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Bongs are the most powerful race on the planet

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Did your other thread fall off the catalog?

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This one is made with some dashes of Worcestershire sauce like another anon recommended. I have to say, it really brought the whole dish together.

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next time put a small amount of marmite on the toast instead

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theres not much to bring together there bongbro but im glad u enjoy it

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fuck off

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Superior American version

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>Marmite on toast
Simple as.

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Grill the cheese quickly

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>kraft singles

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it's impressive that a four year old knows how to use the microwave though

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Tell me you didn’t have a dad without telling me you didn’t have a dad, you fatherless son of a single whore :)

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This is the best way to eat beans on toast.
Good quality bread toasted adequately (dnt want it underdone as it will get soggy anyway)

Add beans
Add grated extra mature cheddar (I recommend black bomber)
Dash on worcestershire sauce
Finish with cracked black pepper

I don't care what foreigners think its fucking lovely.

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they were the crypto meme kings of antivaxx, now both are dead lol

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Get the tin with the little sausages in or fry an egg ontop
Now youre talking

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>or fry an egg ontop
The heat from the beans cooks the egg

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yeah its like british ramen

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Nice meal for when the budget is tight. 8/10. It would go up to a 9 if they had made any effort to melt the cheese.

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Bro you are supposed to toast the bread first. This is just soggy bean bread.

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in muttland you can only eat this spongy sugary type of bread from mega factories, they put HRT and fertility-dampeners in it, thats just how it looks when they toast it

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You forgot to mention buttering the toast. Yanks don't butter their bread by default so you need to mention it.

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Are those beans even hot? The cheese doesn't look like it's melted at all.

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Forgive me it should have a generous amount of real salted butter.

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>cold beans

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nuke london

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>in the world
>OP cleaarly wrote on the planet
God anon you're fucking retarded.

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you wouldn't really be targeting english people though would you

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>untoasted bread
>cold beans
>kraft "cheese"
Also butter is better than cheese for baked beans

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Wow I never knew this fact before.

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I don’t fucking get it and I never will

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The keys for me are well toasted bread
Heavily buttered
Beans cooked in a pan until they soften and the sauce is thickened. The flavour is night and day between stove and microwave imo.

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The secret ingredient to a belting beans and toast

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I'll buy those beans and toast and eat them just to spite /ck/

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