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Thanks for the free drink but I'm not paying it forward

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>guy in front of me in the drive thru pays for my meal since he (accidentally) cut me off when pulling in
>I dont return the favor for the next guy since you never know what sort of giga fatass might be in the car behind you

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>frog is a nigger
Imagine my shock

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I never do.
Not a single person gets in line at the drive thru with no money, just hoping somebody ahead of them will pay for them.
The free drink is a gift from the universe.

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LMAO you racist little bitch even now come to this board to act like it's normal to hate black folks but your just a sad bitch boy on the internet at the end of the day

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Paying it forward defeats the purpose of me being given a free drink. The whole concept is retarded and I won't enable it.

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>Be a fast food wagie.
>Some fat white woman with "quirky" hair decides to start another "pay it forward" line.
>This is the 3rd one today.

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At least I'm not a nigger

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Shut up, nigger

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Dang that was nice of him

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>Im seventh in line for a pay-it-forward chain
>Nervou and sweaty the entire time, feeling uncomfortable since I’ve never done this, I don’t want to do it, and I just wanted to buy my own fucking meal instead of this white elephant normalfag nightmare group project bullshit
>I just awkwardly accept my free food and flee as quickly as I can
>Felt like twenty people looking at me in silent contempt
>One overweight woman says: “There’s ALWAYS a party pooper!”
>people laughed

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in the movie, "Pay It Forward", which started this nonsense, the original guy gets stabbed and dies at the end.

It's a comedy, I guess.

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Didn't Robin Williams die trying to jerk off ? What a great inspiration

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>guy in front of me in drive thru pays for my food
>I pull out my pistol and rob him in the parking lot

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Robin hung or strangled himself; isn't there a pic of his neck with a strap mark around it? Anyway, are you thinking of the INXS singer?

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I'm thinking Arby's

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No he committed suicide because he was depressed and suffering the first stages of dementia, you’re thinking of David Carridine

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They assume that risk

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I've only gotten it once. I did not get the car behind.

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