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It's cheaper than cooking at home.

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idk i'm making pizza tonight and each 12" is probably costing around $3-4

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>pizza : $5
>chili (with beenz): $4 with toppings included per meal

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Goddamn it stop making me want to get Little Caesars.

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for $5 i could make several meals, you're on crack if you think that's cheaper

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only if you dont value your health

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Yeah, enjoy the hour youll spend prepping and then the hour after for clean up. 2 hours is worth a minimum $100 for any respectable human who values their time.

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No you can't, unless you're talking about beans and rice, and even that won't last you "days" for $5. Ramen noodels?

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Sometimes you want that delivery pizza taste that only delivery pizza can deliver

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Most people don't factor in that you need to put money up first for the tools needed to cook. You also need to factor in time (which is money) and the persons ability to not fuck up the dish. There is a good reason shitty food places still exist.
Of course it would be cheaper to make something yourself, but only if you have everything you need before hand.

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my stand mixer does most of the work, clean up is negligible maybe 5 minutes
i also live in the boonies and am not a workoholic so being at home making pizza in lieu of slaving away for 2 hours for the man is pretty comfy ngl

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thats easily 5k+ calories for <$3.

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that pizza IS several meals. checkm8.

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Everything is fucking expensive now thanks to Retard in Chief Brandon. Pick your poison but since I don't have a pizza oven or artisan pizza cooking skills, if I want pizza I'm ordering from a restaurant. The prices are absolutely and utterly fucking ridiculous but that's the world we live in now.

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your costs are a lie right off the bat. a homemade za is gonna run you $10

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i can the tomatoes myself and i only buy cheese when it's 50% off

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What are your pricing standards? Are you trying to factor in buying flour every single time you make pizza? That would be weird, because it's such a multi-use ingredient, and a pantry staple. But, suppose you are. A bag of good, unbleached flour is $4. Yeast is about $1.20. Sauce can be had for about $.89. An 8 cup bag of Mozz is about $3.50. And even mid quality pepperoni is only about $4 for a pack/stick. Even if you're buying all the ingredients every single time you buy pizza, that's about $14. However, that flour will last you through more than a few pizzas. The dry active yeast is sold in 3 packs, so that's 3 pizzas. The pack of pepperoni is more than enough to make at least 2 pizzas, even if you lay it on thick. Basically, you're going to need to buy only the sauce and cheese for anything past 2 pizzas. So, split that $14 in half. That's $7 per pizza initially. You should already have flour and yeast on hand though, at least most of the time. So, your cost should be even lower.

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>spent $19 at the brandon store
>got potatoes eggs onions and peppers for a few days
>bought chicken
>grilled chicken and veggies
>leftovers for tomorrow
>eggs and peppers for the week
literally one hour of labor under """him"""" gets me a hearty meal on easter and ingredients to use all week. i don't see the problem really

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>hour to clean up
lol how slow and retarded are you

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a true /ck/ poster has a week worth of pots and pans in their sink at any given moment

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based. wish i could eat this much

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A week lmao you are like little baby. I finally got around to washing my dishes and cleaning the sink yesterday, first time in over half a year. There was all black slimey shit in the sink it was pretty gross but it's nice and clean now.
Also did the toilet cos it stank of SHIT and the bowl was all covered in black and brown stains too.

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>man time is money man always on the hustle
go watch tv and jerk off with your precious free time lol

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>half a year

That's fucking putrid. I can't go more than a week without doing my dishes because I will literally run out of plates, pots, silverware, and glasses by then.

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heres a pizza i reckon cost about $4 to make if i exclude the $millions for my upbringing, my house and the surrounding infrastructure

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hes says as he makes his 10th post today on a colombian forklift repair forum

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Only if you have no clue how to cook.
>5.00 delivery pizza
I would love to know where the fuck you're getting your pizza from, as even little caesars hasn't had 5.00 pizza in forever here in a bumfuck rural state with 0 inflation.

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This is genuinely upsetting me. Can you un-post this, anon? Thanks.

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It makes me sad that fast food cooklets can never eat foods such as picrel except for the few times a year they may go to a mid tier restaurant.

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>100 dollars minimum for 2 hours (50.00/hour)
Anon, you are either trolling or are horribly delusional about what the majority of people in the US make per hour.

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don't bother, capitalist "entrepreneur" hustle culture has infected him so deeply that he has forgotten what it is like to relax, despite still doing nothing all day long

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Creme brulee is sold in markets here anon. You just top it with sugar and bake it on highest for a few minutes

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You can buy a torch at the gas station for like 3 bucks. Really the only hard part. There are a thousand solid videos on how to make it. The REAL reason people don't make that the best dessert in the world is they are lazy faggots.

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>best dessert in the world
Not even the best within the ones with same ingredients

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>the fork and the knife for when the arms get tired but she must press forward

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Well yeah if I need something I just wash that particular thing then dump it back in the bowl when I'm done.

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Agree to disagree. Frankly it's the only dessert i'll bother with these days.

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stuffing porn doesn't count

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fucking kek
i dont even mix my dough - just autolysis, split it and let the balls rise
and there's not really any clean up, and the clean up there is is far less than most cooking and perhaps not much more effort than throxing a box away.
bag of flour (lasts god knows how long)
some mozz 5 to 10 i guess
jar of tomatoes pureed 3
some pepperonis or some such - 5-10 is
and im gonna make 3 or 4 pies from the batch of dough i made
that 7 or 8 for a delicious pie plus the value of being an excellent cook that people praise

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Imagine praising someone for pizza of all things. It's only pizza. You're attaching too much to politeness.

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youve never had my pizza

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John is definitely your papa

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cooklet spotted

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its funny i called my computer repair guy the other day and he was such a fucking autistic tard it was unbearable to talk to him so i ask him for a referral to some one else
i imagine you are like him

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>tfw no bloated, pizza-hoovering slampig gf

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Time doesnt always translate into money pound for pound

Cooking is a recreational activity that brings morale up and thus helps with producitvity later.

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No? I rinse them and put them in the dish washer. When it's full I turn it on.

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>creme caramel is better than creme brulee
you are missing the real best custard desert, ice cream

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>2 hours of time has a worth of 100 dollars
>No but your employer says otherwise!!!!!!!!
Typical mutt

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why not just freeze some dough? It keeps well for 3-4 months maybe longer. Keep it in begs and invest half a hour in prep time.

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Thats a weird looking tiramisu

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Your free time does not have monetary value.

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milk and chocolate is better you stupid women

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The dough is under a dollar, sauce is about a dollar, cheese maybe two dollars, meat maybe two dollars.

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30 min of actual work total,
10 mix and knead dough
5min to shred cheese and open tomato sauce
5min to stretch out dough
10min to bake

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>30 mins total
Must be a pretty shitty pizza if it's only 30 minutes. Probably didn't even let the dough rise did you?

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Almost nobody has an oven that gets hot enough to make really good pizza at home.

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30 min of work not time elapsed
i let it rise 1 hour while i watch tv

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So an hour and a half total for the pie.
Almost 2 hours.

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this is complete bullshit, most home ovens hit 550f which will scorch you cheese before the dough cooks

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No it's not.

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Brick ovens are like a thousand degrees nigga

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big difference between slaving over a hot stove for 2 hours and doing 15min of prep/kneading then chilling in the living room for a hour then coming back and stretching for 5min then chill for another 10 min while it bakes

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yea and they cook shitty pizzas that people only like because muh heritage It's a burnt cracker with random blobs of half melted cheese

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>>Sometimes you want that delivery pizza taste that only deliver
not hard to make pizza that tastes exactly like domino's or papa's johns. is the delivery taste like pizza hut where the ingredients are just shitty yet overloaded?

>> No.17720261

LOL just go to Little Caesars

>> No.17720273

You don't have to stare at the dough while it rises. You have an hour to do other stuff.

>> No.17720278

That looks amazing. Sorry about your chronic tasteletitis.

>> No.17720295

only for the one specific pizza type that requires that heat

>> No.17720807

came here to post this

>> No.17720860

I thought you were posta let the dough ferment for like a day or something.

>> No.17720881

assuming he's gone with the dominoes value menu and jumped in his car to pick it up himself
delivered you're lucky to get one under $25, MAAAYYYYBE $18 if you get a coupon.

when you can get a cheap steak and some veg for under $5 and have a meal ready in under 10min

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>cheap food
>when tomatoes are $9/kg

>> No.17720887

those shits on the right are the worst looking garlic bread ive seen in my life

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>meat maybe two dollars.
if you're a vegetarian

>> No.17721659

the sauce is under cooked and the dough is right past the point of crossing into burnt territory and fuck any body that likes random blobs of cheese with big voids in between

>> No.17721667

The heat from the home cooks the pizza

>> No.17721678

i no longer order pizzas just make em at home.

>> No.17721744

even the fat fuck didn't eat much of them. that's how you also know they're terrible.

>> No.17722318

LOL bitch trawl the web for one bad neapolitan pie and think you have a point

>> No.17722321

thinks the sauce needs a lot of cooking

>> No.17722323

>The sauce is undercooked
....do what now?

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my nigger, google "pizza steel", it will change your life

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You're supposed to assume that every ingredient is one you don't already own when you factor in cost.

I can just as easily say I made garlic truffle fries with a side of duck pate at only a $2 cost because I already had every other ingredient at home and only had to buy the potatoes.
It would be ridiculous to pick and choose what goes toward costs in terms of actual ingredients, just use all for cost.

>> No.17723092

any "cheap food" guide that isn't rice, beans, and peanut butter is bullshit

>> No.17723489

they're all bad
t. actual Italian
t. yes we're allowed to hate our own food, you don't see any bugmen bragging about gutter oil

>> No.17723509

Flour and yeast are literally pantry staples you idiot. You should have some on hand at all times. Therefore, you shouldn't have to factor in buying them every single time you make bread/dough. It's a sunk cost. You should already have the flour and yeast, and you aren't getting that money back regardless of what you make. Either way, in my example, I clearly included the initial cost of everything.

>> No.17723519

>peanut butter
bro replace it with seed oil it's cheaper. but fried rice and beans is pretty good

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>> No.17723574

do you use cutlery with your feet or something?

>> No.17723596

I'm sorry captain soy. Let me try again.
That looks like it would have great mouthfeel. Very umami!

>> No.17723624

>sneed oil

>> No.17723656

it looks like you would taste nothing but burnt crust/charcoal flavor... you have exquisite taste, truly patrician taste...fucking moron stop subscribing to the beliefs that other morons subscribed to 400 years ago just to avoid getting their head chopped off

>> No.17723680

Ok schizo. Either way, that pizza looks amazing.

>> No.17723700

The fuck it is, pizzas for two people start at 25 bucks around here.

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oh god your one of those fags that automatically likes what popular without understanding why it's popular...which is only "muh heritage" not because it's actually good

>> No.17723771

>cheap steak and some veg for under $5 and have a meal ready in under 10min
I am so sick of you deranged, lying pieces of shit.

>> No.17723787

damn, you're retarded as fuck lol

>> No.17723864

says the retadr \\

>> No.17724257

Are you the same guy who can't handle the word "tasty", or have we got multiple people throwing shitfits about superlatives on the board?

>> No.17724404

>meat maybe two dollars.
If you use sausage meat it should be a lot less. You can get a pound of sausage at most grocery stores for $3 or less. And you would only be using a fraction of that on a regular sized pizza, probably like 1/4 of it or less.

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5 lb sack of potatoes $4
1 lb bag of frozen peas $2
10 lb bag of frozen chicken leg quarters $6

A meal which included two whole chicken leg quarters, a pound of potatoes, and a whole bag of frozen peas would still be under $5 including the oils, seasoning, and utilities.

Substitute the potatoes for carrots or turnips or whatever other cheap vegetable. Or corn or rice or pasta for muh carbs. The peas for greens or tomatoes or green beans or something seasonal but cheap like squash.

Onions. That is all.

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they're fat as fuck in both pics

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Making pizza at home is so low effort Max flavor ur dumb

>> No.17724537

>10 lb bag of frozen chicken leg quarters $6
Damn what kinda quality you think you’re getting? Also you need butter and milk

>> No.17725422

pizza = $5 hot and ready

>> No.17725430

Do Americans really eat a side pizza with their pizza?

>> No.17725432

whole rotisserie chicken = $5 hot and ready

>> No.17725434

I'm retarded for keeping pantry staples on hand at all times? Sounds legit, and not like you're coping with the realization that you're too stupid to actually cook.

>> No.17725447

No. I'm one of those extremely heterosexual males that just eats what tastes amazing, and I don't even waste the energy to consider any sort of social construct surrounding the taste of my food. Because I'm neither a homosexual, not a schizophrenic. You should try not obsessing over every minutiea of life and society 24/7. You'll be happier for it.

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>vgh... I svffer in Italy...
Stop lying dumb bitch. Neapolitan pizza is tasty.

>> No.17725505

I just made some last night

>> No.17725529

>pizza hut
Fuck you that shit is expensive and tastes like shit.

>> No.17725567

I bet you were really good at story problems

>> No.17725575

>>vgh... I svffer in Italy...
Did you just write in smite vgs?

>> No.17725579

>10 lb bag of frozen chicken leg quarters $6
What's it like living in 1993?

>> No.17725594

Fuck I could go for some pizza right now bros.
I had a whole pie 3 days ago though.

>> No.17726116

>Neapolitan pizza is tasty.
ok but why did you post a American pizza?

>> No.17726188

>vgh... I svffer in Italy...
idk wtf you're trying to say but i never said i live in Italy but i was born there and most of the food is overrated (Paris syndrome)

>> No.17726209

What about time spent, gas/electric costs, any other costs such as drinks, lighting, water to wash hand and dishes, etc.

>> No.17726218

You fat piece of shit. Before and after.

>> No.17726227

I strongly disagree, some of the best food I have ever eaten was in Italy

>> No.17726441

This is little Caesars.

>> No.17726447

>enjoy cooking food!
do you know where you are?

>> No.17726454

i could give a fuck about italy
now, Little Italy - thats the good pizza
Lombardis Grimaldis Napoli (Hoboken) Sal's (Long Island)
the holy fucking trinity
>is 4 fuck you

>> No.17726462


>> No.17726487

you know it is not necessary to spray pizza sauce on the roof and walls at any point during preparation?

>> No.17726505

That pizza is at least three meals, though.

>> No.17726529

bro do you even cook?

>> No.17728486

ingredients for a 300g selfmade pizza are about 30 cents. Store bought 300g pizza costs 5 min

>> No.17728539

Its mostly because of the quality of ingredients. Tomatoes are great example, especially in summer when they are fresh. My aunt is a mediocre cook, but her meals are highlights of the year for me when I visit, just because of Italian produce.

>> No.17729146

This. Adding that you also have to know how. You need at least X failed/barely edible attempts before you figure it out. You either pay someone to teach you or you pay the idiot tax and learn from experience, perhaps slowly.

>> No.17729235

It's pizza. Even if you don't get it perfect the first time. It's still going to be at least as good as take out or frozen.

>> No.17729299

That pizza is several meals fatty.

>> No.17729343

2 at best

>> No.17729367

umm excuse me sweaty, pizza is clearly an appetizer

>> No.17729380

your mistake is thinking big meals make me fat whereas the reality is i could and would kill you with my bare hands if you were here right now

>> No.17729475

Are you one of my parents?

>> No.17729508

I would eat that in 5 days.

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File: 2.36 MB, 1200x1814, pomodorini-ciliegini-400g-hires[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know bro, I ate pasta with cherry tomatoes for dinner
>166 gr of linguine (I always split 500 gr packs in three meals)
Idk 0.25 cents?
>Cherry tomatoes
0.75 cents
Even including oil, spices, electricity, water and soap to clean pots, I spent 1,50€

>> No.17729821

>eating 500g tomatoes at once
500g should be enough for 10 servings, 15 if you really cheap out

>> No.17729828

Only if you're an idiot. Pizza is overpriced, especially if you get it from Pizza Hut which has no business being as expensive as it is while at the same time being so poor in quality.

>> No.17730154

>goes to a cooking board
>complains about cooking
Do americans really.

>> No.17730191

I could easily eat 3 of those pizzas in one sitting

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>> No.17730401

Yeah, most things aren't worth baking unless you're experienced in making it and are prepped in advance, you should have like 5 bags of dough already made in the freezer for whenever you want a za'.

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>> No.17730406

>/ck/ Food AND Cooking
cooking is listed second. get back in the kitchen, womanly faggot

>> No.17730410

>little italy
>good pizza
irl tourist spotted
go to brooklyn for the real NY pizza experience

>> No.17730464

>not /fd/
Go wash your dick, fatso retard.

>> No.17730476

>/o/ not /aut/
>/k/ not /wep/
>/n/ not /trn/
>/g/ not /tec/
are you getting it yet?

>> No.17730491

Are you?

>> No.17730505

>this nigger expects to be paid 50 dollars an hour for the lightest labor imaginable

>> No.17730511

>gained so much weight so quickly she has pregnancy-tier stretchmark scars
It would be impressive if it wasn't so vile

>> No.17730520

Looks like the last shit I took

>> No.17730570
File: 214 KB, 368x450, 1A12B863-71B9-4192-B177-AA09838131C5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends on what pizza you buy tho doesnt it

>> No.17730592

Looks like 2 to me, and some breadsticks as well

>> No.17730656

I feel like if I ate all that I wouldn't gain any noticeable pounds somehow.

>> No.17730658
File: 79 KB, 600x800, 205.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Are you?

>> No.17730665
File: 8 KB, 225x225, the architect smiles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17730823

i find a lot of things are only worth making in large batches, i just made up 5lbs of twice baked potatoes loaded with cheddar and bacon and froze them. They reheat just fine in the oven and not to bad in the microwave if i'm feeling lazy

>> No.17730827

How fat are you guys

>> No.17730906

I'm 432 pounds

>> No.17730923
File: 2.81 MB, 640x640, 1642796787623.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17731350

People are literally addicted to shit like this. The truth is there's no good nutritional reason to eat pizza. Once a month at most.

>> No.17731376

>People are literally addicted to shit like this. The truth is there's no good nutritional reason to eat pizza. Once a month at most.

Cheese is protein and fat
Tomato sauce is a vegetable
Bread can be part of your daily carb intake.


>> No.17731410

Who would be paying you at that time of day?

>> No.17731443

$3 dolltards here in memexico and $1 dollar for breadsticks... how can we even beat americans at the best pizza, pastabros?

>> No.17731643

you know who the tourist it?
you, pal
3 of those joints are in Hoboken, Brooklyn, and Long Fucking Island
fuck you know pal

>> No.17731691

>>now, Little Italy - thats the good pizza
responding to that in your original post, you illiterate fucking retard. post timestamp of your window view right now. you wont because you aren't in fucking new york. fuck outta here

>> No.17731736

mega kekerinos!!

youre still a dumb cunt you prolly hang out at the cbgb's themed bar in the airport

>> No.17731737

It really isn't.

>> No.17731741

It is 2 meals at most.

>> No.17731784
File: 198 KB, 1200x1200, 000034327_scancubefoto0006[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually that's 400 gr.
Net weight 240 gr.
I bought it on discount at a supermarket, tho.
Full price is about 1,25€.

>> No.17731887

Why did this arouse me? What is wrong with my fucking brain?

>> No.17732258

Bro science. CICO is king and keto is a meme for retards with no self control.

>> No.17732282

Is this fetish shit? How does a human being do something like this to themselves unless it's for sexual thrill or they're suicidal.

>> No.17732312

It's just eating a bunch of food.

>> No.17732358

It's more than just "a bunch of food", anon. It's an obscene gluttonous amount of food. Especially for a single person to eat in 1 sitting. Also the fact that this woman has has gained so much weight wo rapidly, presumably from repeatedly gorging herself, that her skin is scarred from stretching. That's not normal.

>> No.17732409


as an alcoholic I think binge eating is just as dangerous and addicting, although I would say alcohol is more dangerous depending on the consumption of the alcoholic.

>> No.17732459

I binge ate in college as a coping mechnism for stress and let me tell you it is functionally a drug. The soporific euphoria you get after filling your stomach with enough food to almost hurt yourself is a sensation I can only liken to a long-lasting orgasm. The downside of course being the harm it causes in both the short and long term.

>> No.17732517

They sell these at aldi. I smoke pot and then use the torch to melt the sugar. It's pretty good but the sugar gets stuck in my teeth and I have to brush after

>> No.17732730

My pan pizzas costs me less than 1.50 euros each.
4 small pizzas is :
>3 euros of mozza
>0.40 euros of tomato sauce
>0.40 euros of flour
>0.20 cents of yeast
>few cents worth of olive oil, salt and sometime dried herbs

>> No.17732738

See a doctor anon that can't be healthy

>> No.17732840

No idea what you're talking about, I always feel terrible when I eat too much, especially when it's full of sugar and fat.

Eating lots of proteins with a medium carb amount feels amazing after working out tho

>> No.17733062

If you make a big batch of dough you can throw a few portions in the fridge to ferment for days and when you want pizza you can just take it out, top and throw in oven in like 5 min. slow fermented dough tastes a lot better too.
anyone buying pizza for themselves is a sucker.

>> No.17733133
File: 32 KB, 554x554, 1631854576318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That looks amazing. Sorry about your chronic tasteletitis.

>> No.17733245

You arent getting dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings for $3. Just cheap processed shredded cheese is $3, maybe $2 if there is a sale.

>> No.17733374

fresh buffalo mozz was $3.5 on sale, used half of it for one pizza - $1.75
sauce is home grown and canned, i worked out a while ago that it costs about $0.4/500ml jar, 1 jar makes sauce for 3 12" pizzas so $0.13
garlic i think was $4.5 for 3 bulbs, i used 2 cloves for 3 pizzas so just roughly estimating that a bulb has 10 cloves we'll say the garlic cost 5 cents
oregano and basil from my indoor garden probably cost something at some point but i've long forgotten
10 kilos of flour is about $8
i use ~175 grams per 12" pizza so that's $1.40
topping on pizza are negligible no matter what you use, i prefer vegetarian pizza so it's even cheaper 1/10th of an onion and two mushrooms cost what 30 cents?
add a quarter for salt and oil and whatever i've forgotten and i'm under $4 using premium ingredients
i could buy cheaper cheese and larger quantities of flour and get the price even lower but i only make pizza when i find the good cheese on sale

>> No.17733562

It's not about feeling "good". It's about filling a void.

>> No.17733856

Tinned tomato is 80c for a 400g can or $1.50 for an 800g at woolies. Fresh tomato is more expensive but all of the recipes on that chart are fine with tinned.

>> No.17733906

Stop acting like you know what you're talking about if you don't know how long it takes to use a bag of flour.

>> No.17733916

>500g should be enough for 10 servings, 15 if you really cheap out
where do you mentally ill people even come from?

>> No.17735095

Anon do you obsessively min/max the cost/benefit of every activity you do compared to the price of labor?

>> No.17735107

>imagine being poor

>> No.17735215

CICO works to start out but at a certain point you need balance of some kind. You could easily live off of pizza for your whole life, but only if you use different toppings.

>> No.17735647

not my problem you suck anon
i can get a nice steak for $3 and $2 of veg is enough for a couple of potatoes, a carrot and some broccoli
a steak only takes 2-3min to cook. steaming or boiling veg only takes 10min.

>> No.17735697
File: 801 KB, 498x229, arrested-development.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17737227

yeah, only a a nazi flour cunt would say that. you cooking facist

>> No.17737490

you know some people actually enjoy cooking and eating what they cook. It takes some skill and intellect though so I get why you don't get it.

>> No.17737503

>a big cherry tomato worth of sauce per person
this is bait, isn't it?

>> No.17738120

it's ok i just sell half of the pizza for 100 dollars

>> No.17738210
File: 26 KB, 520x370, 1649945702315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i enjoy cooking and eating what i cook but i don't have skill and intellect is debatable

>> No.17738272

I'll sell you a picture of my pizza as a NFT, bidding starts at $100.

>> No.17738279


>> No.17738280

Shitposting is a waste of your time but here you are shitposting.

>> No.17738299

i wouldn't know how but i am going to need you to send me gas fees so i can unlock my account so that'll be $25 up frount and $75 for the NFT =$100 total.
Sounds like we have a deal.

>> No.17738314
File: 3 KB, 412x85, 1626571618627.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shitposting is a fun and culturally rich pastime that has been past down for generations in my family, my grandfather would shitpost on HAM radio with fake number stations during the cold war

>> No.17738349

Its good for the soul

>> No.17738355

I'm going to mint an NFT of my screenshot of your NFT.

>> No.17738401

smart but it will never be 5k resolution so you can really see the texture of the freshly grated parn cheese melted on the pepperoni

>> No.17738463

shut the fuck up retard.

>> No.17738484

it makes me laugh that arrogant homosexuals who think their shit cooking warrants taking a picture & uploading it to this site. You think that's mid tier? That looks like absolute shit you cum drinking faggot

>> No.17738485

You're not supposed to use the entire bag of cheese retard.

>> No.17738546

You also assume how many servings you get for the cost.
If a shitty delivery pizza costs you 6 dollars, but if you spend 14 dollars you can make 3 pizzas, you make out better making 3 cheaper pizzas.

>> No.17739394

>>chili (with beenz): $4 with toppings included per meal
unrelated but the other day I've bought some american looking heinz chilli beans and it had something like 10g of sugar/100g and it was fucking inedible, tasted the same as water with sugar mixed in
are americans really this mentally ill?

>> No.17739436

>get lil caesars
>put leftovers in fridge
>reheat on skillet next morning
>crust is amazing, flaky crunch but light
their cheese/sauce could be better but can't complain

>> No.17740155

average carb eater

>> No.17740262

answer the question.

>> No.17740291


>> No.17740379

i cant not gobble and shove down the entire pie in one sitting

how do i prevent this

>> No.17740561
File: 126 KB, 850x845, 20220501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cheaper than cooking at home.
Only way that works is if you don't have a kitchen
but hey I survived a month with just sandwiches & a kettle.

>> No.17740586

i dont eat pizza

>> No.17740593

cuz in russia pizza eats you you fucking shill bot

>> No.17740681

Hot and Ready, $5 only
At Little Ceasar's

>> No.17741062

That's Little Caesars isn't it? I can tell just by looking at it.

>> No.17741065

It's pretty easy if you put any value to your labor.

>> No.17741601

5.99 now sorry chuds

>> No.17742759

Hope you're having a great day, superlative seether.

>> No.17743342

Honestly cooking is expansive if you eat for pleasure and you cook every other day something different. If you cook something that lasts you a week like a stew or whatever then it's not expansive.

>> No.17744339
File: 225 KB, 660x413, 7682B61E-8E59-4DE3-A6F7-CDC9E722B087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17744388

i made a buncha these for the family in my sous vide machine recently, so gud

>> No.17744537

seed oil is fucking expensive right now, except the this that gives you cancer. Peanut butter is calorie dense enough that they are worth it.

>> No.17744972

I’d go to the Little Caesars in my town but it’s in the shitty hood area away from campus and I don’t feel like dealing with hood idiots and crackheads for cheap pizza.

>> No.17745036

>ball of mozzarella $1.50 maybe $2
>half a small can of tomatoes $0.50
>bunch of basil $0.50
>some flour and yeast $0.50 at most
>drizzle of olive oil and some salt

Don't know where the fuck you got 10 bucks from

>> No.17745132

That's why no one likes economies; they know the price of everything but the cost of nothing

by that logic, you would make a infinite amount to have something to breath you for. I don't think so
No one would start their own business with your retarded economy101 brain-dead "thinking"

+labor cost
Cooking is easy. if it's not, you have a month to learn before starvation kills ya

>> No.17746238

the flour is a little more but yea

>> No.17746270
File: 124 KB, 728x546, 1636957365042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shitposting is as old as time. Waste of time my ass. What good is life if you can't fuck with people for your own amusement?

>> No.17746307

>>when tomatoes are $9/kg
What shithole do you live in?

>> No.17746585


>> No.17746642

i would open a restaurant where you sell real bbq'd sausages as combos with the pizza because that meat to bread ratio should be inverted for atleast some substance

>> No.17746655

>home chicken curry, $5
>Pizza delivered, $20 minimum

>> No.17746944

i dont eat pizza

>> No.17746947

why those?

>> No.17746969

Absolute misery and the usage of food as a coping mechanism

>> No.17747165

Let my balls rise your mums moth fag

>> No.17747373

huh. when you buy pizza you must count the money spent to buy/rent the house where you're going to eat it.

>> No.17747621

No joke but these things saved my life when I couldn't afford anything else and was nearing homelessness. One pizza would last me about 3-4 days depending on how long I needed to stretch it.

>> No.17747695

Why dont you just keep doing that with the first dish so the sink is always spotless

>> No.17747703

Is that all you ate for the day Like 2-3 slices of pizza?

>> No.17747712

>the trash food of the Trash Food is cheap
what a surprise

>> No.17747834

Cheap and bad for you. Diabetis in yo futah homie

>> No.17748883

it's not cheap tho, i can make beef stew that lasts a week for the same price as two McD meals

>> No.17748900

what are you 7? it's a flat ass pizza with barely anything on it. It's barely a snack meal once you wash it down with beer or soda

>> No.17749379

that a fair size pizza so 4 slices should be enough
> barely anything on it
i hate you people that ruin pizzas by overloading them, just eat some bacon and sausage on the side if that's all you want leave the pizza out of it

>> No.17749662

Yuropoor sour grapes

>> No.17749685

>no mention of anything about the US
>still seethes about america anyway
Do yuros really.

>> No.17749695

your average american eats an entire pizza per meal plus tip

>> No.17749703
File: 131 KB, 364x852, 47FF85F0-A08A-44AF-8F80-DE771D81C688.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>british food made by a british company to british tastes
Holy fucking rent free

>> No.17749755

no that's a euro thing, they get a personal pizza.
In America we get a large and split it with 2-4 people

>> No.17749774
File: 53 KB, 883x300, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying the whole anglosphere is not just an american colony

>> No.17749850
File: 280 KB, 500x500, Screenshot 2022-04-24 at 17-28-36 bush chili beans - Google Search.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuk are talking about? Americans buy Bush beans not Heinz and there is only 1 gram of sugar plus they're meant to be mixed into chili so maybe 2 cans for a 8 quart pot of chili.
Also you're cooklet that can't seem to grasp there are other reasons to add sugar to food besides making it sweet and a few grams of sugar in 8 quarts of chili sure as shit ain't going to make it sweet.

>> No.17749872

kiss my dick faggot i'm not reading any of that lose weight you greasy pig and go beat your mutilated jewed dick to nigger porn like the retard you are

>> No.17749884

top kek underrated post

>> No.17749886

Because I don't have OCD. Do you also keep your lounge covered in plastic? The sink is there to be dirty.

>> No.17749894

i have lived up and down the east coast of America and never once seen Heinz beans, ketchup/mustard sure but never beans. It either Bush, GOYA, or store brand

>> No.17749900
File: 92 KB, 661x623, 1644014166656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shut up and drink your soylent

>> No.17749903


>> No.17749911
File: 136 KB, 540x540, 67p pizza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My fellow BritBongs, this pizza is 67p from Tesco, over 300g and it's good. You need not starve due to inflation. That is all.

>> No.17749940

haha get rekt and keep eating your sugar beans that aren't even for sale in America

>> No.17749973

your mom said she's not coming home tonight and that you should get yourself something to eat

>> No.17750059

i have never seen somebody BTFO so hard and keep going, i'm starting to feel bad for you.

>> No.17750116

why do you feel so obligated to reply to my shitpost you absolute faggot i can't stop loling xddddd

>> No.17750149
File: 730 KB, 1743x822, Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 10-57-21 King Arthur Flour Sir Galahad 50 lb. Artisan Flour.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i gotta do something while my halo lobby loads, there is only two ways to make me stop

>> No.17750199
File: 233 KB, 1111x1111, E685853A-4C6B-49F3-B9B2-DDE7C1C7EE0A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

w-why do I have a boner? I want my own Nikocado to cuddle and gape

>> No.17750441

>Heinz Beanz
Made by the independently-ran UK subsidiary, using British ingredients and palates and sold only in the British Isles.

Cope, seethe, dilate, neck yourself. In that order

>> No.17751012

that's a little ceaser''s so it's very thin, minimum on sauce and cheese

>> No.17751020
File: 292 KB, 425x425, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's not the baked beans most people are talking about. Most popular one are sweet ones sitting in sugar

>> No.17751095

he said chili beans not baked beans and Heinz beans aren't American and British baked beans are a different then American baked beans.
He was trying to talk shit but he had no idea what he was talking about

>> No.17751611


>> No.17751639

>needing 1 hour to clean up
You are either retarded, or a fatass. Which is it?

>> No.17751667

when i started on 4chan over a decade ago, this was also the /ck/ most popular bait thread

>> No.17751965

in the beginning /ck/ was so slow you could be arrested and go to jail get out and your thread would still be up

>> No.17752489

Imagine being this retarded

>> No.17752508

>Ordering 3 fucking pizzas and choosing the most vanilla fucking toppings like pepperoni and plain cheese

>> No.17752769

Based anon making the cu/ck/s SEETHE. Such an easy board to bait.

>> No.17752924

it not though, a lot of these anons really think like this

>> No.17752939

ok 3d chess bro

>> No.17753040

Shitposters need to be isp range banned on sight outside of /b/. Fucking gen x loser faggots

>> No.17753838

Yeah, basically. I had almost no money to my name and no where to store proper food, so I just bought a $5 pizza and ate that over the course of a few days.

>> No.17754157

Don't worry is just bulking up for the hibernation

>> No.17754416

Hmm hmm
thats sounds like a not bad idea. how did you get out of that situation?

assuming you had a hard time getting a job

>> No.17754547

Only felons like little Caesars

>> No.17754921
File: 433 KB, 580x400, Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 15-56-20 horrent on a string - Google Search.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

exactly /ck/ is for seroius discussion of McChickens only.
We can't have people joking around on a Latvian hornet farming forum

>> No.17755937

your point?

>> No.17756913

And Africans will spit and cum in your pizza. Enjoy.

>> No.17757810
File: 126 KB, 553x798, 1567460443176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're talking to OP, what makes you think he doesn't want that?

>> No.17759028

The one near me always undercooks it, so eating it is like a minefield.

>> No.17759084


You could make a better pizza for under $5 but honestly with the amount of time for making and prep it's about the same.
I love little ceasers, I get acid reflux every time but they're one of my favorites for "fuck it" nights.

>> No.17759095

If'n that's what you wanna do, then do it anon. I just prefer to make my own whenever possible is all.

>> No.17759280

Now this is a post that deserves the angriest most seething wojak
>am only here to talk about fast food and energy drinks,how can you tell