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>Is the best Salad Dressing in your path

>Improves your salad

Ranch fags get out.

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wtf green ranch?

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OP here. this is what i love

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can you not at least tell us what it is?

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It's a caesar salad, surely it must be caesar dressing

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Caesar dressing is king on salads and ranch or blue cheese for anything else

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And it's super easy to make from scratch at home

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I love it when OP teases us.

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is that green? i can't tell what color it is.

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Ceasar chads rise up

I actually learned that the ceasar salad was invented in mexico. Prior to that I thought Julius Caesar actually ate these lmao

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1tbs good white wine vinegar
1tbs good dijon mustard
1 garlic clove finely minced


Slowly add 4tbsp of evoo while stirring until homogenous

Add 2 tsp of water to thin dressing

Season with s&p

One of my favorites and takes about 2 minutes to make. It's a good one to have in your back pocket.

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needs lemon, anchovies or at least worcestershire sauce, little garlic and parmesan cheese

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Nah but Julio Caesar did

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The lightness of it makes it great for really fresh greens. It isn't supposed to be a ceasar dressing either. Just the simplest french vinaigrette.

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Is that honey mustard?

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ah,you didn't say that. I whip up Caesar dressing the same way, i used to buy it but when i realized i could make way better dressing with what i already had laying around i was almost pissed at myself for eating shit for so long

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>splash of balsamic
>splash of olive oil
>sprinkle of salt
If you need literally anything else you're fucked in the goddamn head.

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>Uses dressing to cover up the taste of the salad
Ask me how I know you make shit salads with bad ingredients

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If you do only oil and vinegar you don't get a good emulsion and some spots will be vinegary, others too oilly. Usually all the vinegar ends up at the bottom of the bowl.

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not using the finest imported ingredients does not equal bad ingredients
I cut my own romaine lettuce
i grate my Parmesan cheese
i use fresh lemon
i use fresh garlic
i grind peppercorns
i use Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce
i use decent mustard
A decent EVOO
and egglands best egg

any better quality ingredients are barely noticeable and would make a simple salad cost $50 fucking dollars

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Meme shit. Emulsions are unnecessary. The mix of olive oil and vinegar in unequal portions is what keeps the salad interesting. If both the oil and the vinegar are nice quality then a predominantly vinegar or oil bite is no problem whatsoever.

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You use shit ingredients because youre poor or lazy. Salads made well do not need dressing and taste good on their own.

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I won't argue about personal tastes, but I believe the proper balance of rich oil, acidic vinegar, spicy garlic and mustard is what makes a good dressing, balance and freshness. Not blasts of oil and blasts of vinegar. Irregardless of quality the sum of the parts is better than the individual ingredients.

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50 dollar salad is poor people shit. What's your point?

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Son are we gonna have to take this outside?

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Outside to my garden? So we can harvest some organically grown greens and veggies for a beautifully fresh salad? Gladly, but we will be using my dressing and not yours.

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It's Caesar salad FFS it's just romaine lettuce and even if it wasn't you're a fucking billy goat that like eating straw and have no room judge people on taste.

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my point is it's fuck leafs no matter how you cut it.
Also you've never eaten at a decent restaurant or you'd know $50 for a fucking salad is top dollar unless it's some kind of pretentious poser place trying to act rich or a charity event.

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I normally put an oz or two of osetra caviar on my salads you fucking pleb. Do you even realize how poor you sound right now?

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not as poor as you trying to sound like you ever sat at a table with old money

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Oh my apologies I forgot to mention the liberal use of truffles on my salads as well.

I'm just making fun because of your silly hyperbole. ;D

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