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How good do Americans have it as far as milk accesibility and pricing go?

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I can literally buy gallons of milk at the gas station. About $3.50 a gallon

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It's about $3 a gallon. I think I paid like $2.89 last time I bought some. The price has gone up a dollar though. Used to be less than $2.

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A 4 pint carton is about £1-1.25 in the UK. 4 pints is bit less than 2.3L

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Factory farm garbage milk is everywhere and cheap. But for milk that actually tastes good, it costs more like this.

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>the moomoos aren't happy so the milk tastes baaaaad!!!!!

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It's not about whether they're happy or not. It's about what they're fed. If they eat shit, their milk tastes like shit.

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They're all fed the same sillage. You cannot get grass fed milk unless you own your own cow
"Grass fed" means they're fed cut sillage

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Most cows are fed grain, retard.

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I paid $4.19 for a gallon from Aldi in Florida yesterday

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Grain is for beef, cattle genius. Dairy cows get silage and milk proteins.

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Depends where you are to an extent. I buy raw milk most of the time (in the grocery store cause I live in Pennsylvania) so it's more like $7 a gallon

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You have no idea what you're talking about
This is literally true. Have you ever tasted grass fed milk? It tastes completely different from the regular store brand slosh
My usual grocery store finally started stocking grass milk. I used to have to go to another one just for milk. Unfortunately yeah you pay $5+ but it's worth it for the taste and potential health benefits IMO

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It depend on where you live. This place is massive compared to one European country like Bongistan

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Read literally two posts up.
"Grass fed" is a marketing term. It means the cows live in a barn and get fed cut sillage, aka literal garbage. They're not grazing on a green field.

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Do Americans really pay 3x more for organic marketing and then convince themselves that it tastes 3x better?

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It's everywhere and almost $4 a gallon where I am.

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Then how do you explain the pricier milk tasting objectively better, genius? Factory farm milk tastes like water to me now.

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i dont like to buy a gallon because i can finish it in one day

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I pay $12.50 every fortnight for a gallon of goat milk from a local farm.

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It's literally all in your head.
>oh I'm paying more so it must taste better
You're being scammed.

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Are your taste buds and sense of smell completely nonfunctional? I bet you're that retard in every Kerrygold thread saying it's no different from factory farm butter.

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>A 4 pint carton is about £1-1.25 in the UK. 4 pints is bit less than 2.3L
I'm sorry but this means absolutely nothing to me.

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Just google the conversion

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post in freedom units

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Work it out instead of expecting somebody to do it for you, you lazy cunt.

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>pee pee poo poo how does the silly american not know that the 726.23⅓ centiliter bottle of bovine squeezings is 3 guinea 5 pound 5 shilling 6 thrupence?

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In the Midwest in the 90s/00s milk was $1.80-2.30 a gallon and at any gas station.
In NYC now it’s like $6+/gallon. Reports from back home are half that.

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Only on Manhattan. Even in the outer bouroughs you can see the price gradient for basic shit. That's what bug people get for living in a hive city.

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yet you expect a bong to know, or give a fuck, how much things cost in dollars.

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I am american and Im not asking you to know the conversions, I'm literally saying you don't need to know, just use the conversion calculator on google.

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You mean subjectively you dumb redditnigger. Read a dictionary some time

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Considering the bottle in OP says 1 gallon = 3.78L i thought you'd be able to work it out

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they have it way better than they realize
everything's cheap as fucking piss there and yet the cunts are complaining about only paying $1 for a gallon of milk or about their stupidly low gas prices
>inb4 some mutt starts crying about paying fucking nothing for fuel

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>whites claiming superiority for drinking milk
>they are actually drinking formula
just like iToddlers

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It went up by alot this year in my local store. From 3.69 to 4.78 in less than a year.

It absolutely pisses me off. I have a friend a few states away who has a dairy cow and she says she just gives it away to her neighbors, meanwhile I'd have 0 issues paying her 5-10 dollars per gallon for that kind of fresh raw pasture raised milk.

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It literally isn't. You're buying the same jew shit just higher priced. The only way to get out of the Jew Grid is to become a farmer.

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You really think your special kerry gold butter doesnt go through the same manufacturing processes as generic butter?>>17730288

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Their milk is full of HGH and other weird shit. It's not fit for sale.

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>he doesn't know

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That's also factory farmed retard.

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What is your problem

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I usually get some from the petrol station around the corner, only downside is I need to bring my own canister to fill up because sometimes I forget to bring it.

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Why are yurotrash so endlessly obsessed with what americans do?

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3 guineas, 5 pound, 5 shilling and 6 thrupence is roughly £9.15

726.23⅓ centilitres is 7.2623 litres.

Sainsburys sells high quality Jersey milk for £1.30 a litre.

That's £9.10 for 7 litres. Or more or less £9.15 for 7.3 litres, like you said. You should have more faith in your abilities.

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grass fed milk is like $4.99 here for half a gallon.

it's worth it though since grain fed milk gives me headaches and acne.

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About $2.50/gal where I live

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>literally just repeat random words I've heard in English media
>it's an actual calculable amount of money
Britian isn't real. It can't be. It's the Irish and French playing the longest prank in history on the rest of the world.

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I fucking love whole milk I can't stop drinking it. Going for $5.70 CAD right now for 4L (about 1 gallon). In Canada we have milk cartels that keep the price of milk high and inflation's going crazy.

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has a lot to do with the further processing, filtration, how they pasteurize it and fat content. fat is the major part behind mouthfeel, without that you are just drinking sugary water.

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I'm in south brooklyn where the jews are, and a gallon of milk is $4 to $4.50 at most places

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>In Canada we have milk cartels
milk uprising when

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I don't think I've ever paid more than $2.50 for a gallon. Where are you where you're paying over $4?

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take the oatmilk pill. it tastes better imo, is better for you, is right about the same price as Horizon, mixes with coffee and tea better, plus the environmental reasons

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Is there a heterosexual alternative to oat milk?

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Literally every point you made is wrong you fat faggot

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breast milk

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Yes. Yes they do.

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Take your meds

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>live in CA
>cant find any full fat normal fucking milk

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>paying $6 for milk
Cityfags really??

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>about the same price as organic milk
So another scam when you can just drink regular milk?
Imagine being this retarded.

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$3.29 a gallon in Michigan, but you can get it cheaper if you're willing to shop at WalMart instead of Meijer's.

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My state (Maine) has a minimum milk price and it's still under 4$ a gallon. The quality is pretty good. Our local big milk processer got sued by Monsanto for not using there hormone treatments and advertising the fact.

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I pay like $5 a gallon for good local milk but you bring the bottle back and get a dollar off by doing that

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ITT people who aren't from Wisconsin seethe.

Milks cheap and fucking good out here. Literally a whole aisle at the piggy wiggly for dairy products. 40 different kinds of milk, 200 types of cheese. All nice and cheap. Feels good man.

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Terrible. America's food purity laws are non-existent, so their milk is basically water with fertiliser mixed in.

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I hope you retards die off soon

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They adulterate their milk with things like (((vitamin d))) and fluoride.