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My most used ff app is McDonalds, the worst food but the best deals. BOGO and $1 Breakfast Sandwiches and free Cripsy Chicken Sandwiches ftw

Also, right now you can get $1 Dave's Singles for only $1 on the Wendys App!

My least favorite app is probably from Chipotle.

What about you, 4chan?

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what a horrible thread

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Are you fat?

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Imagine not having these

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what a based thread

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>Fast Food App
No. That just sounds too lazy and fat to me.

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I can't tell if you're a paid shill or a disgusting fat fuck. It's one thing to get fast food every now and again as a cheat day meal but to cycle through them as a consistent diet is just abysmal.

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popeye forearms

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Someone loves spinach

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>I just love ordering from the app
kys bootlicker

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0 food apps here. I cook.

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the absolute state of this board

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all holier than thou, gfy

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t. lard ass

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Not cooking.

Threads like this should be reported.

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Jack in the box has the best deals. McDonalds comes 2nd

You can also put multiple orders on the jack in the box app, McDonalds puts you on a 15 minute cool down to prevent you from using multiple deals.

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>My least favorite app is probably from Chipotle.
that's the only app I have installed. I like the steak quesadilla

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how much do you weigh

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