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Yea boy, NY#1 top of the chart, fuck Chicago and their shitty tasting dogs.

>> No.17657497

For me it's the Chicago dog, because when I was 19 I saw a commercial about scary dog monsters that were masterbation faces

>> No.17657528

Korea Dog sounds very good. Or Hawaii.

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>new yorkers claim to hate ketchup, will visciously mock anyone who uses it.

>they prefer to cover their dogs in onion sauce.
>look up what is onion sauce???
>it's onions in ketchup

>> No.17658135

I actually had the Philipines one. It was quite nice, they like their meat very sweet over there

>> No.17658154

gimme a Denmark but next time I will try a Denver

>> No.17658171

bagel dog or else you're a tastelet

>> No.17658186

I'm from New York and I've only ever put ketchup on mine, mustard is sour and kinda gross, never tried relish though so I don't know if that is any good.

>> No.17658193

>swede dog
>that norwegian abomination
what the fuck is wrong with scandis?

>> No.17658199

Cleveland dog actually looks interesting. I've never had one, despite living there.

Argentina dog looks to be the best though.

>> No.17658426

why can't Mexico stop winning?

>> No.17659225

Doyer dog looks good..

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Norway looks like what I'd do if I get really hungry and have neither proper ingredients nor the motivation to actually cook something halfway proper.

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German is best for its simplicity, and bratwurst are usually higher quality sausage than a hotdog that's 40% cow anus & eyeball flesh with a ton of fillers.
Sauerkraut also just goes very well with sausages

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