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>not my problem

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I got hunted down by a wagie that tried to force me to buy cheese I had left in the bread section

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remember when they used put taped arrows on the floor to control direction of traffic in 2020?

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*beep boop*
not my problem

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not the smartest thing to do with all the supply issues going on

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>the markup for store waste is not my problem
were you raised in a formerly communist country?

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Kek. I don't buy shit. I steal everything. You're never going to make it, faggot.

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doing shit like OP is 1 million times worse than leaving cart in an empty parking lot.

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So what am I actually meant to do with old oil? I usually only cook in a way that all the oil ends up on the food but I got some I need to dispose of now

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unfathomably based fuck billionaires

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Put it in some kind of disposable container and throw it in the trash.

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Why not just put the olive oil container into the trash rather than transferring to another container?

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i remember when super markets didnt have toilet paper
gosh, i hate that i feel nostalgic for something that happened 2 years ago

>2020 was 2 years ago
god, it still feels like it was just yesterday

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I hope whoever did that flavorless food and IBS

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a lot of places still have them except now theyre all dirty and ripped up from being stepped on for 2 years i dont know why they dont just get rid of them

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fuck assholes like you.
in a perfect world an alarm would go off until you put it back in place, and if you dont, ban your fucking ass.

and fuck Israel.

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>karen posting this hard

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Why is it important whose problem it is again?
I lost the memo.

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Whoever does this needs to be raped by a pack of roaming Italians

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As a wagie, I have put these back warm
>not my problem

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Dig a hole in your yard. Fill it with rocks. Dump oil innit

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it's just sugar water.

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I always went in the opposite direction lol

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>acting like a nigger
Wow so cool and based OP!

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I soak it up with raw oats and use it as birdfeed

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those are called gypsies

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Pour it into the toilet

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>people are getting upset by this
Do you guys actually go halfway across the store just to put the salsa back on the correct shelf? You know the store employees get paid for a reason, right?

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They don't bring it back, who knows how long the food has been there.
Misplaced frozen or refrigerated food or dairy is written as a loss.

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How often do you take a gallon of milk when you don't plan to buy it?

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i hope you get banned

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>cart can't move
>can't smash anons car

I see no problem here

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Not returning the trolley is weak shit.

Literally showing you have no self control and can't be expected to contribute to a polite society without threat of punishment

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No I just don't grab items I don't intend to buy, if I'm going to the grocery store it's with a purpose so even if I don't have a list I know for the most part what I need and am not grabbing unnecessary shit. Like how do you even get into a situation where you grab a gallon of milk only to realize you didn't actually need it sometime later?

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Not milk, sure, but other things.

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toilet paper stage was comfy because everyone was still mildly concerned about covid until we realized it was a jewish psyop

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>toilet paper stage was comfy because everyone was still mildly concerned about covid until we realized it was a jewish psyop
I watched "The Last Man On Earth" starring Vincent Price while I took stock of my hoard terlet paper and food. very comfy times and I never doubted for one minute that I'd survive.

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Number 15: Burger King Foot Lettuce

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Part of my job at the start of it was to analyse leaked videos coming out of china

>Saw people standing normally then dropping dead without warning
>Hazmat suits everywhere
>People being sprayed with god knows what

I watched hours of this stuff and was legit scared because at the time we thought it was only in China and had no idea what it'd do to our populations

Then it emerged the "leaks" were done intentionally by the CCP to gauge Western response

They need to be glassed and the survivors given opium and bayonetted as they lay in their stupor

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Are you usually so easily fooled, CIA?

>> No.17432888

I don't work for the CIA, so we had no intel on it. And I'm not part of the tribe, so even the bin lids wouldn't tell me anything

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Ok, CIA.

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You wouldn't accuse me of being a glowie when my username is BasedRacist1488 would you?

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Of course not, non-gov't fren!

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they lifted those up because nobody followed them within like a week

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I want a world where people who do this can be executed on the spot. Imagine how much better society would be.

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I made it a point to ignore those. Loved having normies part like the Red Sea for me the maskless Chad.

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did you know that stores calculate how much money is being wasted both for products they have to toss out and for employees they have to pay to fix this, and they raise prices for the consumer to make it up

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Just for your post, I will "misplace" ice cream.

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damn, ive never seen a post with such edge

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you want to live in a world run by redditors?

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My rights don't end where your feelings begin.

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>bottom lines exist
Not my problem

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I knocked a dude straight on his ass for doing that. If I have to obey the rules, everyone does.

I don't care about the virus or the vaccine or anything, and just do whatever's easiest to fucking get on with my life, but when I see some fag anti-vaxx, anti-rule, anti-compliance, anti-everything cunt whining and sharting about his "freedoms" to enter someone else's business and do as he likes, he gets dealt on. I've

>tipped over shopping carts
>smashed car windows with crushed porcelain
>shoved five people, three of whom fell straight on their asses
>punched two
>pulled a woman by her hair to the ground
>been arrested once and prosecuted zero (0) times

Usually it comes in the context of some crying fag arguing with a group of people, then I provoke his faggot, bitch-made ass until he does something stupid and I can get away with using force against him. Otherwise I pretend it was an accident or follow the person into the parking lot, etc.

It's actually been fun. I'm glad there are fags as dumb and useless as you in the world. You're great punching bags and no one cares what happens to you.

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it was quite hilarious of them to briefly pretend america was a civilized society that followed rules of courtesy for the benefit of others, a quick glance at the shopping cart stalls would have enlightened them

>> No.17433217

>Noooooooo you have to follow the rules because... WELL YOU JUST HAVE TO

>> No.17433221

...and then everybody clapped
Sure buddy

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if i self checkout or have to bag myself i don't return the cart fuck you i'm not working for free

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>HAHHA I made a post that contains the /ck/ humor genre

>> No.17433280

no you didn't faggot stop trying to live out your weird power fantasy on a basket weaving forum

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>simmer some water in a pot
>put bowl containing old oil over pot
>melt and warm to a liquid
>oil/lard won't burn with this method
>once a liquid, pour into a cup
>mess (You) and problem (You) gone
>crowds of plumbers and landlord cheer
>world is a better place

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how does walking in autistic directions benefit others?

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not my problem

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>I knocked a dude straight on his ass for doing that
Now dial-8

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If I’m driving my beat up work truck I’ll ram loose carts out of the way. A couple times they’ve gone flying into parked cars. Not my problem

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This guy gets it.

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Open those fucking cheetos and dump the milk in

Scream "THIS DOESN'T GO THERE!" as you throw the carton to the ground, pouring the sogged up puffs. Then jump into the mess, stamping and splashing milk n puffs everywhere. Then, please slip and piss your pants while seething, hissing and snarling at anyone brave enough to stop your tirade against this utter misjustice.

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>hide eggs, yogurt and ice cream on top shelves then reface
>remove and crumple price tags from the shelf strip
>remove security tags from shaving products and reapply on black hair products
not my problem

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how did you think of this scenario?

>> No.17433826

Wage wage back in the cagie

>> No.17433848

i didnt just think it
i lived it

>> No.17433866

how was it

>> No.17433872

A brave American man shed a single tear and said, "Son, you make me proud, standing up to the man and the wage cucks at the same time"

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This was the most fucking retard thing. I didn't enforce them at all, and took them off the floor in like a month, against corporate guidelines. It didn't even serve the intended purpose. Initially the main goal was to make sure people stayed 6 foot apart, but by corralling them into aisles in a single direction, people ended up getting closer to each other more often than they would otherwise. People shop at different speeds. You constantly had traffic jams on the aisles, people fighting over one another. It worked better when people could just self organize and maintain distance in their own way.

>> No.17434857

Yes, I do leave 12 packs of soda in the freezer section.

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you should have beat the shit out of them and raped them in front of the whole store

>> No.17435969

not my job to tell you
shut the fuck up

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Yeah sure, buddy

>> No.17436225

no thanks

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the retro packaging on the puffs is neat

>> No.17436372

I'm the store manager I call security and make you pay for the milk. Also you're forbidden from entering the store anymore.

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Who else here leaves the cart in middle of the road so people have to drive around it to avoid it/move it to the side?

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>on the mountain towns in colorado you can find a walmart
>one thing i learned about wetback minorities is how they treat carts
>now imagine a bus stop in a city where public transit is not only free, but essential
>now imagine this bus stop atop a fairly steep hill
>now imagine about 50 or so minorities shopping at walmart for their big ass families
>now imagine this gross cigarette smoker perched on a rock ledge aside this bus stop
>he's tired, kinda glum after learning some horrible news on his first day in town
>he lights up a ciggy
>takes a puff or two, breathing in the mountain air
>he tries to nudge one of the 50+ carts slightly to get more comfortable
>1 slips loose
you should try it if you're ever on I-70. i stopped mine from causing any trouble. but i actively encourage you to try it

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based, nobody at any of the stores I go to ever throw hissyfits. I wish I could tell one of them to shut the fuck up nobody cares you little bitch but people here are just normal I guess and don't ever have autistic breakdowns about common courtesies

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Why the fuck would you put something in your cart that you don't actually want to buy, wheel it around the store and then put it back somewhere else you insufferable retard god I hate you

>> No.17436747

Remember when the Chinese government welded apartment buildings doors shut

>> No.17436750

Picked up a few and spun them around, people were stuck in aisle 8 for hours!

>> No.17436756

It is your problem when you're paying more you stupid fuck. Why are NotMyProblemers so fucking retarded

>> No.17436762

I mean I'm not a retard that puts things in my cart I don't intend to buy

>> No.17437110

>become ungovernable

>> No.17437171

Stores near me didn't do that but some did implement special procedures for checkout and I kind of miss some of them. For instance my usual grocery store cordoned off every register but the self-checkout so you had 1 line then got directed to a register when you got to the front of that line. People with 15 items or less got directed to that section then they'd direct people with a bunch of items to the same registers so if you only had like 30 items you were only behind other people with a similar amount. Checkout times actually improved over the pre-pandemic era, at least for me. No more being stuck behind old people buying 3000 things and I also avoided getting stuck behind the faggots panic buying everything they could get their hands on.

My usual liquor store kept their only measure which is a designated aisle for the single checkout line from which a register would call you, which I prefer. If you're on the purple square then you're next, fuck where anyone else is standing.

>> No.17437206

I've long felt like there should be a related parking lot trash can theory. Stores near me used to have trash cans in the parking lots near the cart returns. Then people started bringing their trash from home or emptying their entire cars into the cans so now the cans are gone. On the other hand I've seen people within 10ft. of public trash cans toss their shit on the ground. There's gotta be a PhD in there somewhere.

>> No.17437221

Where’s the edge? Since when r*dditards are the caring members of the society? Have you seen the aftermaths of their rallies? Degenerates should be whipped, you literally have nothing to fear unless you’re a degenerate in which case fuck off back to a forest

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Oohhhh wagie!! push my cart cuck!

>> No.17437468

this so fucking and gay and alsor retarded. just because you push our cart like a good boy doesn't mean you can't be a bad person

>> No.17437477


I just came back from the store and hopped straight on /ck/ looking for a Cheetos thread to tell you how overrated they are. Just saw them for sale for the first time in my country and got a pack. Literal trash. Americans always lie.

>> No.17437486


I bring a socket wrench with me and loosen a cart everytime I leave

>> No.17437492

And what happens? A wheel just falls off and the dude gets a different cart?

>> No.17437512

I always put shopping carts adjacent to my lot to prevent Faggots from parking to close to me.

>> No.17437667

>Following retarded rules just for the sake of it is "benefitting others"

>> No.17437675

Just turn your wheel really far to the right, people will be afraid to park next to you.

>> No.17437684


>> No.17437688

salsa is pasteurized and fine for days on a shelf at room temperature, milk is not. I'm a lazy bastard but I would at least put it in the nearest fridge even if it's not for the item.

>> No.17437696

Is this what passes as critical thinking in zoomer world?

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not my problem.

>> No.17437702

this screenshot is shared by every single one of my normie friends on facebook, this is SFW reddit 4chan for normies embarassing

>> No.17437797

no you don't.

>> No.17437819

they hated him because he spoke the truth

>> No.17437873

>muh "someone else's business"
The supermarket is a public forum if it's the only place I can buy food. Don't bother arguing because I refuse to read any replies.

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You should go right back there and tell them that you think they're all big oof yikes cringe bruh frfr no cap on god.

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sure you do pal

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>black hair products
You have a license to steal and burn anything you want anyway, why bother pussyfooting around?

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>lick ice cream
>hurr not my problem

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That was hilarious.
I'd find an aisle with a couple of people in it, and deliberately enter from the opposite direction.
They'd visibly panic by attempting to walk back out of the aisle is they were close to the end, or if they were midway, they'd huddle against the shelf.
Regardless, I did it just to fuck with people, crop dusting them as often as possible, sometimes audibly.

>> No.17438597

This is wrong tho. They make you put a coin to unlock the cart and you only get it back if you return it.

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>> No.17438669

>docks wagie pay to make up for lost profit
Heh, nothing personnel

>> No.17438681

Even worse
>some "concerned citizen" decides to take it back to the milk section after it's been sitting out on the shelf getting warm all day

>> No.17438690
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>> No.17438694

but your rights do end where my foodbourne illness begins from your shitty habits

>> No.17438701

this is why i never buy ice cream from a company that doesn't have the courtesy to seal their product with a tamper proof lid

>> No.17438722

I can see a trailer park boys episode being written about this
>"so basically cory and trevor just take some stuff from the freezer section and put it on a shelf somewhere. it's not stealing if you don't leave the store with it. then I come along and take it for free since it's already written off as a lost or some shit. its genius!

>> No.17438726

post body

>> No.17438812

And then everybody clapped.

>> No.17439077

It gets better at the self checkout.
>muffled sulphuric blowtorch that's lit for 10 seconds right before you put the groceries in the cart
>the next customer has to endure the fallout

>> No.17439088

I live in an area heavily populated with ethnic retards who couldn't figure it out

>> No.17439228

>such edge
I realize most people here are 14 years old so for them the senitment seems like an edgy faggot kid that wants to stand out. What you will learn as you get older is it goes like this:
1. Young, naive, cheerful
2. Adolescent, edgy, pessimistic
3. Young adult, naive, optimistic
4. Adult, realistic, filled with hate
Once you get to to #4 it's not "edgy" anymore, I mean if it weren't against the law I would literally shoot people who did this kind of shit and I would feel good about it. As an adult I have absolutely 0 patience for these waste of life pieces of shit making everyone elses' lives harder for their own convenience.

>> No.17439243

I can't believe you're seething this hard on company time. We have misplaced cheese on aisle 3 dumbass! now move it!

>> No.17439258

This, I was gonna say do this with some globohomo black lives matter NBA oreo ice cream or something, not life-sustaining milk.

>> No.17439266

Lmao i do this but with my moms car fuck her

>> No.17439277

Even though you’re correct, you chose a nigger thing to hate the world over. Hate the retarded mentality of “I have to do the grocer’s job for them” more than you hate the person whose time is more valuable than a wagie. You’re a nigger

>> No.17439300

I throw it on my lawn. Grass always gets thicker around that spot in the summer and I always have to tell the dogs not to lick it.

>> No.17439314

I guarantee that any random grocery store worker's life is much more valuable than yours, you trash

>> No.17439324

>needing to rape
Hoaaaaah this guy ova hea what awe we some ape-lookin moulingans?? The gatses on this guy, he's gat a lotta bawls, statazit before I give you a slap, nah you're a good sport. Seeya round. *fucks your gf*

>> No.17439325

found the seething italian retard

>> No.17439327

They don't pay me, therefore it is my sacred duty to behave like a rabid fucking animal that would get the fucking shit beat out of me if I behaved that way enough in real life.

>> No.17439341

back in the good old days a member of the tribe that inconvenienced everyone else with their selfishness would just be exiled or, for more serious offenses, just killed. There's a lot of good things to come from liberalizing and living in larger groups, but the shitters also get away with a lot more than in the old days would have gotten them thrown off a cliff.

>> No.17439345

*goes to your favorite store and takes a shit in the urinal*

>> No.17439444

>It's actually been fun. I'm glad there are fags as dumb and useless as you in the world. You're great punching bags and no one cares what happens to you.

Why do I get the feeling that you're the exact opposite and you actually let people step all over you in these situations?

>> No.17439457

real talk, I member

>> No.17439469

Episode of Justice League where an evil version of the JL arrest/incarcerate people for anything, like dumb shit like being pushy with a waiter at a restarant.

>> No.17439478

even if stores dont raise cost to cover these losses that is still one less jug of milk that someone who needed it couldve accessed had faggots like OP did not exist plus that person will need to drive somewhere else to score milk if they needed it urgently.

>> No.17439484

Doomers and blackpillers are cuckolds. #NotMyProblem originated with ruining a jewish landlords drains from a place you temporarily leased. Destroying milk and saying "not my problem" isn't using the meme correctly and is just weird and ignorant, like torturing an animal. For what fucking purpose?

>> No.17439504
File: 107 KB, 691x691, NEW-BEN-JERRY-FLAVOR-BENEFITS-NAACP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I literally said dont do it with milk. No one has ever or will ever urgently need some politically-inspired flavor of sugar paste.

>> No.17439507

Never wore the mask. Never got the jab. Never followed the arrows. Never social distanced. Disobeyed the lockdown.

I’m still alive.

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>Go to the bread isle.
>Find the most expensive bag of loaf bread.
>Cut open a hole in the end of the bag
>Get hard.
>Slam your cock into the bag of bread
>Thrust your meat as hard as you can while boomers watch.
>Screech as loud as you possibly can.
>Throw the bag back on the shelf.
>Leave the store.

>> No.17439517

It's almost like it was all fake and a political war tactic.

>> No.17439540
File: 79 KB, 800x725, Ralph France.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Scour the grocery store for things to be mad about because you can't distinguish between the internet and meatspace
>Intentionally take something out out of a cooler and misplace it
>Underpaid drone has to clean up your mess
>You and everyone else pays some unimaginably small fraction of a cent for this transgression

>> No.17439827
File: 1.65 MB, 4160x3120, cart not in corral.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

muh nigguh!

>> No.17439835

I remember when toilet paper came in a variety of colors and prints.

>> No.17439859

do you have any idea how much food stores throw away because it's slightly blemished or to close to a "sell by date"? back in the 80's when I was a poor and we dumpster dived (before they got compactors) we got piles of produce that had nothing wrong with it. bananas that had just started to get ripe. oranges, sacks of onions with one bad onion in them. same for potatoes.

>> No.17439864

I'm guessing you'd be one of the first.

>> No.17439868

nobody at any store I went to at that time paid any attention to the arrows, and neither did I.

>> No.17439871

The coin in the trolley is a tip for the wagie who has to put it back. I always leave them next to my car. Especially the Costco ones because they are huge.

>> No.17439895

over the years stores have become lazy.
>there used to be people that wrangled carts now the consumer is expected to do it.
>there used to be multiple cashiers now there's only one or 2 and your expected to self checkout.
>baggers used to bag your groceries and load your car, now the consumer has to do that (yes bag the groceries) because they can't get anyone to do that type of work.

>> No.17439906

Anyone who disagrees with this is clearly trolling.

>> No.17439907

if it was legal I'd shoot you for shooting them... oh wait it is legal.

>> No.17439915

I'd leave the cart in the parking lot with a big ol' booger on the quarter.

>> No.17439924

Yeah, in a high-trust, functional society why not?
But in reality I'd rather make the tranny wagie who works there's life worse and harder so they maybe go to bed earlier and molest less children online.
Or the boomer who threw her children out at 18 and got a reverse mortgage and left them with nothing.
Have fun trying to catch your breath heaving all my carts back, you selfish old twat.

>> No.17439942

I'd rather just do everything myself. Less chance of a wagie to fuck something up. Did you know in Oregon they won't even let you pump your own gas? Christ...

>> No.17439968

>wont let you pump gas
What does that mean.

>> No.17439979

It's illegal to get out of your car, put the pump into the side, and fill it with gasoline. You have to get a wagie to do it for you.

>> No.17439982


>> No.17439986

>It's illegal to get out of your car
WHAT Oregon U.S.??
Never heard of this, I would just get out anyway. I dont understand why???? What if you need to go get butts or something? WTF.

>> No.17440268

even as someone who took covid regular amount of serious, I never listened to the stupid grocery arrows.

>> No.17440380

You dont return the trolley do you animal?

>> No.17440456

It's an old law from the 50's. Gas station pumps used to be kind of dangerous so they wanted someone trained to be handling them. Most states got rid of the laws in the 70's cause pumps got much safer and there was no need anymore. Retarded boomers in Oregon and New Jersey have kept the laws around to protect jobs or whatever retarded shit, I dunno. It's starting to be phased out in Oregon finally.

>> No.17440458

If you're such a lazy fucking nigger, just hand the cashier the salsa at checkout and tell them you're not getting it so somebody else can put it back. Nobody is getting paid to go on a scavenger hunt for your bullshit. Especially when it's something like cheese that goes bad when not refrigerated.

>> No.17440709

you certainly are a nigger, yes

>> No.17440840

No, they end when I take your life from you for being a useless lower life form.

>> No.17440859

How's a cuck going to do that? Passive aggressive me to death?

>> No.17440874

>Gas station pumps used to be kind of dangerous
How so? So long as there aren't any fumes, nothing goes BOOF. You can smoke around gas and put your cigarette out in it, you just don't want to be doing it in high heat when it's spread out all over the place. Attendants or not, wetting down the place regularly to help prevent static ignition was part of the job.

>> No.17440892

I'm guessing they were just janky hoses that squirted gas everywhere. No one knew how to use them, a lot of customers probably felt uncomfortable trying to use them. You've grown up around gas pumps the concept seems simple enough to you, back then it was probably some new and scary thing for the average person.

>> No.17441506

My local Wal Mart has a deal with the local 'tard preserve so not only do they have people wrangling the carts, its someone who experiences it as the highest achievement in their life. The wrangled have become the wranglers.

>> No.17441520
File: 51 KB, 832x1000, GigaChad3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not my problem.

>> No.17441619

nope. stores in my town just put a "stand here" dots spaced 6 feet apart. never saw anyone ever stand on them or space out.

>> No.17441624

if you buy more than you can carry you need to die. "but i have a family" then you have already lost.

>> No.17441632

Only aldi does that it's so annoying, it attracts a bunch of homeless drug addicts who just bother you to return your cart to get the quarter. I swear everytime I've been to an Aldi there's like 3 of them harassing people

>> No.17441643

porch monkey filth

>> No.17441648

Bc I'm too poor so sometimes i have to do the math and put things back if I don't have enough to afford it

>> No.17441665

i only pick up things i am going to buy.

>> No.17441666
File: 304 KB, 1280x720, Untitled (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I hate kikes so much its unreal

>> No.17441671

why are americans so lazy

>> No.17441674 [DELETED] 

The most based post on seak.

>> No.17441690

>go to supermarket to buy one of those gift boxes of chocolates for my mum
>75% of them are opened and have had chocolates looted from them
"Not my problem" my fucking arse. People turn into absolute animals in supermarkets

>> No.17441959
File: 297 KB, 375x523, wrath of God.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Checked. Ben n Jerries tastes like shit.

>> No.17441976


Lol, you haven't done shit and you won't do shit.

>> No.17442052

yes I found out while driving through. they had retards pumping gas. I asked why I can't pump my own gas and was told it was a "safety" issue.

Tard starts my gas pumping then walks away to pump other gas leaving my nozzle un-attended.

>> No.17442062

can confirm when I was driving through oregon. also new jersey was like this (don't know if it still is).

though on one occasion I didn't know I was in oregon and started pumping my gas guy came out and said I wasn't supposed to but didn't stop me.

now it's works program and old people love it.

Fry's here does the same thing but lately there is a lack of tards.

I had some bitch at safeway shit her pants because I put my stuff on the conveyor before she finished bagging hers. The rule had been rescinded but she had a fit.

I don't live by your fascist rules.

>> No.17442071


>> No.17442080

I like how they say "empower" when all that really means is restrict the rights of whites. Civil rights didnt give anyone any rights, just legally took away the rights of white people.

>> No.17442094

They were still doing that this year

>> No.17442096


>> No.17442102

>armed military personelle stationed outside McDonalds in Australia
Worst timeline.

>> No.17442130

I dump it over the fence in my backyard

>> No.17442140

Ants love it dump it in sand (not onto the anthill obviously).

>> No.17442143
File: 935 KB, 1920x1440, 1584145183778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


lmao at all the replies from liars saying they never followed the arrows. I remember that shit clearly and everyone was a mask wearing dipshit following those damn arrows. I know because I waltzed into those places never wearing a mask (i literally had a lady come up to me and ask how I got away without wearing one once) and never followed the arrows. So I was very aware of how I was the only one doing the opposite of what I was "supposed" to do. And I know all you assholes fell hard for the covid meme. Now suddenly it's cool/acceptable to laugh it off as a crazy time. Fuck all of you fake ass niggas. Every one of you can't cook for shit too.

>> No.17442148


>> No.17442168
File: 28 KB, 750x751, wddsa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lmao at all the replies from liars saying they never followed the arrows. I remember that shit clearly and everyone was a mask wearing dipshit following those damn arrows. I know because I waltzed into those places never wearing a mask (i literally had a lady come up to me and ask how I got away without wearing one once) and never followed the arrows. So I was very aware of how I was the only one doing the opposite of what I was "supposed" to do. And I know all you assholes fell hard for the covid meme. Now suddenly it's cool/acceptable to laugh it off as a crazy time. Fuck all of you fake ass niggas. Every one of you can't cook for shit too.

>> No.17442358 [DELETED] 

behold the covid hipster

>> No.17442364

behold the covid hipster

>> No.17442368

I went grocery shopping this morning and left my cart next to where I parked. in memory of you.

>> No.17442374

Exactly. Ethnic cohesion is a natural right for any people. To tell Whites they can't discriminate on those who live in their community, you're telling them their ethnic group doesn't exist. The struggle for white ethnic self-determination has been purposely misrepresented as something oppressive or unjust by our enemies who wish to destroy us. The most important civil rights movement of our age is white racial awakening.

>> No.17442380
File: 26 KB, 410x368, 1644373692649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very based

>> No.17442394

I don't remember the last time I decided against buying something and just put it back where ever I was. I've never left perishables anywhere. Fuck you, nigger.

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