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How do I live on $10 a month?

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Rice and beans, you can top up on extra protein and money by sucking a few dicks.

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Dumpster diving, lots of grocery stores throw food away that's still edible.

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Step 1: Live somewhere with a low cost of living

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Just get a better job.

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But sucking up your pride and going to a food bank

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do you have a neighbor whose dog you could kidnap?

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Eddie Kingston looks like all the beaners I used to hangout with in California

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choose at least two out of these three

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why Americans throw good food

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Kek, wonder how that guy is doing.

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>because they don't want to get sued
Wow, big surprise.

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I did it with potatoes, BUT, I had free quality olive oil from the village of a good friend. Boiled potatoes, salt, pepper, oregano(free too), olive oil, lemon(it's ethical to put a lemon in your pocket each time you go to the grocery store if the owners are dickheads).

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Get a job you retarded neet

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move in with your parents and mooch

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damn that looks delicious

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Go to the store after closing time and check the dumpster

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Is that Eddie Kingston?

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>More blueberries
>My kids love these

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Cum-based diet

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Move to thailand

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ramen and canned food

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have you considered foodstamps
I got like over $200 a month and could buy steaks

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Grow your own, find a chicken, steal, rice and beans

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buy a knoife
rob someone else

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By being extremely obese to begin with so you can live off of your bodyfat

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live in the 3rd world and do subsistence farming

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rice and beans?

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Not OP but I just checked and apparently I'm likely eligible for $250 a month in food stamps.
Is there any catch or drawback, other than damaged pride? I don't really need the money, but I'd definitely eat a lot better if most of my food was free.

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fuck that's good.
>rice and beans
too many cool options to play with
>dumpster dive
hos can't know you go to a food bank

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if you're not disabled or a veteran you have to pay it back next year

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spend all your money on bread
steal butter & peanut butter to each with it
go to food banks

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Anyone else remember when ramen was $0.10/pkg and heads of cabbage were 3/$1? That's a mere $4 of your budget. Leaves plenty of room for eggs, spam, hot dogs, green onion, vinegar, soy sauce, etc. Not sure you can run this experiment nowadays, OP.

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You cant. Assuming you have normal bills like a normal adult.

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With food costs, is it worth grooming a young girl for the return investment of a homeworking wife in remote Wyoming? It's cold here but my father gave me so much land, I am thinking of splitting it to be used for another wealthy landowner. Bill Gates company has been sending me shit for years and possibly even a solar farm in a certain area. She couldn't get out by foot easily and I could really focus alot of attention on her in a very positive isolated and controlable environment.

I read 8kun posts that echoed people who went to small podunk towns in the midwest prairie and just hanging around community/gymnasiums that are ancient old tech and it's still a different open culture. Could get one with minimal risk.

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college food banks

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Beg kids for their allowance in return for sexual favors. Parlay that money into food that you can buy. Top sirloin is cheap as shit now. I got it for 3.59. Don't forget st. Patricks day is coming up and then will be a great time to stock up on brisket. Don't forget to maintain a 85+% meat diet even when being thrifty for healths sake.

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Yeah I've heard stories of people having to pay it back too. So personally I was scared to ever apply. But you should just ask the people you apply from. Free food is free food, and the grocery stores and food makers want you to buy more food...

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Ever heard of lent?

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steal a few TI-89 calculators from walmart. they are easily pocketable and sell fast on ebay. make sure you rip off the rfid tag before you walk through the scanner. use profits to buy bulk rice and beans and potatoes. steal spices to make them less boring

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