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What is the highest attainable dish the average person might cook in their lives?

I interacted with a group this past week and they thought I was weird for cooking and growing up in a home with two parents cooking. I thought that was normal.

No one there had cooked anything that wasn't from a box, can, or frozen.

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Might be better to ask this in one of the fast food threads

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Bertollis frozen quick meals is the highest you could expect someone who has pans and does dishes

Frozen pizzas and lean cuisines for those without dishes

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Depends on the person. I had a friend who knew about the chick that blogged about cooking every dish from "Mastering the art of french cooking" and tried to one up it by doing ever dish in the French Laundry cookbook.

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Who tf doesn’t have pans or dishes?

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My old roommate bought pans because he thought that's what he was supposed to do.
Never used them, mind you, and ate exclusively off paper plates.

He also asked me how to use the toaster and whether the butter goes on before or after toasting.

He did use the microwave every day though

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Are we talking raw ingredients only? Are these people baking their own bread for for buns and stuff or is it okay to use pre-packaged?

If so grilled meats, salads, mashed potatoes. I think that's about as far as AVERAGE goes in US.

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Bread probably, maybe sourdough

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I think that's a pretty good summation

my facebook feed of fellow zoomer friends usually include
>babe made dinner, I am SO lucky
>over-cooked meat
>boiled or steamed vegetables
>a salad consisting of iceberg lettuce, whole cherry tomatoes, pre-shredded carrots and cheddar cheese
Good on them for cooking, but come on.

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Gotta start somewhere I guess

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If you aren't grinding your own flour, you aren't really cooking.

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What if that's as good as it gets where they've comfortably plateaued?

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Christmas/other festive dinner with entrees/soup, some kind of roast, sides, vegetables/salad and cake or other desert. That's pretty much it, anything more will feel extremely tryhard

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You’re correct, most people don’t try to go further and before I found this board neither did I.

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Based and kino for expanding your horizons. But I doubt this fast food did much to inspire you desu

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Thanksgiving turkey is probably it for Americans really. Kind if weird to think most people won't even do that, just one or two people in a family at a time. I guess we've all become specialized by the ever evolving industrial revolution. Specialized pieces of shit.

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Risotto milanese

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hamburger helper

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Do you mean "might cook" as in "might be able to cook" or "might actually cook it". Because that's the difference between answers like >>17459673 and answers like >>17459671

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More a matter of women entering the workforce. When a wife works 40 hours a week, she no longer has the time or energy to devote 6+ hours to food prep.

Thanks, women’s lib

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Doubling the amount of workers has only led employers slowly but surely getting twice the work hours out of the same effective wage.

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might actually cook it

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what sort of people were in that group exactly?
I keep seeing these threads on /ck/ but literally every single person I know can cook, even my dumb sister can manage white rice

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it sounded stupid when i first read it but now I think about it you're right. A mans wage used to have to support him, kids and a wife. Now two workers are supplying labour for enough money to support the same family.

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>managed to boil rice
>I is cook now
Many such cases

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A wide range from white, black, Mexican, grew up in the city, grew up in the country, two parent households, single-parent households. Some went to college, some didn’t

It was a pretty even spread of randomness.

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but where did you meet this people?

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Realistic, for anyone? Good BBQ. Still need the right equipment and knowledge but raw skill and talent aren’t as important. With the right equipment and an hour of training almost anyone could do passable BBQ. Not possible with anything involving a pan or pot.

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What kind of group? If you didn't grow up with at least one parent cooking dinner every single night except special occasions then you missed out. Sorry you had to hang out with a bunch of poorly raised fuck ups

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>No one there had cooked anything that wasn't from a box, can, or frozen
yeah, it's pretty fucked up. are all your friends white too? i've had mexican friends and they all grew up cooking too. are you mexican?

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The people in that group are the weird ones.

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this, just watch smokin and grillin with AB on youtoob and I learned to make decent pork shoulder and ribs with just a weber kettle grill

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