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thoughts on ranch outside the US? do people scoff or just not care??

imo it's the best dipping sauce for tendies

when I was in belgium for example they have like 20 sauces at takeaway places but no ranch
same with UK
they even rename cool ranch doritos to "cool original"
it's as if they want to hide the existence of ranch for some reason...

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They don't have ranches. It's like why they have to call the Whopper "Le Large Burger"

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Ranch is garbage. Throw that shit in the fucking trash. Every person I know who likes it is white trash.

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>that's a silly post anon, of course they do-

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Ranch is disgusting. I don't know why people here like it.

>t. midwesterner

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but they don't really have a replacement for it at all
at least where I have seen tendies sold
it's usually mayo, ketchup, some mixture of those, and maybe various kinds of peppers

but imo they don't go with tendies as well

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when I went to Mickey D’s in Switzerland they had some Mayo based dipping sauces for the fries that I would say were somewhat similar to ranch, and pretty tasty.

Fuck off fake midwesterner

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Why don't you sell it and become the Ranch Baron of Europe? Just open a real ranch and start from there.

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>eurangutans don't have ranch
This must be the source of their seething

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what kind did you have?

my real theory on this topic is that good ranch spoils quickly because it is mixed from buttermilk. you need a critical mass of ranch enjoyers to ever justify making it. so anyone outside the US is unlikely to ever bother or even taste the real thing.

meanwhile it's easy to find "american style" BBQ, mustard, etc. because it's shelf stable

(shelf stable ranch is nasty btw)

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>they even rename cool ranch doritos to "cool original"
this is they like ranch but don't want to admit it

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Yeah, we don't really have "ranch" outside of American stores. I only had ranch for the first time a few years ago. I liked it. Idky Americans who try to act worldly claim to hate it. If you're eating something that ranch can be added to in the first place, y'ain't fancy, my dude.

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I'm american but I just had this Lebanese spread that in my opinion, blows ranch out of the water. And this is coming from a bonafide ranch consoomer over my whole life. Ingredients were very simple, raw garlic sunflower oil salt and lemon juice. The brand was "Grill" and it was 5 bucks for a little squeeze bottle so it's time to make some at home and have it often, shit was so cash

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Brand was "Grlk"

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Ranch is the sauce of the gods.
'chup is for tastelets.

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sounds good

that reminds me I have heinz "turkish style" garlic sauce. I guess that's the closest to filling the ranch dipping slot for me, if I had tendies right now.

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>sunflower oil
No thanks

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It isn't known or sold at all in Europe or at least wasn't when I lived there (ten years ago). Maybe it's different now with increasing globalization

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Many places in Europe, people consume buttermilk or sour milk on the regular. It wouldn't be that hard for them to throw some garlic, onion, and dill into the mix.

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Subway in the UK has Ranch and you can buy Newman’s brand in supermarkets.
It’s not popular because it’s vile shite full of artificial chemicals.

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Why are Americans so obsessed with ranch? It's only good on salads

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Is it teriyaki?

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no it's spicy mayo

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>rename cool ranch doritos to "cool original"
I saw it called "cool American" once, loved that name.

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I haven't seen the word worldly used in that sense before, interesting.

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It's literally just mayo + buttermilk and a pack of seasoning

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It's not even that good on a salad. It's just a fat person's dressing.

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>I'm american but here's this unrelated shit from brown people land
shut the fuck up insufferable liberal shitstain

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it's understandable if you are exposed to the fake bottled version first, you would have negative feelings towards it

but for me, the real ranch is literally the only thing I miss when I leave USA. and it btfos oil and vinaigrette dressings fr fr no cap

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>baps burger
uhhh more like braaaaps burger after you're done eating it.

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Why do all nazis on 4chinnel watch animu? Are they really just adult children?

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They have it at subway, I'll have it in a sandwich with every single salad item but "cool original" (ranch) doritos taste like shit. That's the extent of ranch in the UK.

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Nazis don't exist since 1945

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You don’t make mayo with canola oil, dipshit.

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I think they go great side-by-side.

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yes, and?

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what is ranch? like, what's in it?

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You know, I've wondered that all my life.

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Newman's is one of the only one that isn't a vile chemical stew

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>they even rename cool ranch doritos to "cool original"
I ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT KIND OF FLAVOUR WAS "ORIGINAL". You've solved this great mystery.

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you cant buy good ranch in the store. it has to be made with real buttermilk (which is not shelf stable). most people who shit on ranch have only had the fake version sold in bottles. you have to make it with real buttermilk and ranch seasoning

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You can easily make an approximation at home by mixing yougurt, mayonnaise and some spices (salt, pepper, dill, garlic etc)

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1 packet Dry Hidden Valley ranch
1⅓ cup good quality Mayonnaise
1⅓ cup Buttermilk
pinch of salt and black pepper

simple as

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it's an herb/spice mix you mix with buttermilk and mayo. this is the original brand of ranch most restaurants use

Salt, Monosdium Glutamate, Garlic (Dried), Modified Corn Starch, Spices, Onion (Dried), Maltodextrin, Less Than 2% of: Natural Flavor, Guar Gum, Calcium Stearate.

interestingly, it was purchased by Clorox (cleaning products). so it's not surprising the bottled versions and reformulations taste fucked up.

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How else would it be used other than "knowing about the world?" Did you grow up in one of those cults where "worldly" was used disparagingly to describe anyone or anything that wasn't exactly as the cult say it should be, like Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons? I know they use it like that, as do a few others.

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you can make mayo with any oil you dumb faggot

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Usually it's sambal oelek and mayo

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Maybe there's a tiny ranch inside?

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Not corpse oil.

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Uruguayan here, I use ranch in my salads or to dip appetizers.

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>full of vile chemicals
Coming from the people who eat fried food every week and salad cream

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You don't understand, the fucking psychopaths here will use it on literally everything. They think it's acceptable to use it as a sauce on pizza.

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I can enjoy 'za without ranch but it doesn't hurt either desu

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Garlic aioli is more popular in Australia, you can occasionally find ranch at American chains or as a salad dressing for fat bogans. It was nice back in the old days for dipping dominos chicken kickers but nothing at dominos has been good for at least 10 years now.

Imo the greatest sauce the yanks ever did was blue cheese sauce to go on steak or spicy buffalo wings

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4chan is saturated with christcucks now so that's probably the sense he's used to hearing it in

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>do people scoff
No, the eurotrash cant get enough of it on dirty kebab meat slathered in it sold to them by their latest round of migrants, they just call it something else other than ranch.

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They use garlic sauce for that

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Yes, I know what they call it.

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It's not ranch, it's literally yogurt and minced garlic

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Used to eat it in college every day till my doctor told me to stop

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Imagine believing that.

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Is there not salt and pepper in the mix already?

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buttermilk ranch is reserved as a dipping sauce for the crust. only plebs douse their pizza in it. with that said, it still goes well with pizza just unnecessary.

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why are there three fucking ranch threads up? what is your obsession with ranch? are europeans so confused by the concept of ranch that they cannot understand what it is?

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Norway is the real ranch country.

It's called "sour cream dressing" but it's basically the same. The big difference is that people have higher dairy standards so restaurants have to make it fresh.

Freshly made American ranch is at least as good, but much harder to find since people are happy eating that shelf stable canola oil and xanthan gum shit.