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Do you think it's possible to make Carbonara using Mayonnaise instead of Eggs?
Has anyone ever tried this?

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Nope, you'd be the first. Go ahead. Do it.

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It's never been tried.

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Alright time to give it a whirl then

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mayo requires oil and vinegar (and or lemon) that don't belong in carbonara
It's fundamentally different from carbonara sauce which is a partial emulsion of egg, cheese, water and optionally grease from guanciale

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>americans STILL haven't ruined italian cuisine quite enough
amazing honestly, just how far will you idiots go?

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If my grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike.

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but there is egg IN mayo, right...?
so really, it could work, could it not?

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Yes they share 1 ingredient. By this reasoning you could try making it with custard

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That's another good idea. Thanks.

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What all the smartasses in the thread won't tell you is that you're gonna break the mayonaise emulsion trying to form the carbonara emulsion and end up with a salty, slimy mess
what they will tell you is you're retarded kek

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based wop

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You can get pancetta and can't get an egg?

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Yeah, and everybody got a ride.

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Don't do it. Just stick to egg yolk, pal.

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If the carbonara emulsion is from low heat + stirring
and the mayo emulsion is from stirring
then putting both of them in a thermomix and blasting it should brute force a new emulsion, should it not?

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I tried it with a ceasar salad sauce with mayo in it. It was way too fat, better stick to egg and cream options. I tried it once with sour cream too and it was suprisingly good.

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>The heat of the pasta cooks the egg

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Based quads.

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Holy fucking shit I hate this stupid ass dish so much.
It does not taste good and is a totally stupid idea.
Eggs and pasta don't mix.

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lmao look at the seething & cope of someone unable to make a basic dish

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how did it go?

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Eggs and pasta works pretty well, tastelet

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go full slav

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Do you think it's possible to make fried eggs by submerging eggs under hot water in their shell until they solidify? Has anyone else tried to make fried eggs this way?

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kek. also you must be over the age of 18 to post

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no the best fried eggs are made when you crack the eggs in the pot of water dumbass

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kraft "mayo" that's the tangy dogshit in a jar?
kewpie mayo that's actual proper egg mayo?

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So many legitimate improvements have been made (like the idea of having enough meat on a pizza to actually get some on each fucking slice) that it encourages us to keep trying new things, even if they don't always work out as well as the Hot Pocket did.

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>So many legitimate improvements have been made
> putting shit quality meat is seen as improvement by MCPeople, "but it's a better bang for my buck"

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Ahhhh, excellent OP. Another based chad delving into the esoteric and highly rewarding world of mayonics. Good luck on your journey, brother. May your mayo never split.

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You could also make carbonara with cookie dough; that has eggs in it, too.

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Hello Frisco

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>raw egg in pasta
Do Americans REALLY?

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First of all, it's a Roman dish
Second of all, how dare you

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The Roman empire has been dead for over 70 years, Julius.

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It lives in the hearts of the Aryan movement, and will assert dominance again in your lifetime.

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but do you think it's possible to make fried eggs by submerging them in oil with their shell still on?
Has anyone tried to make fried eggs this way?

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What about dropping them in mayonaisse? Do you think it's possible to fry eggs this way?

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of course you can, my pasta noodles carbonara salad is fucking great
>pasta noodles
>ham, bacon
>green peas
>american cheese
break noodles in bite sized pieces, boil them with eggs
sear ham and bacon, saute peas, onions and garlick
crush hard boiled eggs
mix all the ingredients and let them cool down
add mayo and american cheese, mix well and enjoy

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I just make french scrambled eggs and mix it all together in the end.

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I only eat mayonnaise if a hipster calls it aoli.

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Carbonara sauce is literally just a hollandaise, but you use rendered pork fat instead of butter, omit the lemon juice and melt cheese into it.

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I never thought of it like that.

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>Carbonara sauce is literally just a hollandaise,
> literally
> dijon and lemon
> different kind of fat
> no water
you are literally a cooklet

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It would be extremely oily

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for you

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It's a big meal.