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Before I bite into any chips I like to personify them and pretend the bag of chips is a little community and each bite I take is destroying the lives of that community in unimaginable ways. Not only the ones that I bite but the sons and daughters and loved ones left behind. Sometimes I will make a little pile of chips on my pillow and let them sit in fear. Sometimes I will put them back into the bag to make them feel safe before I take them back out and eat them. Each chip is a lifetimes worth of experiences, love, sorrow, joy and pain.

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Do you think any of them pissed into your mouth out of spite?

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when i ate dry ramen as a kid, i pretended the brick of ramen was a starship like the enterprise, and each bite was catastrophic damage to the hull with people getting sucked out into the cold vacuum of space

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so is your pillow all greasy

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>eating dry ramen
do americans really

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literally touch grass unironically

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No the chips don't know what's going on. The way I see it they're a salem witch trials era little village and I'm a gigantic god-alien that just sucks them up without warning or reason. They may do it out of fear, but spite? No. They don't know what they have to be spiteful of until I bite down.

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No I only eat Cool Ranch Doritos. It is covered in dust and crumbs though. It is my chip pillow I don't sleep on it.

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im actually a bong

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You have to be 18 to post here

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sheesh, you could have just said you were circumcised

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