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this kinda fucking slaps

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>zero cals
Is it filled with artifical crap? Does it taste like an IPA?

>> No.17488834

its just hop flavored sparkling water.

>> No.17488897

How is it flavored if there's no calories

>> No.17488898

It's flavoured with flavors

>> No.17488903

Sounds like artifical crap

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Just because nature didn't make it doesn't mean it isn't good. God made man, not nature and he is supreme.

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You have tits.

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your late

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Why should I drink this bullshit over water.

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white people will buy anything lmao.

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shill posting should result in a permaban

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Never had a hoppy soft drink. I'd try it. Sounds interesting.

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Based trans enjoyer.

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I tried their NA-IPA at a party last night to take a break after a few Gumballheads. It was horrible, and I actually really like NA-beer (at least, when it's done well). They had some of these there too and I wish I'd had one instead, they sound nice.

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>God made man, not nature
God made nature too you fucking donut.

>> No.17489138

and nature is good too...? Unless you think nature created nature in which you are WAY out of line.

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if you want tits, skip the hops and stick straight to estrogen. the hops will actually compete with the estrogen for the receptor

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the same way ur dads cum says 0 semen count

>> No.17489403

have you ever heard of coffee or tea? Similar kinda thing.

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Water has fluoride in it, you fool!

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>have you ever heard of coffee or tea?
No I have not

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the oils in hops wont show up on any calorie measurements. its like tea, you don't declare calories under a certain level.

>> No.17491601

Laguntas had a vasectomy?

>> No.17491735

What? What do you mean by this? Like it's painful to drink?

>> No.17491755

I don't like getting really drunk but I like the taste of hops and I don't want to get fat, so this shit is perf

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