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What are you ordering?

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Cheesd crisps and garbage stew

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One of everything, please.

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3 orders of Aunt Myrnas -arty cheese salad

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Needs a more subtle name. Something like >Scalfani
>Subtitle: Italian Bistro

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Are these keto?

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Yeah bro

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thanks for teaching me my wife doesn't read what I send her

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Wft do you want her to say?
Quit sending her 4chan memes retard

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how do you know what wasnt playing along with your joke fag

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Does it really look like he has a good relationship with his wife to you?

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Post dirty panties

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>He talks with his wife through messenger
but why

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maybe she's a zionist

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lol I legitty look like that guy

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>Average 4channel user.jpg

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wtf is that gif

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How else would you dry your beef

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I'll take the pulled pork sandwich and romantic dinner cheesecake

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>he doesn't wash his ground meat

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Dios mio...

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I'll have a pulled pork sandwich, with no mayo.

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No custom orders

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for me it's the bean dip as a starter, the pulled pork sandwiches as an entree and aunt myrna's party cheese salad as dessert

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"huh?? HUH??" Fucking grow up

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Smells like a Reddit tourist. I bet he even lubes the bull

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the twice cooked salmon, tomato to start please

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lol but you probably share a lot of autistic 4chan memes with her so she;s checked out mentally at this point you did this to yourself anon

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No substitutions, read the sign

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I'm convinced most 4channers are skinnyfat or 300lbs

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>whole pork shoulder roasted for half an hour in the NuWave Oven Pro Plus. shredded tableside by Jack dual-wielding Meat Claw Forks.
Is this an advertisement or a menu?
This place sounds lame/

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How did you not know before?

W*men detected

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I was going to laugh at this, but then I realized that I will never have a loving relationship with a human female and it didn’t seem so funny anymore.

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cheer up man, its never to late to kidnap the woman of your choice and keep her as a sex slave for the rest of your life

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Thanks dude. You're right, of course.

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Chicken sashimi

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thats not on the menu

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It's on page 2

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I bought those claws after seeing this webm

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>he notices a tiny portion of it is cooked enough for this to actually work and focuses mostly on that before returning to prying apart raw pork

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Ffs he didn't have to film that

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Incel detected

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Wtf is wrong with you two freaks

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