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How come no competitor has managed to recreate the stuffed crust pizza?

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How come no one offers fully stuffed pizzas?

I want a pizza with the following stack

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Considering it’s literally just mozzarella rolled into the margin of the pizza dough.

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they're called stombrolis

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What you want is called a Stromboli

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Stromboli is not pizza shaped and covered in pizza toppings.

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>I want a pizza with the following stack

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I'll give ya a wet willy if you keep up the sass

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The only way to stuff a crust

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thanks for singlehandedly convincing me to not get takeout today

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I got you

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Not sure what that image is supposed to be. That's the separated plasma from your blood, everybody has blood like that. Did you think that was fat?

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>everybody has blood like that
yeah, everybody who stars in My 600lb life does have blood like that.

That's extremely fatty blood plasma, only healthy 600lb+ good boys have it

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I stand corrected, my bad. Jesus fuckin Christ

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Nothin wrong with a bit of lubrication

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The man went urgently to a hospital, where they took a blood sample that was as thick as honey due to the high level of triglycerides he had.

Doctors at a hospital in Cologne, Germany, have been greatly surprised by the case of a man with diabetes who arrived for emergency care and when a blood sample was taken, it came out white due to the excess fat that it had.

The case of this 39 - year - old German was exposed in the latest issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine magazine where it is stated that it is a severe case of hypertriglyceridemia, or blood oversaturation by triglycerides.

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do germans really?

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can you eat very fatty plasma

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>do germans really do extremely autistic thing
The answer is always yes, the whole German "civilization" is built around being extremely autistic and ruining rest of Europe's fun by going overboard with autism.

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Maybe if the rest of Europe wasn't a bunch of retarded and lazy slavs, mediterranean-fags and anglo-fags that can't get their shit together, we wouldn't have to be the fun-police.

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this statement is also true.

The Dutch are the best mix between Anglo "it isn't what it used to be" laziness, Spanish "manana" laziness and Italian "the beautiful life" laziness.

If your average American went to all the countries in Europe he'd be shocked at how lazy all but Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and parts of Scandinavia. I'm not taking about vacation days, etc. Im talking aboutt their fundamental views on work and working.

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Ok edomite

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Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesar's all offer stuffed crust options.

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this is how most burgers survive, the fat just circulates round their body in a closed loop like a fremen stillsuit and they derive sustenance from it

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pizza hut made one in the 90s I believe. I'll even copy paste the recipe for you. fuck that it's too long

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the dutch and the netherlands are the same thing anon

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I tried that crust and it tasted like shit.

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Little Caesars had stuffed crust for a time, idk if they still do, haven’t been to one in years. Always wondered why more places didn’t do stuffed crust because it’s the titts, seems like only Pizza Hut and digiorno do it

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holy shit i remember this as a kid it was amazing

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Damn, very based. Thanks anon.

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The closest I can think of is Papa Murphy's sells a take-n-bake stuffed pizza

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It's illegal.

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WOW does is every americans is like that?????? how is they allowing to be the very fat????????????

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oldfags remember the Priazzo

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I wish that crust were me

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They do still have stuffed crust at Little Caesars.
Back when they had the pretzel crust, they also has stuffed pretzel crust, and it was probably the best fast food pizza I've had in my life.
The fact that they only bring back the pretzel crust like once every 5 years makes me want to start firebombing every LC location.
I'll never understand why fast food chains pull this type of shit with their most popular items. Like Taco Bell with thier Lava sauce.

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Damn you can barely see the layer of white cells below the fatty plasma

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>that's interesting doc
>so my pure blood check is still with the lady at the front or did the direct deposit get setup already?

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God that makes me want to pass out, and I'm not even obese.

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>Let's take two thin crusts and sandwich them so the top one gets gummy and unappetizing.

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>i want a calzone, but I don't want to call it that

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