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Does your country have a dish in the top 100?

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surprisingly yes, number 10

>> No.17455731

Of course but I don't like the fact it's them.

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>ramen, ramen, ramen,
we get it

>> No.17455758

No, and that's a good thing

>> No.17455899

>Ramen, ramen , pizza, pizza, shitton of dumplings
shit list, essentially mentioning same dishes 2-3 times

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Naturally, there are no dishes on that list from the US yet ramen is on there FOUR FUCKING TIMES (shoyu, miso, tonkotsu, and shio).

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Gratin Dauphinois is shit, how can it be 65th?

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Not only best dish but best food city? /ck/ wrong once again

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This list is such a massive cope lmao

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>no poutine
shit tier list

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>gravy fries

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Not a single US dish so it must be true lol

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we just steal all the good food from everywhere else, no reason to bother coming up with some shit like biscuits and gravy when you can just appropriate all the good cuisine from everywhere else

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>being proud about having no culture

>> No.17456570

>cochinita pibil
Really good but only if you use a good mole.

>> No.17456577

>being mad we steal ur shit and make it better

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Cochinita Pibil is good but I'm surprised how alambre was chosen over other Mexican dishes such as Barbacoa, Quesabirria, or Sopa Azteca. Everyone loves those dishes.
also why the fuck is tonkatsu there?

>> No.17456589

Personally i'd have Barbacoa and aguachile there but enmoladas, pibil and pozole are good

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Fucking LMAO

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you haven't tried it yet
I know a girl who is a famous cook and that's her favorite food as well

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Breaded foods and plain grilled meats should be excluded in this list. Every fucking country has their own version of it

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cope, only france and japan have more michelin stars than the US

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yes, really

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hell yeah bro

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Maybe it is because I'm from the north and have never had a good cochinita pibil before.
There are many things I'd rather have on the list instead of cochinita and enmoladas.

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lol meme metric, now post michelin stars in relation to population

>> No.17456717

this is kind of a dumb fight guys, they don't even survey all the cities in america, not to mention all the countries in the world. Michelin stars are a meme metric

>> No.17456719

>has at least 5 entries
feels good to not be a tastelet

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they survey the ones that matter

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Can you name them? I think mole done right is one of the best dishes ever made.

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What Christmas sweet is it and how can I defile it?

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italy has so many dishes that are basically the same lmao

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No, I'm pretty sure that our cuisine is too incomprehensible for it to ever appears on lists like this.

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yes, quite a few. but I like tonkotsu better than shoyu.

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Lithuania - no, it doesn't.
Of dishes that are actually native to our country (Cepelinai, Vėdarai, Kibinai, Šakotis, to name a few) aren't that unique and a fair amount were born out of necessity due to food shortage. We have a fair amount of food that is popular, but we didn't come up with it. For example, Šašlykai/Shashliks - grilled meat on a skewer, but pretty much every culture has some variation of this.

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nice sloppa

>> No.17457630

whore-chacha I think

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Goin through this website, I feel like the site is just more popular in certain countries. Half the shit is Turkish and Romanian. Neither country is really famous for their cuisine. I'm sure some of these dishes are just fine, but top 10 in the world? I think I would have heard of them if they were.

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Its literally the same shit 3 times

>> No.17457831

>3 times
Shit list

>> No.17457889

You stole their shit and added corn syrup.

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Well, at least Georgia won for dumplings though having lived there for five years I would have said Shrimp & Grits is a more native dish...or Peach Cobbler.
Or peanuts and Coca-Cola even.
Dumplings...must be a southern Georgia thing.
At least the US didn't get shut out.

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>Neither country is really famous
are you fucking retarded?

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I said famous for it's cuisine, not famous in general. Learn to read.

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Kebabs are pretty damn famous

>> No.17458229


Kebabs yeah but if you go to the link OP has there's all sorts of shit. Like Mercimek çorbası
is the number 5 breakfast in the world. Who the fuck has heard of that? Or Gaziantep baklavası is allegedly the no.2 dessert in the entire world. The fuck is that? Who outside of Turkey knows any of that shit?

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>search gumbo
>0 results
>search ramen
>11 results
its shit

>> No.17458324

exactly, retard
t*rk cuisine is pretty fucking famous worldwide, and its basically the go-to street/fast food in yurop nowadays

>> No.17458644

> Georgia

There is more than one place called this.

>> No.17458661

based retard

>> No.17458724

americans BTFO

>> No.17458790

Yes, 4.. The worst, touristy ones. Lololol.

>> No.17458997

where u from

>> No.17459622

Oh I didn't know bacon wrapped hot dogs had a name. They're just "hochos with bacon" here.

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>Japan has 5 dishes
>3 are ramen
Oh boy dis gon be good

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I can think of 10 dishes that Mexico City is famous for over hot dogs.

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>No fairy bread
Whoever made this list doesn't know shit

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What a shitty list, I don't see a Cheese burger anywhere. In the trash it goes.

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There are no noodles in miso. I know because my stepsister used to love serving it to me before we played that game she liked.

>> No.17460524

>shitton of dumplings
>shit list, essentially mentioning same dishes 2-3 times
yeah the list has both jiaozi and gyoza, basically the same thing. Also raclette is just melted cheese, I mean it's good but seriously this list sucks.

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Where is the frikandel speciaal?

>> No.17460736

Cevapcici is god tier my nigga

>> No.17460740

not a single vietnamese dish -> into the trash it goes

>> No.17460753

>duck confit that low on the list
Absolute trash. I'm glad Denmark isn't on it.

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To the fags who like Thai curry, is massaman the best well-known curry? Is it better than penang?

>> No.17461721

poutine should be on that list

>> No.17461760

One of the shittiest Lists I have seen so far. Lots of repetitions, naming dishes for country A when the "original" comes from a country not even on the list (so, Argentina invented the Schnitzel but Germany is not on the list, just one of three possible examples)

wow, just shit.

>> No.17461768

The original isn't always the best though

>> No.17461782

Niklas? Is that you?

>> No.17461788

Number 3

>> No.17461797

Miso soup and miso ramen are two different ways to use miso broth.

>> No.17461819

thank god for my 1% italian genes giving me citizenship in a worthwhile country

>> No.17461967

>critiquing a list automatically generated from user ratings

>> No.17461990

if that were the case then how come certain dishes with low ratings are above the ones with higher ones?

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>> No.17462853

I thought we were discussing countries here

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Surprised American bbq isn’t on that list tbqh

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>> No.17463203

> Best Autentic restaurants
> El pujol

Its like saying that salt bae is an autentic turkish place.

>> No.17463212

Pujol makes more sense than turix

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