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Is avocado a valid burger topping?

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If you're a millenial

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Why do people post retarded shit like this? Are you really that desperate for someone to talk to? Why not just post in another thread then?

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Fuck off, if it can physically fit on the stupid patty and you're willing to eat it, it's a valid topping.

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what about egg and avocado?

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no, it's literally just fat

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Yeah sure. It pretty much just tastes like rich plant butter. I would mash it so the slices don't just slide out though.
I'm goddamned sick of people putting frosting and sprinkles and calling a unicorn burger so they can post it on social media though. Stop making shit that clearly does not go together.

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not if you ever want to be a homeowner

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go with the egg faggots

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>back in my day we saved every penny
>we were able to have a downpayment with in a year working minimum wage
>you guys should just stop eating vegetables
Or we could fix the housing market and investigate the blatant price gouging going on in the food market. They're making record profits.

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imagine being so afraid of a boomer meme that you never enjoy guac on a burger

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Of course. Everything can work on a burger, and avocado can work on just about everything. Are you retarded?

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please, someone tell me if lemon thyme chicken will go well with marinara sauce...

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I would but only eat it for breakfeast