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>wtf you didnt get 12 bundles of celery and a few limes for dinner you're just an avocado penis millennial

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sounds like bullshit my nigga

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Were is this? Newyork?

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If i have an avocado for a penis will i finally be able to attract a based latina mommy?

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>In New York

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post receipt

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>2 loaves of bread
Niggers don't know how easy it is to make bread.

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What are the fags on reddit bitching about. They wanted china joe for president

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Nigga needs a coupon wifey. My wifey always ends up getting 300 bucks in groceries for around 150. Plenty for my 5 person household.

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Two loaves of speciality """keto-friendly""" bread.

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>18 eggs
4 dollars
4 dollars
10 dollars
5 dollars
4 dollars
>pancake mix
3 dollars
>red wine vinegar
3 dollars
>2 loaves of bread
8 dollars
12 dollars
4 dollars
4 dollars
8 dollars

Less than 70 dollars, but I don't live in a major city.

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Sauce should be closer to $5, bacon is probably more like $9.

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It's Rao's, though.

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I can buy it for $6 at my local Harris Teeter.

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>Vote for Pedo Joe
>Proceed to bitch about higher prices

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Nah, Rao's is expensive, and so is bacon right now. I did round up on a lot of those, though, but never by more than 50 cents.

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what kind of brainlet actually thinks the president matters? they do as they're told.

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this is bs. i never understand why people find it impossible to only buy things that are on sale. I feed my wife and I on about $60-70 per week (in expensive canada), and we're eating quite well.

it's simple, don't buy expensive things that aren't on sale. If you want chicken, but it's not on sale, don't get it until next week. you just always keep yourself stocked up by buying whatever is on sale that given week.

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seems about right, still a lot for what is essentially the bare necessities for simple salads and sandwiches. also I think the lunch meat would be more expensive

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Better to go to a butcher. Meat from a butcher in a low income area is premium stuff and cheaper than sales. Maybe not in Canada though. I used to live in a Hatian neighborhood in FL, the butcher down the street was cool as fuck.

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5 dollars for pasta? Its 1.50 at my grocery store

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good lunchmeat would be more expensive; it's oscar meyer. the jarred pasta sauce isn't necessary, and the pancake mix, syrup, and vinegar will last for months. he also has enough to make one lunchmeat or bacon sandwich and one egg sandwich for 10 days. $7 a day for a good chunk of your calories really isn't so terrible

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no fucking way, no receipt = bullshit.
is this in commiefornia?

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dececco is more expensive, and that's a big box

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>Kroger® CARBMaster® Wheat Bread
4.49 x2
>Kroger® Grade A Large Eggs
>Rao's Homemade Roasted Garlic Alfredo Sauce
>Pearl Milling Company™ Complete Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix
>Pearl Milling Company™ Original Syrup
>Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar
>Private Selection™ Petite Cherry Snacking Tomatoes
>De Cecco Pasta - Pasta - Rigatoni
>Wright® Brand Thick Sliced Hickory Smoked Bacon
>Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Mesquite Smoked Turkey (all the different meats/styles in this container are the same price)
4.49 x2
>Kroger Chopped Kale
I can't fucking find whatever that white dip thing is but I guess we can assume $5

these prices and listing are all taken directly from kroger.com
total : $67.22

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So your post on /pol/ but I dont post there so I'll respond here.

Roa's pasta sauce/soups are like 7$
Bacon from an expensive brand is like 20$
Two packs of lunch meat is 10$ total.

The dumb faggot who made this post could have bought head lettuce for 1/5 what that bag of weeds cost too.
Pasta is still at most 2$ a box, at 800 calories a box that even for fatties 2 meals a box when cooked properly with sauce/proteins. People can post forever about how they can't afford to cook at home, they will always be 45 IQ and that's the end of the discussion.

t. 31 year old who's been making 2 meals a day, daily for almost ten years and spends fuck all on groceries.

> rice, pasta, couscous, potato
> protein of choice
> oil/fat of choice
> veg of choice


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its going to get worse for you now that you provoked Russia into war and sanctioned them. They're wheat is kind of the bread basket of the world and it won't be replaced for months. Expect massive famines and death.

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the bacon and the fancy hipster bread is easily 1/3rd of that $85
and that's not counting the $7 whatever organic vegan peanut butter he's got there

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If he lives in a major city, I can see how it would be an extra $18. Still, not bad for a week's worth of food desu.

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i just looked online at the most expensive grocery store in my area (the type that does online delivery) and it's $2.79 not on sale, and this is Canada

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>spending $8 on alfredo sauce

americans don't actually do this do they?

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retard vatnik, north america does not rely on russian or ukrainian shit grain. enjoy your last 3 days of internet.

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Hate how this place is the new r*ddit.

>nigga!! Look im cool and hip!!

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You can't say nigga on Reddit

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Not him, but North American grain producers are likely going to capitalise on the massive market void that just opened up by exporting their product overseas at a premium, reducing domestic supply and adversely affecting prices. Higher prices might be bad for the domestic consumer, but the producer now has a captive market overseas that'll pay more anyways.

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Honestly, you can barely say it here depending on which janitors/mods are online.

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AmaGorg gorgonzola

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no one mails bread retard

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stop going on garbage boards

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>De Cecco pasta
>Rao's Homemade sauce

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But I like /ck/...

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thank you
my estimation was correct

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I have never been banned for calling someone a nigger here. You must be on some next level shit.

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It happens when you piss off a janny and xe looks through your posts to find a reason to ban you.

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Awhile back we had a guy handing out bans if you so much as said "chink" when complimenting the food from your local Chinese grocer. I finally got my first "40+ total bans" warning.

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Pancake mix is the biggest normalfag filter on the planet.
How is anyone incapable of mixing flour and milk together.

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Whose goose?

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this happened to me recently. the post directly below mine was a "reply to this post or your mother will die in her sleep tonight" post in Japanese that stayed up

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Is Rao's sauce even good? It's expensive as fuck.

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How is all that shit $85? If I bought all that at the store in my West coast democrat controlled city it would be $40 tops.

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>rumpablumpf says mean things on Twitter
>potatus biden crashes the us with no survivors
I'm so tired of this shit.

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Biden is controlled by corporations. Trump is a corporation.

Choose your poison.

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Oh look it's a shitposter from reddit calling 4channel reddit.

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trump did as he was told as well. stop falling for theatrical productions.

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It's not so much the cost that bothers me as it is the shitty quality.
Made with hydrogenated negro grease
Artificial maple flavored HFCS.
>packaged meat
Now with 100% more processed "turkey" parts.
>pancake mix
Probably with a 20x markup over the raw ingredients
literally the most expensive way to buy red tasteless testicles
>meme bread
pure faggotry

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Yeah man, totally. A man doing what he was told to do definitely. 4 years of peace and chill.

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yes, though any sauce using italian tomatoes is better than the ones that don't.

>> No.17534233

I buy organic shit all the time and never hit $85

like $50-$60 at most

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>only has about 80 to spend
>spends over 10% of it on overpriced bacon
>trying to eat cheap but he buys fucking rao's
>refuses to buy anything that isn't name brand
holy shit i've never seen such a retarded shopper in my life

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it's alright, however if you really don't give a shit about budget and want a step up this is your guy

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spoken like a true tastelet

>> No.17534276

for me, it's the red wine vinegar, maple syrup, name brand mayo, and expensive pre-packaged tomatoes.

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yep, I also got banned for saying spic on here during that time. fuck jannies and fuck niggers

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>overpriced premade pasta sauce
>absurd amount of bacon
>2 loaves of bread
I'm guessing this is some 18 year old that just moved out or something. What a shitty diet.
Also, the white furniture and rug. . .. this is obviously not a man posting this.

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where the fuck are you seeing mayonnaise?

>> No.17534322

longdongmcdonald should just stick to mcdonalds, i don't doubt for a second the guy in OP's pic actually spent that much, but he didn't may so much for so little because of society, it's because he's a fucking retard who doesn't know how to shop smart, even if he's living in a dystopian metro shithole there's no reason this is what your weekly groceries should look like.

>> No.17534337

Who said that's all they had to spend?

>> No.17534502

fucking idiots do
imagine not being able to make a simple white sauce
these posts just convince me these people are retards

>> No.17534526

That's $50-60 at the absolute most
t. New Yorker

>> No.17534528

this is still absurdly expensive

>> No.17534531

LOL somebody went shopping at Publix

>> No.17534532

this is still absurdly expensive

>> No.17534535

>Harris Teeter
There's no fucking way that's a real store lmao

>> No.17534542

>$85 for that shit
Either we're getting trolled or that bitch is dangerously retarded

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They're everywhere now

>> No.17534582

>first 40+ total bans warning

>> No.17534594

>fancy hipster bread
>Kroger brand whole wheat
Just how poor are you exactly

>> No.17534604

I can make my own tomato sauce easily though

>> No.17534607

That's not actual maple syrup. It's just breakfast syrup.

>> No.17534626

I live in a major city and these still are fucking outrages prices for these items idk how the fuck they are so expensive where this fucker lives to cost him that much

>> No.17534674

Wright bacon is 1.5 pounds and retails at 12 but it is often on sale and that’s the time to buy five.

>> No.17534839

a week's worth of food for $70 isn't too bad

>> No.17534870

That's why texas is based, you can going to the """ethnic""" stores and save a shitload
might need a OCR translator app like the google one though, especially for the Japanese/Indian stores

>> No.17534875

Pancake mix is a scam. You can put your own in a container and it takes like 2 minutes to measure out and then you just use it the same from there. Groceries are getting crazy though

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a small price to pay because russia did the thing

>> No.17534913

It's north American winter. Most tomatoes are going to be bland this time of year.

>> No.17534935

The inflation was happening before Russia. You have a goldfish mind just like the media wants you to.

>> No.17534942

in what universe is 1.5 dozen eggs, bread, and bacon "a weeks worth of food". this is a weeks worth of food for a college student MAYBE. bacon is literally the only protein. add some actual vegetables and chicken and shit for actual dinners and you are looking at $100+ FOR ONE PERSON. a family of four is looking at 300 or more a week on this scale.

>> No.17534946

This lmao. COVID was a smokescreen for economic collapse. Even normalfags are wising up to the COVID scam now and so they need a new bogeyman to blame it on. Enter Russia.

>> No.17534960

I'm American and I was as shocked as you the first time I saw jarred alfredo sauce.

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Dumb reddit poster probably paid full price at Safeway and got maybe 4 Air Miles out of it.

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store bought alfredo sauce is trash anyway. they probably make it as cheap as possible to exploit tards.

>> No.17535059

Known brands have better nutritional values.
Nutrition per dollar is similar to cheap shit

>> No.17535088

yeah, its filled with soy filler and msg. it isn't even real dairy half the time, or if it is, its dehydrated, which is even cheaper than store bought
tl;dr there really is no excuse to not make your own

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Buying bread, lunch meat, bacon, pancake mix, syrup, fuck everything but the eggs, kale, and cheese is just not a smart purchase. I bet the person who posted that is a fat person who thinks they bought healthy food. They need beans, rice, carrots, potatoes, an onion, milk, oats, and some organic peanut butter for flavor, coffee if you drink it. Granted that might be the same price but it is well worth the money. Oh I forgot to say beef or chicken, any kind of dead animal really.

>> No.17535116

Growing up as a kid, I had no idea you could make alfredo sauce. I just thought it was in the jars.

Then as a teenager, I made it myself and never looked back. Even a bad homemade alfredo demolishes the most expensive canned brand.

>> No.17535405

Wait a minute. . . .that price includes a delivery charge, doesn't it?
Lazy fucking zoomers.

>> No.17535436

>pancake mix?: $3
>fancy faggot bread x2: $10
>aunt jemima: $2.50
>red wine vinegar: $2.50
>24 large eggs: $5?
>pack of cherry tomatoes: $4ish?
>box of pasta: probably $2
>bag of kale: $3
>oscar meyer lunch meat x2: $7
>bacon?: $6
>hummus? $4
$49 best guess. still a lot for what's there but that's what happens when you buy food for fags

>> No.17535441


>more like JEWYORK amiright? wink wink

>> No.17535457

maybe they are including some home delivery app bullshit % plus tip

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File: 230 KB, 965x1542, Order_Details_-_Google_Chrome 03-10-2022 - 2554.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

54 dollaridingos

>> No.17535478

I wonder if their choice of politician had anything to do with the 20 years worth of food price increases all shoved into 18 months.

>> No.17535500

Both $3. 16oz of kale vs. 5oz of chopped kale. Do people really?

>> No.17535506

>Amazon milk
How unholy

>> No.17535508

a dozen eggs went down this week from $5.30 to $4.50
pretty good week

>> No.17535511

The fuck do you live? I pay 2.40 a dozen

>> No.17535514

$4+ for eggs? Where and why?

>> No.17535517

>it's a store has no fucking chicken episode
Why does nobody have chicken? Beef and pork which take much longer to raise are available but chicken is constantly non-existent

>> No.17535518

>Known brands have better nutritional values.
Is is the most retarded thing to ever be posted on ck

>> No.17535582

do you people actually think the demented president of the usa is causing price increases of food and gas all over the world?

>> No.17535588

>buy chicken thighs or drumsticks 1.69 a lb
>buy pork 1.39-1.99 a lb
>buy random beef roast 3.99-5.99 a lb
>literally eat better than the entire fucking universe because i'm not retarded.

i'm barely smart. how are you all so dumb

>> No.17535590

yes joe biden and barack obama are solely eating all of the wheat

>> No.17535591

>Shut down pipeline projects
>Ban drilling
>Needlessly antagonize Russia into a yuro conflict
>Intentionally fuck supply lines further by constantly trying to fire most of the transportation staff with vax mandates and shipping port slowdowns
Yeah, he is causing it

>> No.17535596

Joe biden is eating my cum to stay alive.

>> No.17535600

The pipeline wouldn't create more, it just transports it. And the problem is capacity is too low. And the planned drilling wouldn't have borne fruit for decades.

>> No.17535619

>sauce $10
what the fuck? niggas go to Aldi's

>> No.17535622

it costs me $33 to get the shit for chef johns american goulash. 33 bucks for a meal that is essentially hamburger and pasta in sauce

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>for chef johns american goulash.

>> No.17535629

johns one of the only things worth watching on youtube

>> No.17535630
File: 16 KB, 309x286, 1646910246667.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>worth watching

>> No.17535638

50 total bans on one IP is a permaban. They give you extra warnings and ban extensions past 40.

>> No.17535645

>its tomato sauce

oh does it irk me so

>> No.17535646

reddit > 4chan

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115€ for all that stuff
>carrying it home is the greater price

>> No.17535670

Gravy and sauce are synonyms, you monolingual fuckwit.

>> No.17535686

No they fucking aren't, gravy is a specific kind of sauce that is made with meat drippings/fond/particulates. If it doesn't have meat in it then it isn't a fucking gravy

>> No.17535698

Oh, dear, it's even worse than I thought. You're an ESL.

>> No.17535748

Based. People have trouble understanding the fact that the largest part of a meal typically consists of the cheapest ingredients. Rice, pasta and potatoes don't cost shit. Buy the less expensive cuts of meat and you're good.

>> No.17535759

i think you're on the wrong site then pal, perhaps fuck off

>> No.17535777

>can't decide between two words to accurately describe the world
>calls others ESL

ok lol go eat your apple for lunch oh wait i guess its a banana no wait an orange oh what fun using words for things that already have specific meanings

>> No.17535787


>> No.17535857

No it's not you dumb retard, gravy is a watery grey sauce that goes on roast meats.

>> No.17535875

apparently only italians refer to tomato sauce as "tomato gravy", as a north american I've never heard of it

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