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What's your favorite brand of burboun? Mine is Tennesse Whiskey.

>"wHiSKey iS fOr faGGOts"

No it isn't. I enjoy it primarily because I like the taste of the punch it has when I drink it straight. The wood burning aroma the drink I like too. I mostly enjoy smelling whiskey too.

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Jack Daniel's tastes like ripe bananas

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I think maker's mark is alright, next bourbon i'm buying is four roses single barrel

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i just had woodford double oaked and holy shit does it live up to its name. if you like wood this is your jam

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*artificial banana flavoring from shitty old-timey candy

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banana runtz
its a common note in Brown Foreman American whiskeys
I prefer the cinnamon notes in Wild Turkey products

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Got a bottle of that for Christmas, absolutely delicious.
And as much as a cliche as it is, putting a small splash of water makes it better

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I like Basil Hayden's a lot. Can't drink Jack Daniels at all, the taste is off putting to me ever since I puked a bunch from it

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Jim Beam is bourbon right? I've been drinking a lot of that since they sell it at the gas station down the street

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No, JD is for faggots though.

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Bait thread. Jack daniels isn't 'burboun'. Unfortunately JD does have the best songs though.

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> What's your favorite brand of burboun?

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I got scammed with a 500ml bottle.
Damn it they need to make this illegal.

Anyway thoughts on Benrinnes?

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My friends only drinks Jacks and refuses any other drink, whether it's vodka or beer or any other bourbon because "rockstars only drink Jack Daniels".

how do i make him less of a raging pussy and what's a nice bottle to get? I live near a distillery but I've never really tried to get into whiskey, despite it being Scotland's drink.

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>how do i make him less of a raging pussy
I'm fairly certain he has brain damage, but since he acts like an autist try the Jack Daniels Single Barrel first. If he won't try that he really is only drinking it for the larp and is a lost cause

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Thanks Satan, I'll try that next time I see him.

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I drink exclusively ardbeg 10

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How is bourbon different from whiskey?

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Wild turkey 101

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Not bourbon, brainlet

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the former is from albania and the latter from serbia

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It's a type of whisky, generally american

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bourbon has a lot of corn mash

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if that works, have him try old forester or woodford reserve since they're similar bourbons from kentucky

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I've asked before, but I'm looking to fuck with some rye. But being across the world from where it's made this is my only easy selection. What do I get?

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I love how nobody ever said this until a couple whiskey blogs did.
Tasting notes are one thing that almost nobody commonly agrees on.
But “omg bananas ugh! ;p” sure caught on with the internet people.
>its a common note in Brown Foreman American whiskeys
Holy shit please tell me you think it’s something to do with the umbrella company that bought JD.
You say “Brown Foreman” whiskeys as if they acquire whiskeys and then dictate recipes.

Not that it matters; certainly I’m just a “shill” so no need to engage in actual conversation lol.

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>Holy shit please tell me you think it’s something to do with the umbrella company that bought JD.
Idk man maybe they all use the same yeast
I get those notes in 1792 too

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If you're Australian you're a retard. We make rye.
I recommend Gospel Solera if you're cheap, and Archie Rose Rye Malt if you're a baller.
Of that shelf Bulleit is the best. If you listen to Americans make sure to dismiss their opinions if they're drinking a different abv to you.

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My BO smells slightly like banana.

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based dan murphies enjoyer
the wild turkey rye is p good for the price
if you wanna spend a hundo the mitchers rye is pretty good too

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what race are you

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i just finished a bottle of solera's straight rye, best aussie whisky ive had so far, i think it was about a hundred bucks too (starward two fold is the best cheaper one ive had). Solera is a wine cask finish right? ill have to try it.

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You know what, fair enough. I just didn't want to fork out the extra 30 for the Solera, especially since I won't have the pallet to know what's good yet.
Thanks mate

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What exactly are you talking about?
The company is called "The Gospel."
Solera is an aging technique.
Gospel's solera whisky does have a wine finish. Not sure if the wine uses the solera aging technique or the whisky.
Anyway it's a $75 bottle off sale, you got scammed.
The best Aussie whisky I've had is by far Hellyers Road 15.
I do think Starward Two Fold is better than any of the Gospels (though I've had a few other more expensive Starward's and was not impressed).
What else... 23d street is pretty good. Both the Hybrid and the single malt (though it seems they're sourcing it, and they've changed source?).

What else... Sullivans Cove is good. Hugely over rated though and not even close to worth it at those prices. You can try it at restaurants that bought their bottles before it won all those awards for reasonable prices.

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i meant the gospel's straight rye, im retarded. i havent tried their solera
>Hellyers Road 15
>23d street
ill have to try these thanks anon.

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Your friend sounds based you pussy

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Elijah Craig

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For me, it's Old Forester 1920 and Old Grand-Dad 114.

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Old Grand-Dad. Specifically, OGD114.

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For me, its the Dryden’s Fireball

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I don't drink bourbon that often and as a eurofag have limited choice. Evan Williams black was quite alright, I was a bit surprised to find out it's bottom shelf stuff in the US. Buffalo Trace was also good, pricier stuff like Woodford Reserve seemed a bit like a waste of money. Still, 9 times out of 10 I'd rather have scotch.

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>9 times out of 10 I'd rather have scotch
This is obvious for most people. It’s just the price of bourbon is attractive her in the US.

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What the fuck is up with that hat in the bottom right photo?

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someday call effay and let em know that america has been in the lead with the hat game for the last 200 years

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Not a bourbon person usually but a bottle of Jim Bean Honey has come into my possession.
What is the best way to enjoy this? Sounds like it's something that's perfect for cold winter or sore throats.

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Bourbon is from Kentucky

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Too based. I really like tasting spirits in general but if you spend any time reading blogs and shit it becomes apparent how people bandwagon opinions. Just like how hip bartenders like 50/50 martinis now when the same people liked bone dry ones 5 years ago.

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>tennessee whiskey

Legally it is, Tennessee whiskey is bourbon that's made with sour mash and charcoal filtration

Bourbon is whiskey that's made in the US from at least 51% corn and aged in new charred white oak barrels.

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Probably with ice

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I'd prob add fresh lemon juice too to make a quick and dirty sour

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Why would you care how he distilled it, it's shit. Ask how he marketed it.

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>Legally it is, Tennessee whiskey is bourbon that's made with sour mash and charcoal filtration
Legally, bourbon has to be from Kentucky
Has to have been aged 7 years
Has to be in a glass bottle
Can't be flavored or have coloring
Those are straight from the FDA. HULU has a great documentary on the subject.

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Literally none of this is true.

>27 CFR § 5.22(b)(1)(i)
>“Bourbon whisky” [...] is whisky produced at not exceeding 160° proof from a fermented mash of not less than 51 percent corn [...] and stored at not more than 125° proof in charred new oak containers; and also includes mixtures of such whiskies of the same type.

That's the entire definition.

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your friend is the kind of autist that we'll see less and less of now that kids can get at least a surface level understanding of social interactions and what will get them ridiculed from an early age on the internet
cherish your friend

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Wild Turkey is good rye.

If you happen to find it, Whistle Pig is an excellent brand. Old Overholt and Rittenhouse are two reasonably priced bottled-in-bond ryes.

I just buy Old Grand Dad bottled-in-bond Bourbon for cocktail mixing, and for drinking neat, I prefer rye.

George Dickel is a better sour mash, which is what you are unintentionally referencing, btw

JD makes rye and bourbon, but their main brand is the Tennessee sour mash, which is fucking terrible whiskey.

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i like jim beam devil's cut or bulleit single barrel.

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Have you seen the state of the Internet? In America anyways we have just gotten dumber and heavier influenced.
If chick filet tweeted let's go Brandon the next day they would see a 20% stock loss, by the end of the week they would be seeing double their normal profits and would have lines around the block again

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Anyone who names
>Jim Beam
>Jack Daniels

As a better brand of whiskey is a tasteless faggot.

I have seen at least five fucking brands of Bourbon in this thread that are way better

>Elijah Craig
>Basil Hayden's
>(Even) Evan Williams Black

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Forgot to add Old Forester and Buffalo Trace

Woodford is shit too

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Wild Turkey 101. Nothing else is worth buying. Hang overs are non-existent. Great taste, price, and ABV.

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i've had all of those and i like what i like. if i'm buying i get jim beam devil's cut or bulleit single barrel. and i'll drink the other ones on your list if you're buying.

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both ogd and basil hayden's are jim beam you moron. you don't even know your shit lamooo

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Fuck off Trey

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basil hayden is literally ogd cut down to 40%

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None of these are true for exports.
Which may be why American whisky is so shit.

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>Legally, bourbon has to be from Kentucky

Where did you hear that? Legally bourbon has to be made in the USA. They even have a Hawaiian bourbon.


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but its "small batch" and older juice which only makes me wish for a basil hayden 114

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This is kind of my point. Instead getting authentic delusional and out of touch autists who fell for some one off retarded and unintentionally funny marketing gimmick or an outdated trend ('jack daniels is for rock stars') early enough in life and completely lack self awareness in relation to their public persona we're only gonna get hyper cringe normalfags/failed normalfags that grew up on memes that most of their peers also browsed combined with a constant insecure reinvention of their opinions and ideologies based on an algorithmically influenced social media driven infosphere that they never need to leave
old autists were amusing and had a charm that you couldn't find in normal social interaction
now all young folks are either cringe social media autists (speaking in memes and terrible at irl interactions) that you can see anywhere you go on the internet or fringe extremist autists (racists) that only care about the culture war

I don't have a favorite brand of whiskey but my least favorite brand is evan williams

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I'm an ausfag but I learnt this from a bartender in Boston when I was on secondment.
Jack Daniels is the substitute, cheaper item. Bourbon has always been a Kentucky product, that's why JD is called Tennessee whisky.
The OG is Evan Williams, and after comparing the two, I think Evan Williams is nicer as it's less sweet.
The story goes that back in the day, Jack Daniels copied the branding of Evan Williams, the black label, square bottle, white lettering etc. They somehow won on marketing, because illiterate drunks just get whatever they think was Kentucky bourbon. Over the years Jack Daniels kept spending on marketing etc and became the popular brand.
Evans Williams, being a literal /ourguy/ was adamant on keeping the price down for the common man.
I think when I was in Boston in 2010 I was able to get a bottle for 12 USD ( fucking what??).
I took it to a house party in Dorchester and was laughed at by the micks because it was a cheap bottle but I liked it.
If any other anonsv can confirm the above it would be great, as I genuinely have no idea of it's a hipster meme or not but I genuinely like it. I also like PBR but apparently that's a wanky beer so who knows.

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there's a guy in my country running a store with new american craft whiskies. any recommendations off the beaten bourbon path?

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