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I disagree.
My breast tissue growth it definitely noticeable and my nipples are hyper sensitive.
I'm on cloud 9.

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Based and spoonspilled.

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that may be so but that brekky it looks like a pretty sad all things considered

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>microwaved overcooked eggs
>frozen low quality sausage
>fatty cold unrendered ham
>canned beans
>1 single dirty mushrooms still raw

Being proud to eat this as a brit is a mental illness

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>My morning is better than yours

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>sugarless lrn bru
Fuck this gay ass country

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Anything more is bloat

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this but minus the jew stick

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You'd think that a population that fries 50% of all their food would be good at frying things, but clearly you'd be wrong.

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It's obvious you've never done a real day's work in your life.

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It's obvious that you have a bmi above 30

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1 mushroom?

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Is that an egg or canned mashed potatoes? I honestly can't tell

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That's the complimentary chef's turd that accompanies all fine Br*tish cuisine

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ATLEAST my skin isn't brown

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no because I'm not british

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Send me nudes over discord?

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Sent ;)

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Why is it always just one pathetic mushroom cap. Can’t you afford more than a single mushroom?

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FUCK you idiot

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being transgender is awesome

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Trannies be like "umm hey that's cool but can you participate in my fetish?"
And then you wonder why we call you groomers and want to hang you and lynch you.

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What brand of sausages are those? They're the same ones you used to get at school and at places like Premier Inn and Tescos cafe and I love them

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They usually some wholesale brand from a cash n carry

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This stuff always makes me depressed cause I can't ever finish the plate in one sitting. I'd have to cut everything down to like a third to even have a chance. Worst part is that I'm fucking fat. I just can't eat a lot in one go.

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>shit food
>shit sports
>shit weather
>shit beer
>shit women
no wonder 1200 calories for breakfast is traditional, eating yourself to death is way more dignified than sucking barrels

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>Be bong
>Wake up
>They still envy us

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the civilized world only looks down on you peasants

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Whats the black stuff

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Congealed blood

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That blood sausage reminds me of delicious Morcilla de Burgos

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Thanks for reminding me about this, anon.
I needed a good laugh.

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It's the go-to for making bongs seethe whenever I want. It's like a super power.

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If you had shown this >>17736453 yeah but no. Yours was not better.

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You're doing god's work. Never let them forget.

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Whats it taste like

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Its a lot of food

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No idea, my taste has progressed since the 1600s, so congealed blood isn't on the menu

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>my morning is better than yours he says
>look into his plate
>a fucking disgusting trough slop
Cool platter. You'll be enjoying that. Wear a bib and dig in!

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>he thinks I care about wogball

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Maybe getting mogged by the west indies in cricket will do it for you.
Thankfully there is no end to england embarrassing themselves on the world stage

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That's a bit too heavy mate. I'd go easier one the beans and the fried things

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>muh sports
Kek so much ENVY

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Fat and beans for breakfast, do Americans really?

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Everything is perfect, except the beans.
wtf with the beans for breakfast?
fucking disgusting tbqh

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I figured I'd appeal to the only culture you have left other than eating a color.

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>implying anyone with a brain (whatever nationality) cares about spectator sports

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Beans with ketchup is fucking disgusting.
Learn how to make proper baked beans.

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This has to be bait.

Even reddittors can recognize an English breakfast

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Fuck off with your beans, nigger.

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What the fuck is wrong with you?

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no it isn't
>1 cup oats
>2 cup milk
>4:30 in the microwave
>1 scoop protein(chocolate)
>1 banana, sliced
>2 tablespoons peanutbutter
a 900kcal breakfast

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>poundland breakfast

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Ironic that Napoleon said "an army marches on its stomach." If he had fed his army well, you wouldn't have lost Waterloo.

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>irn bru
Very based

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>british sauce

haha what the fuck britbongs, looks kinda good but what the fuck.

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There is way too much baked beans going on around here.

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Sheep turd

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The amount of hatred Americans have for everything including themselves is truly hilarious.

They will never be a dignified empire like Britain.

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Football is all you have and the only thing preventing you from killing yourself

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Nah I had coffee and leftover tuna noodle casserole for breakfast, deeelicious.

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you could cram everything in that photo up your ass and your morning AND day would still be better than mine

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Did nobody notice the tiny person in the upper left?

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fucking hell op, you're so right. i've just had chocolate so far, and that looks delectable. it's been way too long since i've had sausage, ham, potato patties and baked beans. especially the beans, like with bbq or in hot dog soup. so damn good.

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Leprechaun after me Irn Bru.

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What the fuck is wrong with them to be this obsessed with disgusting beans?

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Based thread.

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eight sausages is really pushing it into fat bastard territory

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bunch of girly men in the this thread.....THIS is how breakfast is done....Murrican style.

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Jealous of all these lads who can finish their plates.

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cringe, imagine doing this

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Reddit post

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>calling everything gluttonous and indulgent american despite being from countries known and hated for such qualities historically
do faggotpeans really? yeah they do;

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French-Americans do not. That is why the Cayman Islands had certain ladles before the incident. It was sold before any beans could rush the tradition and the aspects surrounding it.

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I guess by the context of this thread you mean pan frying, but they do an above average level of roasts and boiled foods so it seems strange to imply pan frying is the distinctive aspect of their cuisine.

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Are u retarded?

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Why is this considered "british" food? They didn't create these cooking methods, is it because they're eaten together at a certain time of day?
If that's the case, what's to stop americans from taking this dish, adding 1 more thing to it and eating it for dinner and calling it an american food?
It would be equally as stupid and equally as valid.

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>ew beans
Spotted the claps

protip: beans in the UK and beans in the US are not the same. US beans are in a sauce which is much sweeter, whereas bong beans are in a more savoury sauce.

If you ever see british beans at your grocery store, buy them and give them a try. Fried breakfasts and unusual snacks such as 'beans on toast' will suddenly make a lot more sense once you're familiar with the taste.

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No one cares about your John Kerry ketchup beans you bonfaggot

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he's trolling, this is a 2/10 breakfast in bongland.

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IRL French cuisine.

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reminder: the 2 white lads scored
That Soy faggot wanted to put out a woke message of blacks saving it for England, it failed badly and as a result, I smashed my wife's face in.

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>Guinness, not Stella

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>post gun
>doesn't use 2A when it became clear a hostile government has taken control
your gun means nothing, you're a faggot.

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what time of day do you eat such a breakfast
do you eat it alone
if not, under what pretext do they join you for such a big breakfast

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Blood Sasuages are fucking nasty

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>Muh physical work! I'm totally not a lardass!

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>kung pao shrimp
>general tsos chicken
>fried rice
>egg roll
>a wonton w/ some broth
>fry up some chopped bacon
>sautee onions
>fry chinese leftovers
>add another egg
>black pepper
>sprinkle w/ some cornflakes
>drizzle w/ duck sauce

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Society has advanced to the point that civilized men can eat an English breakfast, an Italian lunch, a Spanish supper and a French dinner, yet no one does
What a world

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i bet you need your steak cooked till its grey all the way through and cant handle runny egg yolks

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Who is that tiny dude walking at the top right of your picture photo?
Are you a Scottish giant?

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You don't have multi-story buildings in your country?

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That looks good but it has to be like 2000 calories at least.

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>John Kerry
they also do not taste like ketchup whatsoever

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why can't bongs into bacon? its always just warmed up not rendered or crispy. jesus

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looks great, real good thread buds. wish i had a big full breakfast rn

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>just ignore all the other pics ITT of well-done bacon so you can make a boring 'muh bongs' seethepost that's been done a billion times

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Get a load of infantile yanks and their plastic-handled cutlery. SAD

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They're right though. We do prefer our bacon chewy but then we eat back and its not the type of bacon that crisps up.

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rashers curl up because its mostly meat so its hard to get the fat to make contact to crisp up. i've been cutting mine up and that helps speed up cooking and helps getting it crispier

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That is how you drop your guts.

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amerifats prefer single level malls because picrel

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Good morning Mr. Breakfast.

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get in


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I knock all y'all out the park with my Jimmy Dean Meat Lovers Breakfast Bowl, made with eggs, potatoes, sausage, cheddar cheese and bacon. Couldn't ask for anything else

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I dunno mine was pretty good