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What kinda chocolate person are you?
I think it tells a lot of your personality and IQ?

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I like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.

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So you like to fuck around! Got it.

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For me, it's 70% dark

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Dark chocolate
I don't even touch the rest

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I don't like any chocolate, I find the taste of cocoa unpleasant. I suppose white chocolate is fine, but that's hardly chocolate at all.

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You pay for quality, because it's worth it. You read physically books and want vinyl records back.

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You where severely beaten as a child, never got to taste a fine meal and probably wet yourself in bed.

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Honestly not far off the mark. Dad beat the shit out of me and mom was an awful cook. I don't wet the bed, but you did say 'probably' I suppose.

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I like any chocolate as long as it isn't flavored palm oil.

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I'm a peanut butter mm guy. N

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To me chocolate is chocolate and ill eat pretty much any of it except white but I love chocolate with nuts that's soft with a creamy taste

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Milk chocolate with an added crunchy texture (but not nuts)

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anything involving milk chocolate and caramel or just white chocolate because i'm a whore for sugar
dark chocolate is pretty good too

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Heretic! Seriously though they're all shit now that they don't come in paper. All candy is shit now thanks to plastic. The only option is the faggy indie shit the faggots are posting here.

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White Chad reporting in

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My fuckin nigga

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Everyone I know thinks I'm insane for this, but I love shit like pic related

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Prefer dark or semi-sweet, milk chocolate only with peanut butter

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Why is lindt shilling their dogshit dark chocolate on ck

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Bitches don't know about my dick

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I'd rather eat old expire attic Christmas chocolate from 1992 than this doo doo ass shit

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Best chocolate bars around

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My favorite is dark chocolate with orange. I've had more shitty versions of this though than good, but when I find a good one it's great.

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wtf is this real?? uhhh where can i get one?

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School fundraiser chocolate. The caramel and almond ones were the best.

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Literally any choco except white and dark

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light dark with sea salt tbqh

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milk can sometimes be good, but usually (almost always) it's an overly sweet mess
and white is okay but I don't really consider it chocolate, it doesn't even have cocoa

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jewish, promoting darkies
obvious mutt
‚physically‘ retarded
high income mutt
homosexual mutt on the darker side
closeted gay brown person
pedo mutt
brown person

Everyone else can fuck off

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mass repliers get the rope

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Lindt Double Milk.

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I don't eat sweets because I'm not a fatty

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>chocolate people tongue my anus

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Only the darkest of dark chocolate.
Withe chocolate is ok. But not to eat itself , but as a topic on stuff like ice cream or cakes

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>dark chocolate
looks really nice but tastes like ass
>milk chocolate
the good shit, what every good chocolate is
>white chocolate
idk what's in it but more than 3 squares make me feel fucking sick

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Milk chocolate is the only real answer.
Dark chocolate is for posers, no one actually likes the taste.
Only racists like white chocolate over the other ones.

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>Skipped me
Based nigger hater

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I want to learn to love dark chocolate, but I honestly prefer milk chocolate and white chocolate. I only ever eat dark chocolate as a healthy snack.

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based future suicide statistic

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>What kinda chocolate person are you?
gummy worms

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Your favorite chocolate is feces. Like all your posts.

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70% with raspberry in it

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You can try chocolate with different % and gradually make your way to stronger/darker types

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For me, I only like white chocolate. Dark and milk chocolate just taste too bitter and give me messy poop.

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But I recently discovered a new flavor that surpasses white chocolate...


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Not only do you have a weak little gay stomach but you also like putrid ruby chocolate? Faggot

>Teehee messy poop!

I'd beat the fuck out of you

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based. if it doesn't have a higher fiber content than sugar, it ain't chocolate

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>I'd beat the fuck out of you
Go ahead and try. It is just like he said.
I will show you the extent of my powers.

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*pulls out twin katanas*
heh... but can you fight what you can't see
*diapers in fog*

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During times like this each seperate attack must be delivered with the intent to kill
Like this


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H-he's fast!

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i like the noisette chocolate they sell here

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I like dark chocolate, but I can't go higher than 65%.

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Dark > everything else.

>> No.17666369

lindt is cheap and good what more do you want

>> No.17666400

I really like Zotter 70% and 100%. Aside from these I also love Domori Criollo Porcelana 70% and Criollo 100%, but those two cost like 10€/50gr and you can only get them shipped from Italy for around 30€ on top which is why I eat them VERY rarely.

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milk chocolate with hazelnuts > white chocolate > milk chocolate >>>>> dark chocolate
chocolate is supposed to be sweet, what's the point of eating bitter chocolate

>> No.17666421

Milk chocolate
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate

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Contrary to skin color, the darker the better.

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I prefer dark chocolate about 90% dark. I won't turn down any other chocolate though unless its of poor quality.

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i only eat swiss ruby chocolate

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I'm sure I'd you google "dick chocolate" you'll get 1000 results

>> No.17666652

just google black dick at that point you fucking fag

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What about white and ruby chocolate

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Not actually chocolate and thus doesn't factor in.

They can be cool for decorative purposes though. I like eating these white chocolate skulls around Halloween

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can i kiss you

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mint and milk/dark chocolate
or, chili and dark chocolate

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Only if you look like this

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anybody ever had tony's? tastes good and I think it saves an african with every bite

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b a s e d

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Milk chocolate, the real creamy melty shit.

>> No.17666925

i genuinely, unironically enjoy unsweetened baker's chocolate a fuckton

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>I think it tells a lot of your personality and IQ?
I don't know. You have to decide what you think stop asking others especially not the government Jesus.

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Hershey's milk chocolate bars are my favorite brand of chocolate. I prefer Hershey's over European brands.

>> No.17666986

>tastes good and I think it saves an african with every bite
I just wonder why the UN doesn't step in and end the slave practices. Isn't that why they exist?

>> No.17667039

Well I'd imagine the collapse of several countries economies would be a far bigger problem to deal with that some brown people having uncomfortable working conditions.

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Milk chocolate with almonds, or peanuts, or crispy rice, or pretzels. Chocolate pretzels are the best. Dark works too, especially for chocolate pretzels, but I generally prefer milk. I want to try making my own chocolate, but I also want to make like a million different things. I’ve been thinking about making Aztec chocolate ever since I watched this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MaYPEvDuo1I

>> No.17667073

I like high-quality milk (50/60%+ Cacao) and Dark.

>> No.17667124

Chocolates are sweets. Cope more, elitist pigs

>> No.17667130

>I think it tells a lot of your personality and IQ?
Oh grow up, do you also believe in palm readings?

>> No.17667134

The rough chocolate balls were a nice touch

>> No.17667503

What's it compare to? Not really down with the whole helping niggers thing but the cowboy spittoon lettering intrigues me

>> No.17667680

All chocolate is fine, but i prefer dark chocolate the most. I like it most with expresso or expresso beans.

>> No.17667807

Youre trying too hard

>> No.17667886

The best chocolate bar I ever ate was dark chocolate with raspberry filling

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They don't make these anymore :(

>> No.17668455

Great Britain went around "collapsing economies" to end slavery and the countries all turned out fine, or at least no worse off than they'd been. The Southern US bounced back in 2 generations.

>> No.17668706

Either 55% dark milk chocolate or white chocolate with macadamia and freeze-dried strawberries.

>> No.17668728

Every single one of them

>> No.17668741

45-55% Cocoa

>> No.17668870

I like dark chocolate
I like white chocolate
I don't like milk chocolate
I like to put chocolate in the freezer before eating it

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For me, it's this Lil nibba.

>> No.17669171

adding "Jersey" to anything food related is terrible marketing. Disgusting

>> No.17669184

Why is gomamon so cute

>> No.17669193

You are literally retarded if you think vinyl records are not "back". Everyone presses them now so much so that it's caused a shortage in the industry.

>> No.17669209

Just Google "Big Chocolate Cock"

>> No.17669210

mein bruder

>> No.17669216

Milk chocolate is alright, it's very creamy and sweet. I like to have some acidity and bitterness to balance the sweet, so I prefer dark chocolate. It's fruity and you can taste the cocoa more, not just milk and sugar. I feel like if you like fruity sweets like sour gummies or starbursts, you're gonna like dark chocolate more than milk.

>> No.17669225

Sounds like a faggot opinion to me

>> No.17669230

White chocolate is just the cocoa butter without the cocoa solids, it most definitely is real chocolate as the majority of the weight is made from cocoa beans. What isn't chocolate is stuff like almond bark or buttercream.

>> No.17669416

I prefer dark by a large margin but I can enjoy the others too.

>> No.17669438

Reminder that chocolate contains addictive psychoactive elements and people who claim to be conneseuirs who are sophisticated about chocolate and eat the more concentrated forms of chocolate are simply higher levels of drug consumption. Not really that classy to be all about dark as possible chocolate imo.

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For me, it's salty liquorice chocolate.

>> No.17669522

Dark chocolate is literally natural chocolate that’s the best for you you autistic knuckle dragging man child. Kill yourself!!

>> No.17669529

White chocolate. And mint chocolate and caramel filled chocolate if they count

>> No.17669534

Well if you do coke it is sign of being very rich is it not?

>> No.17669585

I just don't eat plain milk chocolate. It's trash on its own.

>> No.17669613

wow they even take the foreskin off their chocolate dongs

>> No.17669615

I like chopping this up and putting some of it in my yogurt with nuts

>> No.17670071

same but i also like milk a little

>> No.17670290

i don't like chocolate. it's too much, too sweet, sticks in your mouth too long. very dark chocolate is ok i guess

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For me, it's pic related

>> No.17670309

did they change the recipe? they seem like their a little chalky now

>> No.17670324

I hate dark chocolate, and tolerate white chocolate, but think it gets gross quick.

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>> No.17670350

I like my chocolate how I like my women, dark and full of flavour

>> No.17670438

Dark chocolate or bust. Sometimes I'll accept milk. White is just sickeningly sweet outside a line or two.

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>White chocolate
>milk chocolate
>dark chocolate

>> No.17670451

i fucking hate all chocolate. White, dark, and milk.

>> No.17670459

why is the shaft so small lmao mushroom lookin dick

>> No.17670530

for me it's no chocolate because not having to worry about my teeth at all is worth it.

>> No.17670538

white chocolate is inedible. I got that as a gift once and had to throw it in the trash it was so sweet.

>> No.17671239

>Anime virgin thinks terrible things are good
What else is new

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I really dont care for chocolate very. Even as a kid my Christmas candy would go uneaten. Its one of those things ill only eat if im starving and cant find anything else in the house. Thats not to say a kit kat bar isnt delscious, I just never really crave it or think about it. I crave meat and mexican food.

>> No.17671276

wtf I want to get some dark chocolate now. Youve sold me.

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No joke, I prefer baker's chocolate. 100% cocoa. A small square along with an espresso or strong coffee is a perfect treat.

I would enjoy both of these, but I doubt that I could tell the difference between those two.

Chocolate and peanut butter are a patrician combination. Far superior to chocolate and mint.

You're either old and enjoy reading Dickens in your spare time or are the kind of trashy-classy person who puts ice in tumblers of red wine.

Along with pumpkin spice lattes and Ugg boots. You are a woman living in a perpetual autumn.

You're probably the kind of psycho that believes that the chocolate is literally telling you these things.

You're a savage, living on the outskirts of human society, neither wholly civilized nor wholly animal.


Ruby chocolate is tasty, but it's still too new for us to form an opinion about those who favor it. Check back in five-to-ten years.

You're a hardline conservative who can't afford dental insurance, but stands by his beliefs and, so, won't sign up for Obamacare dental insurance. If you break your leg, you'll set it, yourself.

>> No.17671594

>No joke, I prefer baker's chocolate. 100% cocoa. A small square along with an espresso or strong coffee is a perfect treat.

Ok Mr contrarian

>> No.17671667

>eating chocolate
are you fucking 5 years old?

>> No.17672210

>Ruby chocolate is tasty, but it's still too new for us to form an opinion about those who favor it. Check back in five-to-ten years.
based anon backing me up on its taste

I want to kiss you and feed you ruby chocolate from my mouth while you experience new flavors.

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>> No.17672833

Any chocolate that isn't artificial garbage.
Any flavor, any darkness, as long as it's real.
Simple as.

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white chocolate with peppermint in it

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>> No.17672925

absolute state of mutt

>> No.17672938

I've had it, it's ok and at least your supporting American businesses vs getting Lindt which usually tastes old once it gets to the states but like someone said earlier eating sweets is for fat asses and I hardly ever do it

>> No.17672945

I'm American and Hershey's was clearly designed for niggers and beaners, but to each their own

>> No.17672949

if you like milk chocolate you are either a child or a full grown retard

>> No.17673666

From your mouth? wouldn't that take away from the flavor of the chocolate? not that I'm complaining.

>> No.17674001

I never buy chocolate and when I have some it's dark 80%+ which comes together with an espresso at a café. I find chocolate cakes rather boring and prefer things like lemon pies

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For me this is the optimum

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>> No.17674071

milk and white, anything dark is for trannies and furries

>> No.17674079

unironically this

>> No.17674105

Can eat all chocolate but there is something nice about 80% cocoa chocolate

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File: 133 KB, 1440x965, CJS-300621-1-7_39506239-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Artisanal chocolates filled with well thought out centres. My favourite shop does ones like Port and Blue Stilton, Passionfruit and Heather Honey Praline, and Toast and Marmalade Truffle.

>> No.17674420

Same way I like my women, white

>> No.17675546

The first one I had tasted good. Every subsequent time I've eaten these resulted in me feeling nauseous and throwing the thing away
Original Cups tossed in the freezer for a few hours will always mog their other products

>> No.17675552

>anything dark is for trannies and furries
Interesting, the only person I know who regularly buys white chocolate is an autistic furry tranny.

>> No.17675593

Candy bars (milk chocolate only). Dark is gross.

>> No.17675601

80% for me. Never tried 90.

>> No.17675730

One time I was with some white women and they asked me what chocolate do I like?

I said of course only white chocolate cause milk and dark are too bitter.

They started giggling and said ai was racist. Were they flirting with me?

>> No.17675738

Well no, it would have my saliva on it and be partially dissolved from my mouth but I will give you the rest to swallow with my virgin saliva.

>> No.17675781

dark chocolate sucks

my mom would only get dark chocolate growing up. she didnt understand the difference. only bought bitter bullshit. fucking pissed me off so much. always getting excited for chocolate only to get bitter dark chocolate. god. fuck dark chocolate and the people who enjoy it

>> No.17675805

fucking FREAK

>> No.17675814

Then let me eat what I can and I can get plenty of your saliva after. I'm not going cheap either

>> No.17676228

have you tried 55%?

>> No.17676310

>Then let me eat what I can and I can get plenty of your saliva after. I'm not going cheap either
i want ruby chocolate too u greedy pants!

>> No.17676574

We can put a square or two in each other's mouths and share that way. switch em around with our tongues and explore new flavors that way

>> No.17676804
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My go to chocolate

>> No.17676847

72% cocoa with dried raspberry bits

>> No.17677574
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what did I ever do to you

>> No.17678072

ironically in my shithole lindt is expensive af and i can get the same quality dark chocolates for half the price or often less

>> No.17678086

I'll eat it if it exists, but I typically won't buy it.

>> No.17678107


>> No.17678116

I like Twix.

>> No.17678119

i bet you're so fucking fat.

>> No.17678134

what the fuck is this psychological jew bullshit? How did you know he was beaten just because he doesn't like chocolate?

>> No.17678373

Dark chocolate. Drop in black coffee. Melt and stir. Drink up.

>> No.17678394

First choice is dark chocolate combined with crunchy biscut/cookie
Second is 70% plain dark chocolate

>> No.17678414

Occasionally entertain hazelnut plus coffee

>> No.17678428

Either a high quality boutique milk chocolate or a raw cacao powder drink.

>> No.17678430

white chocolate because i'm racis

>> No.17678434

Forgot to add i used to like dark chocolate (still do over most chocolate) but raw or ceremonial cacao is just a better dark chocolate for me.

>> No.17678501

I don't eat straight up chocolate.
I do love making homemade hot chocolate by melting a dark Hershey's bar in boiling milk.
>inb4 why dark chocolate
Melting dark chocolate in milk turns it into milk chocolate, so you can control how much milk you want. Melting a milk chocolate bar removes that control.

>> No.17678604

I remember reading somewhere that:

Black chocolate = 70 IQ
Brown chocolate = 95 IQ
White chocolate = 105 IQ

But it might not have been about chocolate.

>> No.17678689
File: 40 KB, 250x226, retard alert fag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nah that would be you

>> No.17678714

I'm going to the store to do this right now. What kind of yogurt & nuts my dude?

>> No.17678839

What's chocolate? I only eat cocoa beans

>> No.17678868

what a hipster, I eat the mud where the trees come from

>> No.17678939


It's cacao, not cocoa.

>> No.17679397
File: 217 KB, 1500x1245, 5A3EE77A-93B2-4909-977A-535EB58E1D39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What upsets me in this world are the type of people who pretend to have a taste for “cooler” things when they obviously taste bad. People who pretend to like black coffee, raw oysters and of course dark chocolate. It doesn’t make them any cooler but they smugly tell other people how they have a preference for these things like they’re “cultured” with an “acquired refined taste palette”. They have the gall to try to convince people that if you don’t like these things you are inferior with a lower IQ. How about you get over yourself and admit when something is meant to taste better and does taste better, even if it doesn’t help your desperate pretentious pseudo intellectual status?

For me it’s white chocolate with hazel nuts

>> No.17679404

t. never had light roast coffee

>> No.17679408

what if i drink my coffee black, like oysters and also am a white chocolate enjoyer?

>> No.17679435

Oh gosh how about you order a pumpkin spice latte at starbucks with a rolled up yoga mat on your shoulder?

Enjoy your sea snot, people will think you are cool right??

>> No.17679555

I mostly enjoy milk/white chocolate on its own
Dark chocolate is good when combined with other stuff

>> No.17679770

It's literally a Dutch company you inbred jizzrag

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Balance between rich and slightly bitter dark chocolate with sweet coconut.

>> No.17680019

dark for confections, such as when I'm making a tart or sauce. Milk for candies, though I was never a big fan of chocolate candy. Sour is much better than sweet in my opinion, though bitter is okay.

>> No.17680678
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this is the world's best. honestly.

>> No.17680724
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>> No.17680849

I prefer dark chocolate in almost all scenarios except regarding hazelnuts - hazelnuts must be contained in milk chocolate, or at most bittersweet, never full dark
I scorn white chocolate in all its forms

>> No.17681114

my wife says dark chocolate is the best

>> No.17681130

85% dark chocolate is the only chocolate I'll eat these days unless I'm having a major indulgence.

>> No.17682017

for me, its milk
dont mind the occasional dark too but none of that wild 95% stuff
no white

>> No.17682036

nobody asked

>> No.17682205

Huh didn't realize Tony's was Dutch with all the nigger propagating but that makes it even worse that they pander to niggers if they don't have to

>> No.17682617

I pay for quality because I don't like shit or shit breaking.
I prefer physical books because they're easier on my eyes and usually smell nice. Mostly these days I just torrent shit and read it on my phone.
vinyl records are for faggots blow it out your ass.

>> No.17682985
File: 22 KB, 636x482, 20220411_205418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This. The darker the better. Breaking tiny bits off, drinking fancy port from one of those pretentious little glasses while reading Some Book You Wouldn't Understand with a scowl-face and reading glasses perched on the tip of my nose like a decrepit old boomer. Oh god. What have I become

>> No.17683099

Milk chocolate for eating
Dark chocolate for desserts and baking, sometimes eating
White chocolate for baking

>> No.17683106

Ruby chocolate is a meme. Tastes more like berry yoghurt than any other chocolate

>> No.17683122
File: 103 KB, 458x438, 1629537880367.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17683126

You like streaming TV (mostly Disney +), never read a book in your life and almost an incel

>> No.17683139

99% or nothing

>> No.17684774

The correct answer was 95%

>> No.17684800
File: 407 KB, 1920x1080, akira5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This, shouldn't be possible!

>> No.17685168
File: 93 KB, 700x700, furtherbeyond.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.17685816

no it tastes like white chocolate with raspberry coating on it

>> No.17685831

>You're a hardline conservative who can't afford dental insurance, but stands by his beliefs and, so, won't sign up for Obamacare dental insurance. If you break your leg, you'll set it, yourself.
you're not very good at this. hardline conservatives are the ones with the money, I'm not even american, my health care is "free" and I still don't want my teeth to rot just for a quick sugar rush.

>> No.17685869


>> No.17685903

teasing, so basically.

>> No.17686374


>> No.17686386

raw oysters are fucking amazing you stupid prick

>> No.17686392

I like dark chocolate cause it taste funny and I like funny tastes. I'm not reading any other post other than OP's until I post this to see how I stack up to other anons. Well here goes nothing.

>> No.17686429
File: 62 KB, 1000x1000, Águila-60-Cacao-x14grs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best cheap choco you can get in LatAm.

>> No.17686440

Damn I guess I'm retarded.

>> No.17686461
File: 1.35 MB, 1024x913, herschels-bar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a Herschels man

>> No.17686520

>People who pretend to like black coffee
I kinda agree with you.
There's a caveat, though.
While I don't think coffee tastes good, I find it taste "interesting".
So, black coffee is a very good beverage to drink slowly and consciously, picking the taste apart.
Meanwhile, various sweetened lattes are beverages that don't exactly taste "good" nor "interesting".

>> No.17686601


>> No.17686613

I like dark raspberry and mallow cups

>> No.17686953

i like Dark the most,
but any chocolate except white is good

>> No.17687123

You are an inferior with low IQ. High IQ adults enjoy bitter foods. Dark chocolate, black coffee, green tea, and hoppy beers are all based, and if you don't enjoy them you have the palate of a child.

>> No.17687161

I genuinely have a crush on one of them. Do you think I have a chance?

>> No.17687171

Had too much as a kid now I can't stand the taste of any of it.

>> No.17687285

I would need to know more context. If you based it off of just the chocolate encounter, then I would say no. Though if they treat you like this a lot and tease you normally, then perhaps you do. Try flirting back.

>> No.17687470
File: 237 KB, 500x500, big-turk-bar-candy-district_600x600_crop_center.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For me it's the king. Me and my dad are the only people we know that like them, let alone have them as our favorite chocolate bar.

>> No.17687512

i like to rest a single square of white chocolate on my tongue at a time, allowing it to melt

>> No.17687769

Absolutely based

>> No.17687804

It’s as good or better than the Pound Plus from Trader Joe’s (although not nearly as cheap). Their Christmas flavors are kino.

>> No.17687813

I don't really care, I like most every type of chocolate except for that after-eight bullshit.

>> No.17687826


>> No.17687829

Is this a reference to something? Cause I wanna watch it!

>> No.17687832


>> No.17687839

No they just want to prevent another world war

>> No.17687870

I like dark chocolate, and I like white chocolate, but I don't like milk chocolate

>> No.17687873

t. seething faggot

>> No.17687874

Let me guess, you also really liked Rick and morty.

>> No.17687915
File: 173 KB, 800x800, 1626089604110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I seldom eat choco, but when I do it's this.

>> No.17687938
File: 15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why on Earth would you say that to me

>> No.17687952

99% chocolate is literally the double IPA beer of chocolate, horrible but trendy
Dark chocolate is the default chad choice
Milk chocolate is nice once in a while but if you aren't american it's too sugary to binge
White chocolate is for literal subhuman

>> No.17688025

Your post tells me you're a fat retard.

>> No.17689747
File: 53 KB, 630x412, lindt_excellence_cacao_pur_2021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ritter Sport with whole Hazelnuts
and pic related

>> No.17690407

99% chocolate is the double IPA beer of chocolate, in that it's a pleb filter that's trendy to hate by filtered plebs but appreciated by a smaller, sophisticated audience.

>> No.17690456

60% + brandy

wine doesn't match with chocolate

>> No.17690593

Unsweetened dark chocolate.

>> No.17690778

Haha faggot

>> No.17691174

Is this how you justify listening to TOOL?

>> No.17691257

I don't like chocolate... Until I eat it.

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