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ok, real talk.

why isnt stuff like this banned?

how can stores sell this with a clear conscience?

this isnt """"food"""" , its literally industrial waste.

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It looks like typical American chemical drink

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Its their culture

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>natural and artificial flavours
this always pisses me off. just list them you fucking pussies, everyone knows you're selling poison already

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nobody is forcing you to buy it

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Nobody actually buys this.

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It actually makes me upset to see fruit in its name, that shit is just water, corn syrup, and chemicals. Fucking disgrace

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I've never seen this at my version of kroger. Seems like it's just soda without the carbonation.

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We don't have kroger here but this looks almost exactly like the "fruit punch" from family dollar.

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you ever had a blue raspberry slurpee?
congrats you had this...that's literally what they use for slushies/slurpees

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90 cal in one cup? Christ alive.

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That's not that much. It's less than milk

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> 0% JUICE

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Nobody who would turn their nose up at this is drinking fucking slurpees.

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why is there vegetable oil in a drink?

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black 'people' buy them constantly. I've seen people buy 5-6 of them at a time.
t. worked at a grocery store for 2 years when I was younger.

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>its literally industrial waste.
It's water and sugar.

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>propylene glycol
what the fuck? is that really necessary?

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yes?? stfu goy.

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propylene glycol is used as an additive because it absorbs water
what is it doing in a drink

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>0% juice

>"""fruit beverage"""

How is this not false advertizing

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I actually thought that was a bottle of bleach

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Makes you thirstier so you buy more

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Exactly, sugar's already terrible for the human body, plus the billion preservatives and sodium whateverates and artificial colors that are in there.

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Lets you pack more drink into the same size container for greater thirst quenching.

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>0% juice
Well damn. What is it then?

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>what is it?

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says right on the label, water and corn syrup

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Just for comparison this is a British raspberry drink and ingredients

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I feel thirstier every time after drinking distilled bottled water, I think it's another scam

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never had it so idk if it is a fair comparison or not. is ribena like the cheapest, shittiest, trashiest shit you can possibly buy? that is what the blue drink op posted is. what you've posted looks quite nice actually.

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for me, it's movie theater butter flavored popcorn topping

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Yeah that bottle is Almost 4 bucks likely and that gallon is a buck fiddy. Youre a real dumb motherfucker

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You just got owned. Stop clutching your pearls, queer

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no wonder poors are obese

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Could you pour this over toast for a buttered toast flavour?

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Bottom of the line probably this. This about 30p. The Ribena about £1

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I want the purple stuff...

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I mean, yeah
I guess

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because distilled waters doesn't restore electrolytes, lack of which contributes to thirstiness
unless you're baiting, I guess

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Every thread like this is stupid.

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DYEL fuck

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why stop there
put it in a spray bottle and spray it on
it's basically a cheap version of PAM

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Not bait and I don't feel like that at all when drinking tap water. I thought they must have done something to the water to sell more

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yeah that feels like it's closer for comparison. the gallon drink op posted usually cost about ~$1.50. I remember seeing them go on sale like 5/$5 around the holidays/during the summer.

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just buy the butter flavoring itself and dilute it in the carrier oil of your choice dum dum
just make sure to buy food flavorings from natural flavors, not artificial.

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Lot of UK drinks are sugar free. There is a sugar tax so lot of companies changed recipes or introduced lots more varieties of sugar free drinks and scrapped cheap sugary drinks. They tend have natural colourings and flavourings to. There's never anything like the one in OP

Jamie Olivers fault

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could be too much salt or sugar as well making you thirsty
or diabeetus

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Idiots. You stupid fucks act like all we have is unhealthy shit when in reality we have options. You wanna be a fat ass you can buy this. If you want the healthy version, just buy the Great Value Diet Blue Raspberry Fruit Beverage Lite Zero™ at only 45 calories per serving.
Once again this picture proves true.

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It is deliberate poison, deliberate parasite steroids. Corn syrup,and brominated vegetable oil contain high levels of Mercury, which contribute to brain damage. The "natural Flavor" is HEK-293, an addictive element created from aborted fetal tissue. This stuff is evil.

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Why is it so…beautiful

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It's for blacks, not humans, chill out OP

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Seething. Most Americans would pick this blue liquid

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American here, I would pick this blue liquid

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>sugar's already terrible for the human body
dumb retard

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just because you would doesn't mean anyone else would

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The only people who buy this are fat poors and college kids who use it to make jungle juice (I'm pretty sure this is actually the intended market)

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I'm gonna look out for that next time at the store
Looks like it tastes blue

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I too can cherrypick

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Does it claim to be juice? Okay, problem solved.

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is this buttered toast gravy?

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One cup of whole milk is 120 calories. One can of Coke is 140 calories. I guarantee 90 calories is less than most non-artificially sweetened beverages you drink on a daily basis. Keep in mind, I’m not defending soft drinks, but 90 is relatively low for a sweetened beverage.

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They do. Some ppl are stupid, and some places you cant drink the tapwater, so they buy pop/this crap because it is cheaper than bottled water.

It does not occur to them to buy a water filter.

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>apple juice
>"gluten free!"
for what fucking purpose

>> No.17727325

marketing gimmick

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oil, glue, glycol, dye, citric acid.

seriously 'acacia gum' aka 'arabic gum' was sold as a popular, pretty strong paper glue for use in arts&crafts where common 'glue stick' would be too weak.

>> No.17727351

Also unbleached, leadless and now non-radioactive.

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and fish glue (made from boiling fish skin) is used as wood glue in most traditional cultures (luthiers still use it)

should you avoid eating fish?

animal glue (made from boiling hides and bones) is used in shoe and clothing manufacturing.

should you avoid eating beef and lamb?

that awful blue shit is terrible for you but stop trying to make it sound like toxic waste, it just makes you sound retarded.

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making glue from collagen isn't anywhere in the same ballpark as drinking antifreeze

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>should you avoid eating fish?

I totally avoid eating fish skin. Except in fish with skin so tenderized it's literally dissolved (deenz) - I strip the skin off my fish.

> should you avoid eating beef and lamb?

So, how do cow hooves and the hide taste like?

Got another for ya. Furniture is made from cherry wood. Stop eating cherries?

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>>why isnt stuff like this banned?

because the american goverment does not have the interest of its citizens first in mind
if 14 towns have to be poisoned to dig up some oil or to clear land for monsanto the gov will do it.

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>he has never tried fish cake made from fish skin

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>I totally avoid eating fish skin. Except in fish with skin so tenderized it's literally dissolved (deenz) - I strip the skin off my fish.
you are such a pussy

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Fish skin crackers are the bomb

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Why are you concerned about the health of black people?

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I'd argue the American one is less toxic

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why did they brominate the vegetable oil?

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>propylene glycol
>Toxic effects include hyperosmolality, increased anion gap metabolic acidosis (due to lactic acidosis), acute kidney injury, and sepsis-like syndrome.

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The real question is why is OP concerned with the health of black people since they're the only ones dumb enough to buy this shit. Maybe some hillbillies in Appalachia do too, no one cares about them though.

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why do you want to live in a nanny state where the government tells you what you're allowed to eat and drink? i mean i keep seeing the 'have you got a loicence for that' meme on here about bongistan, but here you are suggesting this should be banned. Your obesity crisis is not caused by this, it's caused by fatasses who drink half a gallon of it a day to wash down their three pizzas then go for mcdonalds. Personally, I don't need the government to ban things to save me from gluttony - my own self restraint does that.

>> No.17727809

>flavorings (nature identical)
what clever wordplay. why don't American companies say that? it's semantically identical to "natural and artificial flavorings" but sounds so much better for the midwits.

>> No.17727818

it’s not literally industrial waste, it’s artificially flavored drink

>> No.17727820

low iq

>> No.17727823

Just do t buy it, more people would know that if you yanks didn't consider education something that only the rich should have

>> No.17727878

cross contamination.

>> No.17728112

what fucking factory produces beverages like these in the presence of wheat flour? Do they process olive oil in the same building as the frozen pizza assembly line?

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thats just the gallon version of this, a classic kids drink

>> No.17728139

It's probably a proprietary mix of flavoring which is basically just a smell solution.
t. literally working in a flavoring company

>> No.17728155

ITT: chemlets who dropped out of highschool.

>> No.17728156

Gum Arabic is old as balls, to be fair. There's references to it in Shakespeare.

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I don't think we should ban shit food, but there's a difference between clear junk food and passing off chemical water as a "fruit beverage"

>> No.17728191

Water is potable in virtually every location in the US, with only a very few weird exceptions
It doesn't justify the demand for purple drank

>> No.17728211


its tree sap

>> No.17728240

are you fucking retarded? what about my post implies I'm concerned about anybodys health. all I said is that black 'people' buy them all the time.

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Sugar makes your body not absorb fat and is the number one cause of obesity. Obviously it was never meant to be consumed by humans.

>> No.17729064

I cant drink slurpees anymore cause it rhymes with herpes and it reminds me of my ex

>> No.17729071

Nigga what the fuck is juice.
I want some apple drink baby, it's greeeen

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I remember drinking this when I was little and didn't know better.
It always made my throat burn and feel scratchy.

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If this was instead a 1 liter glass bottle with better graphic design on the label, made with "organic cane sugar" and without artificial coloring, it would be just as poisonous. Don't be a rube.

>> No.17729804

There’s no actual aborted fetal tissue in the drinks, they just test their “natural” flavors with it. There is however aborted fetal tissue in each and every vaccine on the market today

>> No.17729858

>why are they allowed to sell sugary drinks to people
same reason i see droves lined up bumper to bumper at mcdonalds lmao
food doesnt kill people, people kill people

>> No.17729867

good chance it's just the syrup cut with water and apple juice yeah

>> No.17729874

rip dave chapelle died of conjugal brain worms transmitted by Paul Mooney, 2005

>> No.17730135

wheat syrup is a common sweetener in "organic" beverages

>> No.17730151

How it is any different than selling booze and soda, or any other amount of junk food?

>> No.17730153

>not wanting a pair of diastereotopic bromine atoms

It's like you WANT to crystallize

>> No.17730165

its disgusting as fuck but in the end its all just corn

>> No.17730184

All drinks are made from chemicals. Stop talking like an effing redditor with this smug crud.

>> No.17730188

>just water, corn syrup, and chemicals
oooh so you do know that everything you eat is chemicals?

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>> No.17730289

You got a problem with potassium sorbate, city boy?

>> No.17730297

Americans tell themselves this while they drink this chemical waste. They are lower than animals

>> No.17730301

just put this in a spray bottle, then spray some in your mouth along with some sprayable toast in a bottle. You'll get the same experience.

>> No.17730302

I can smell the fedora from here and it ain't mine cause it's in the wash!

>> No.17730314

You're supposed to dry clean those.

>> No.17730320

Heh, you fell for my trap exposing yourself. I don't have a fedora...

>> No.17730325

it might technically be safe to drink, but it's so disgusting that it's basically undrinkable

>> No.17730333

The only people that I know IRL that say things like this actively refuse to drink water even if it's bottled and are addicted soda.

>> No.17730356

potable doesn't mean safe. There's a pretty huge amount of the country with serious PFAS contamination.

>> No.17730367

Okay, facebook mom.

>> No.17730370

>clear conscience
you assume people have a conscience

>> No.17730395

FUCK... I completely forgot about that scratchy feeling until you just mentioned it
I wonder how much that shit fucked us up

>> No.17730397

i buy gallon jugs of water and drink 8 tall glasses a day. i only drink soda like once a week. tap water is just disgusting.

>> No.17730418

Phosphoric acid will strip rust from metal but it's in coca cola

>> No.17730429


>> No.17730434

>acesulfame k

>> No.17730459

>why isnt stuff like this banned?
Because its not real, that image is made by the same guy who made the round meal image

>> No.17730469


It is real.

>> No.17730478

>why isnt stuff like this banned?
Why should it be?
>this isnt """"food"""" , its literally industrial waste.
It’s literally just flavored water.

>> No.17730490

>sugar bad
No it isn’t.

>> No.17730506

Name one positive aspect of adding sugar to your diet. Preferably something other than staying warm in the winter.

>> No.17730542

>water, sugar, acid (flavor), polymerizer, flavor, stabilizer, preservative, sweetener, coloring, emulsifier
my question is why are they going to so much effort to make it stick together, does it just completely separate if they don't?

>> No.17730625

It tastes good and gives me energy.

>> No.17730696

Your brain literally requires sugar in order to function.

>> No.17730722

If you're British you need a slap for this comparison

>> No.17730737

not a requirement for many cu/ck/s then

>> No.17730755

You do realize that there is actually no such fruit as a blue raspberry, correct?

>> No.17730817


>> No.17730820

your brain requires glucose, it doesn't need sugar to get glucose, learn more about human biology before talkng about it

>> No.17730830

47g of sugar wtf

>> No.17730836

It's a beverage with a fruit taste, if they labeled it juice it would be false advertising.

>> No.17730842

Seethe moralfag

>> No.17730843

what do you think glucose is?

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For me, it's water.
Ingredients: Water

>> No.17730849

Not very well

>> No.17730914

glucose is not sugar you fucking retard, that's cakled sucrose, your confidence is reaching dunning-kreuger levels

>> No.17731063

“Simple sugar”

>> No.17731079

oh no motherfucker you know you're were talkng about sugar added to foods, don't try to play that shit off like it's the same thing, eat that shoe

>> No.17731297

yes goy, let us sell literal poison to the general public. It is your right as a free American to buy garbage.

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because of the (((synagogue of satan))), (((they))) (((lobby))) the fuck out of congress and pay the right people in the FDA so shit like high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, splenda, aspartamene and other shit get put in food and drinks cus it saves (((them))) money and suppresses our hunger impulses and shiet.

>> No.17731393

Unless your tap is linked to the Alps or some shit, most tap water is vile if you don't run it through a filter or purifier. Still not an excuse to turn to soda. I just boil a kettle of water in the morning, and drink from there throughout the day

>> No.17731419

people have been consuming fruit sugars for thousands of years
corn was first widely consumed within the last 75 years
but yeah, blame sugar
dumb retard

>> No.17731434

People have also smoked tobacco, done opium and practiced homosexuality for god knows how long despite them having been proven to do harm and very little if any good. All this proves is that humans are retards and they need priests and wise men to tell them what to do.

>> No.17731435


>> No.17731440

Hell is going to be hearing this shit about muh chemicals in food over and over again forever, and it has already started.

>> No.17731442

Stops the citrus flavor from separating
It's in almost everything

>> No.17731453

Everything you said is wrong and retarded.

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File: 252 KB, 1400x786, quarter water.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh look, they made family sized quarter waters

>> No.17731466
File: 300 KB, 880x440, n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

has anyone ever noticed this shit has like halved in calories it used to be?
used to be at least 150cal for 8oz i wana say, and now 90. What's changed?

>> No.17731467

we didn't see morbidly obese blobs walking around until mass consumption of corn and seed oils

>> No.17731481

You get fat because you eat too many calories. There are zero other factors.

>> No.17731588

when you consume too many carbs you become insulin resistantant, this causes you to produce even more insulin to compensate, insulin is the fat storage hormone, you eat foods that require more insulin, you gain more weight

people who take insulin shots can see an increase of fat around the injection sight

as you become more insulin resistant, your cell mitochondria descrease in number and their activity becomes extremely efficeient(not good) which means you burn less energy period

in this diabetic state cutting calories will not help you lose weight as your metabolism is already gone, your basal metabolic rate is cut in half, your body has become a lazy low power fat storage machine runaway

there are always more factors, complex systems 101

>> No.17731599

Nah dude my diet of 2000 calories of sugar is the same as 2000 calories of meat and dairy. CICO duh unless you dont believe in physics lol

>> No.17731613

God I remember being in daycare and they gave us that shit every day, I can still feel the throat burn

>> No.17731862

You need to literally learn what this word means

>> No.17731910

Insulin resistance means your fat cells will be less responsive to the same amount of insulin, so you need more for the same effect. Also it's only really correlated with obesity, not actual diet composition.

>> No.17731917

Oh christ, you know what I fucking meant. Every retard knows water is a chemical, I'm talking about the artificial shit

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File: 549 KB, 1200x1200, 0007342053121_0_A1C1_1200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

there's a market for everyone I feel, even if you look at it in a grocery store and think "who the fuck in their right mind is buying that"

i used to feel that way with picrel, but then i learned my grandma loves this shit

>> No.17732004

your grandma learned about daisy cottage cheese from the catchy commercial jingle while watching "her shows"

fish in a barrell

>> No.17732027

Isn't it more economical to just buy the powder and mix it with your own water? Why even bother with this?

>> No.17732087

>but everything is chemical
Who's the redditor?

>> No.17732129

they are probably using another sweetener that is artificial so they don't have to add in the calories

>> No.17732158

>Lobby governments for decades to cut spending on water infrastructure to the point water in some places is literally unsafe to drink
>push your fake sugar water on the poors
>people point out this is bad
>/pol/s response is to blame leddit instead of questioning their overlords.
checks out.

>> No.17732163

Unless you live in a third-world country like burgerland tap water is cleaner and safer than bottled water.

>> No.17732209

Probably depends on what sort of neighborhood you live in. So if Blue Dank isn't on the shelf, congratulations.

>> No.17732239


>> No.17732243

>overlords distract you with pushing social politics to the forefront
>blame fellow citizens for all problems
>corpos good cause they posted a colorful flag on twitter

>> No.17732259

>muh pol boogeyman

>> No.17732275

>Lobby governments for decades to cut spending on water infrastructure to the point water in some places is literally unsafe to drink
I can make shit up too. I invented ketchup.

>> No.17732284

>sugar isn't glucose
>this is the intelligence of the average cu/ck/

>> No.17732313

>ignores context of table sugar

>> No.17732328

ITT: goyim defending their goyjuice and seething when real humans point out how garbage it is.

>> No.17732396

I think you're right. I have never seen a single soul have this anywhere in their possession.

>> No.17732423

>22g of sugar for 11 ounces
That's better than a lot of soda here, unfortunately.

Black people do. "Grape Drank" is a meme for a reason. Same with Kool-Aid. It's all a synthetic sugar slurry.

I'd forgotten how drinking those felt.

>> No.17732463

>sugar isn't sugar

>> No.17732478

I doubt this is worse than the average energy drink

>> No.17732496 [DELETED] 

That's not true. I'm Jewish! Ur the cattlebrains - not me!

>> No.17732499

Somehow, this is probably healthier to drink than the blue raspberry sludge

>> No.17732509

cos that literally the only thing that changed

Sent from my iPad

>> No.17732581

this, but unironically
goyim can't handle the gamerfuel

>> No.17732591 [DELETED] 

I'm not being ironic. I am actually Jewish irl and goyim are cattle - you just follow the rest of the herd and don't think for yourselves.

>> No.17732624

I worked at a grocery store in high school and only welfare types buy this stuff.

>> No.17732643

not all goyim

>> No.17732799

>industrial waste
It's water and sugar you fucking baby.

>> No.17732848

I've also seen gun youtubers use them for target shooting.

>> No.17732885

Honestly, I don't think I'm interested in this discussion.

>> No.17732906

It is banned in every country which has a modicum of respect for its citizens.

>> No.17732940

until next time, you will eventually discuss it in next 20 threads

>> No.17734855

Orange > blue

>> No.17734894
File: 27 KB, 574x382, 574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Purple > green

>> No.17734915

Why? It's just blue drank.

>> No.17734917

But liquid blue is the best flavor?

>> No.17735106

Then dont cry how they are sucking up the healthcare system for free.

>> No.17735130

I've been drinking this stuff for years and I feel fine, bunch of weaklings

>> No.17735141

I grew up in a low income area. It's poverty drink in an unkempt house that has too many pets, smells of a mix of piss, weed or cigarette smoke.

>> No.17735149

Parents would by some gas station "kids drink" and it would make my mouth dry as fuck. I wasn't allowed to complain about anything I ate or drink so they must of assumed we liked them.

>> No.17736370

post your hand

>> No.17736609
File: 74 KB, 512x512, 9b39ac31e650c30f03a176c2f8ceb0b4_large.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

didn't understand this until I bought a pack of these for my dad as a joke today and tried one
its like fucking acid, what did they even put in it
>1.39 for a 6 pack though

>> No.17736626

>its literally industrial waste.
it's "literally" not. and the antisemitic question marks lol... how are Jews supposed to be responsible for what flyover-Americans choose to eat?

>> No.17736632

American food protip: Any product sold in the USA with the word "flavor" or "flavour" anywhere on its label means it's an unnatural taste created in a lab from deconstructed bull semen, horse shit, cow stomach, and other gross shit you wouldn't put into your mouth

>> No.17736660

>American one is less toxic
Absolutely. And it tastes better too. Not even a US nigger would drink grape drink made with aspartame.

>> No.17736679

The only people that buy this are the backs and people on ebt

>> No.17736685

No it's corn syrup, you dumb kike. It's bad for you. There is however no need to flap your vagina overdramatically about it. That's a great way to get everyone to ignore you.

>> No.17736941

Kek you jackass

>> No.17737196

what were those plastic "juice" bottles with the twist off caps called?

>> No.17737204
File: 846 KB, 2400x2400, koolaidbursts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember being a 90s kid too

>> No.17737224

Just for comparison this is a British fruity water drink

>> No.17737249

Water in cities taste bad though. Like fucking chlorine pool water with notes of fluoride. Not that some bore water doesn't also taste like ass. t. spring fed tank water

>> No.17737462

Literally water, sugar, and citric acid.

>> No.17737465

what's the point of the vegetable oil?

>> No.17737473

LOL at you fags acting all high and mighty (not that I drink this), there are literally weekly threads here about people's favorite Monster flavors and pretty much daily alcohol threads

>> No.17737476

Veggies are good for you fatty

>> No.17737477

why do americans constantly make these memes projecting about other countries being jealous?
I have the answer, actually. Pure cope.

>> No.17737577
File: 6 KB, 201x251, 9k=(24).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17737643

>american kids are given drinks containing chemicals that make their throat burn

>> No.17737715

The good stuff is called flavacol

>> No.17737741

like clockwork

>> No.17737751

>42G of added sugar

Do Americans REALLY?

>> No.17737791


I knew what it was before I even clicked lmao

>> No.17738003


>> No.17739342

Its truly weird. You can't really have "blue raspberry juice" since "blue raspberry" isn't an actual berry. There's blackberries, but blue raspberry flavour stuff isn't meant to imitate that one. Its so perplexing they can say its "fruit beverage" when there isn't even an attempt at imitating an actual fruit/berry

Thats what makes it even weirder.

>> No.17739595

Because it's made for and bought by poor people.
You can tell how much a country cares about the poor by looking at the kind of stuff they get away with selling to them.

>> No.17739627

Never heard of it

>> No.17739687

Better stop eating fruit and vegetables then

>> No.17739794

Do Americans really drink out of barrels?

>> No.17739799

>what is a Keg
Damn you are one stupid little bitch

>> No.17739822

Obviously I'm referring to added sugars, not natural glucose. Sugar is a vice on par with tobacco and alcohol and it's arguably worse than both.

>> No.17739912

Grow up poor and you'll see a lot of this stuff. You could an entire gallon for a dollar and some change. They were just called "Orange Drink" or "Grape Drink" because calling it juice would be illegal

>> No.17739962

American's DNA are being shredded by stuff like this. That's why they all turn into amorphous blobs.

>> No.17740016
File: 500 KB, 1240x1753, 7EC88053-7A63-4FDA-91B3-98560F74FB87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chemicals? In MY food? It’s more likely than you think!

>> No.17740186
File: 422 KB, 687x621, 1629114640654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminds me of this meme

>> No.17740198

American palates are so mangled by mcdolans and coca cola that they think "everything is chemicals" means no food tastes any better or worse than any other food (oh but they hate GOMMUNISM even though that's basically what they believe in but for food)

Imagine unironically posting this image and thinking you are pwning anyone but yourself

>> No.17740211

and propylene glycol, which is an antifreeze

>> No.17740212

Apples have a fuckton of sugar, that is why they're used as the base of many fruit juices.

>> No.17740216

I tried that with spray butter out of curiosity. It smells like movie theaters.

>> No.17740435

Americans are subhuman. Their DNA ripped apart by their chemically based food supply. Their minds ravaged as well, streets roamed by barely human rabid abominations.

>> No.17740486
File: 433 KB, 1000x1414, B8055AED-6C2B-45DA-A365-4F441298C592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17740497
File: 17 KB, 300x300, 58897C4F-E8AA-408F-9993-35EC7EA2C157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel most American girls have feederism fetishes.

>> No.17740559

>burger looks at ingredients for the first time and doesn't recognise the names

>> No.17740563

natural flavors are just essential oils n shit

>> No.17740565
File: 5 KB, 252x200, images (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit you just reawakened an oppressed memory

>> No.17740571


>> No.17740575
File: 67 KB, 700x568, 1634709-369acdeba811b40e579e50303465e526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.17740580
File: 36 KB, 286x461, Architect.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can assure you it is the other way around my friend

>> No.17740584

For me, it's MONDO or GTFO

>> No.17740587

you missed out
>from large intravenous doses given over a short period of time

>> No.17740589

propylene glycol is a well tolerated solvent used in medicines
you're thinking of ethylene glycol

>> No.17740592
File: 106 KB, 900x1200, 76864CFF-34D0-4FC6-993F-4C40375BE7FC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I assure you it’s often both ways, king.

>> No.17740594

>fructose in fruit good
>fructose in stupid blue drink bad

>> No.17740595

i don't drink blue stuff

>> No.17740608

thise sweeteners are worse than hfcs

>> No.17740610

On what grounds do you say this?

>> No.17740613

>soybean oil
fucking disgusting

>> No.17740620

indigestible toxic lab grown shit

>> No.17740626

lol!!! americans really is does this???????????????????????????????????????

>> No.17740712

not an answer

>> No.17740723

>Should we put "shake before use" on the label or use a slightly more expensive but safer ingredient?
>No, let's add this chemical that's banned everywhere but america, causes neurological damage, and is no longer considered gras to our drink

>> No.17740766

>when you feel like shit talking americans but dont know how to segue

>> No.17740790

Rent free

>> No.17741030

what chemical?

>> No.17741051

Brominated vegetable oil. Not even big cola uses it any more

>> No.17741068

proof of neurological damage via normal consumption?

>> No.17741606

Holy shit I can taste the BLUE through the screen.

>> No.17741718
File: 218 KB, 1080x1336, sugar free drink.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the "recommended items" checks out

>> No.17741802

Natural sweeteners

>> No.17743010
File: 1.28 MB, 1051x1871, Peared.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17743020

Them being indigestible is kinda the point, y'know 0 calories and all. Plenty of foods we consume have indigestible components, hence the existence of poop.

>> No.17743056
File: 205 KB, 1200x1173, Doge+me+harder_86077a_8068706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Better stop eating fiber if that's your judge of edibility you dumb nigger

>> No.17743060
File: 102 KB, 1300x866, spoonfeed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17743476

you forgot the chloride and/or microplastics

>> No.17743488

You shouldn't eat fiber

>> No.17743881

>Come to /ck/
>First thread I see is about drink

That's amazing, I didn't know white people had drink too. Personally, I don't have anything against it but now I've had real juice so now I can't drink the shit anymore. It just tastes wrong now.