know how to flirt do you...

>> No.17749079

What places? Name one you can't.

>> No.17749088


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>Name one
Heart Attack Grill.

inb4 you try to argue it doesn't count when the babby one can be split

>> No.17749186

You got me. Should have made the stipulation that meme restaurants don't count. I guess I'll go fuck myself then.

>> No.17749202

I see it occasionally in menu threads as well. Never noticed if it's mainly gimmick places that does it, but I'll try to keep an eye on that next time I see a thread.

>> No.17749246

KEK based reference
I think you should leave..

>> No.17749256

God zoomers are so unfunny it hurts

>> No.17750196

What's wrong with suspenders? My 80-year old dad uses them.

>> No.17750216

This is a really long way to write "no blacks"

>> No.17750244

The lack of mushrooms, onion rings, and a variety of cheeses might have something to do with it, though.

>> No.17750273

>list of rules bigger than the menu
tldr 360° walk away

>> No.17750299

It's more common with "nicer" places, they don't want poorfags coming in just to split an appetizer

>> No.17750314 [DELETED] 

I've been banned from /ck/ like 10 times for saying the n word and also for "replying to off topic garbage"
the jannies here are worse than /pol/

>> No.17750383

why are you going to wear dress shoes to a place called Hogan’s Beach?
the sign specifically says beach attire dumbass get some sandals

>> No.17750520

If I can't share a taste with my date I'm not going there.

>> No.17750548

well yea why buy 8 singles for $80 when you can just buy an 8 patty burger and 3 packs of bacon for $21 and then just buy an 8 pack of burger buns at the store and share them with everyone

>> No.17750557

top kek

>> No.17750561

>350 deg
How you outta gonna getta when you GOTTA GO?? Fuckin lookin at me at the same damn place, homie, the same damn place. 360 moonwalk and then OUTTA THERE

>> No.17750563


>> No.17750573 [DELETED] 

You must be a truly awful poster.

>> No.17750574

I understand not having any of this stuff on hand, but did they have to be insufferable faggots about it?

>> No.17750577

hogans beach was a pretty fucking expensive place to eat
I wouldn't want to go in there and spend hundreds of dollars and have to smell your dirty shitty concrete worker boots

>> No.17750589 [DELETED] 
File: 522 KB, 853x1000, 1649442208186.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you anon :)

>> No.17750704

>"NO" Wheat or Gluten Free Bread
Well what the fuck kind of bread do they have then?

>> No.17750717

>>no jeans
I'm gone.

>> No.17750721

>anything I'm too much of a prissy little bitch to do myself is degenerate
eNazis are all the same.

>> No.17750723

>based reference
What's the reference?

>> No.17750727


>> No.17750731

So close.

>> No.17750734

Every one of those rules is pure retardation
If you want to keep out niggers and White trash that bad, just swallow your pride and hire a fucking bouncer

>> No.17750747

Leftist are mentally ill.

>> No.17750775

Mein Kampf was written in the wake of the Beer Hall Putsch, not the Tap Water Hall Putsch. No actual moral high ground can be attained by being an insufferable holier-than-thou prick.

>> No.17750781

>expensive restaurant
>sign looks like entrees cost at most 20 bucks
why would you spend 100s of dollars at a restaurant if they can't put effort into making a decent sign?

>> No.17750798

Nah that's Wilt chamberlain. Bird was good but he isn't the goat.

>> No.17750805

I can only assume the fag who wrote this was relentlessly bullied by chads wearing their hats backwards

>> No.17750831

Every one of those rules has a story behind it.

>> No.17750860

The only thing I can think of is the douchebag culture where guys would wear 2 polo shirts at the same time, or pop the collars. But that was more of a white frat bro kind of thing, or maybe working class guys trying to look like they were frat material. This was pre UVA rape hoax.

>> No.17750865

it perverts the face to face setting

>> No.17750871

Polos are big in streetware and gang shit

>> No.17750918

Wait then you'd be facing the same way? You'd be moonwalking?

>> No.17750942

>No Bandanas
>Hulk is wearing one in the picture
Explain how this is fair?

>> No.17750969

The overcompensating for manliness here is thick

>> No.17751348

lol maybe in your shithole
here, drinking in public is not only legal but safe, fun and an enjoyable social activity for all of the family.

>> No.17751351
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>no running away
what the fuck are they gonna do, chase me down and beat me?
even if i pay my tab first?

>> No.17751352

>add 10 bacon slices
>when a 200g pack of bacon is fucking $9 at the store
where the fuck are they getting their bacon wholesale?

>> No.17751373

That's gotta be an old menu. It's also probably paper thin and absolutely shit quality.

>> No.17751383

Bacon is $6/lb stateside at every grocery store, so about 1/3 of the price that you are paying

>> No.17751590
File: 890 KB, 320x320, 1645751737840.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn hot children need adult supervision

>> No.17751644

Kek. Your date lied to keep you from gorging yourself you fat shit.

>> No.17751968

I Think You Should Leave

>> No.17752034 [DELETED] 
File: 214 KB, 1280x2049, Axew_Bone_Cheeks_01_Balthazar_Patreon_Nov_KoJ..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

noooo you can't mention a manufactured pandemic that targeted small businesses while big ones remained just fine and open the whole time!!!!

>> No.17752275

>no tank tops
>no bandanas
>no sports team clothing
nigger-free? count me in.

>> No.17753723

I fail to see the issue.

>> No.17753733

>Did the US only get the trash of Europe or something?
No. America turned them to trash because America is trash.

>> No.17753744 [DELETED] 

Kek, I never get banned for my use of racial slurs. I get banned because I keep getting drunk and posting my junk haha.

>> No.17753752

>I don't serve degenerates
Yes, you do.

>> No.17753753

I don't get it.

>> No.17753763


>> No.17753803

Imagine being an alcoholic loser and thinking you get to decide what other people wear. Get a real job you fucking drunk

>> No.17753814

I went to a restaurant at a theme park and they said my kid couldn’t order mac and cheese because it was on the kids menu and he wasn’t a kid anymore. We were the only ones in the failing, dying restaurant. Couldn’t imagine why.

>> No.17753918 [DELETED] 
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You don't know how good you have it here, despite the rampant sip shitposting and obvious shill threads. Your jannies actually nukes some of them.
t. /co/

>> No.17753967 [DELETED] 
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>Your jannies actually nukes some of them.
And it blows my mind that people complain about this because 4chan is broken windows theory in action. It's not like dropping the gamer word keeps the normies out anymore.

>> No.17754215

>no change
but baby I swear I will change this time please dont go

>> No.17754574


>> No.17754582

Yeah you’re full of shit lmao. You aren’t a bartender that refuses service to people with jeans on

>> No.17754587

It's weird to spell them out like that, but none of those are exactly unreasonable.

>> No.17754863

>bring a bag with you discretely
>eat your portion and stuff your bag with your poorfag friends portion
>restaurants BTFO

>> No.17754965

the place chose to exclude a big part of their potential costumers

>> No.17755408

Sounds like my kind of place.

>> No.17755439

apparently not because polos are also banned.
I guess the bar just doesnt serve anyone

>> No.17755684

You can't smoke over here, you must smoke over there in the designated smoking area.

I thought these guys were fuck authority types.

>> No.17755714
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File: 1.54 MB, 3057x2038, How-to-Order-a-Cheesesteak[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17756119

The only people that came to America, were those that couldn't hack it back in Europe or Asia or Mexico.

>> No.17756182

Despite these rules everytime I've visited Philly I go to Pat's and have between 1-3 cheesesteaks, ordering what you want isn't actually hard (the cooks are the clerks and they really dgaf about the posted rules), and they are goddamn top-tier cheesesteaks I'll tell ya.

>> No.17756204

We simply didn't want to continue living alongside people who are cucked enough to stay and enjoy living under tyrannical monarchies, and us making an entirely new country and btfoing the rest of the world in every military conflict that actually mattered was good enough for us freedom lovers. Oh yeah, hope you enjoy importing your best chefs, cooks and foods to America to get improved in every way shape and form also, that must be pretty nice to watch for ya.

>> No.17756231

I've always heard Pat's and Geno's were tourist traps.

>> No.17756255

Everytime I've been there's been basically no line, I even checked out another cheesesteak place or two and Pat's was just amazing compared, even #3 reheated that night in the oven. Never had Geno's.

>> No.17756308

they are
there was no line because no one local eats there and who the fuck goes to Philly as a tourist lol. The best place to get a cheesestake is always the sketchiest shittiest little pizza place you can fine in the city as a rule.

>> No.17756352

>The best place to get a cheesestake is always the sketchiest shittiest little pizza place you can fine in the city as a rule.
never thought about it but the only cheesesteak I'd buy around me (central NC) is from my favorite little pizza spot

>> No.17756361

Small world. My best friend lives outside Charlotte.

>> No.17756431


>> No.17756962
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I don't know why but seeing it written out cracked me up

>> No.17757023

>Do not play weird songs on the jukebox
It then had a lengthy list of songs that would get your song turned off, paid for or not, and then you'd get kicked out. The assholes should just not have a jukebox.

>> No.17757095

everybody sayin

>> No.17757101

What kind of response is this? Are you black?

>> No.17757122


>> No.17757127

oh "no"

>> No.17757129

my two second not googling version of 'A well a everybody's heard about the bird'

>> No.17757138

Fuckin newfags

>> No.17757145

>Bro I might love your food but want to bring other things to add to my meal, like maybe I want to bring the fries from one place, a shake from another, and order a bunch of your food to go with it.
what the fuck? That's unacceptable conduct and nobody does that shit.

>> No.17757152

i watched something recently that showed this place
it must be really famous

>> No.17757165

Get yourself a Tony Luke's next time. Provolone with onions.
Or just skip the cheesesteak and get a DeNic's with broccolini.
Or a cold cut in south Philly.

>> No.17757172

I know it from this dumbass site so I can't comment on that. I'd really love to go to a place like this and just reply "huh?" if they tried to enforce any of these dumbass 'rules' that the tourist trap (or racist but i'm not black) staff isn't gonna care about either

>> No.17757209

Soup-nazi reincarnated into a Philly cheese steak joint

>> No.17757390

Imagine the Iranian frllow who moved to some shithole neighborhood over the price point and is desperately trying to keep the lical color from getting into gang fights and dying in his kebab store.

>> No.17757429

2,3(8+),9, and 10 are retarded

>> No.17757446

>no basketball shorts
welp, there goes my entire attire

>> No.17757839

I, for instance, have nothing against dogs and owned several, but I don't want fucking dogs around when I'm eating. If you go outside eating or to a bar keep your dog home, you fucking karen.

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