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Why would you add cream to carbonara? The egg and parm makes it creamy already

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Cuz when I add a splash of cream - it makes it EVEN CREAMIER. If being creamy is good - why is a state of enhanced creaminess on top of what you are proposing not a desirable addition?

Think logically and consistently, please.

Also, some frozen peas.

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Makes it heavy

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Just make alfredo

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Sometimes things are better being in between - like feminine acting gay men

you don't always have to pick a side

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If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike.

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Because you can ride her? And he has sublimated sexual feelings for his grandmother? Why are women always so heavily sexualized in our society?

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Because the eggs and pecorino have all the necessary fat to make a thick and tasty cream

Cream is unnecessary and make the sauce bland, it's culinary mistake