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>go to all you can eat Japanese restaurant
>not a buffet, you have to write down what items to order each time
>order first round of food
>eat it
>order second round, I add fried rice and dumplings
>waiter comes back
>oh sorry only the sushi is all you can eat, not the appetizers
>even though the 'appetizers' menu said "ALL YOU CAN EAT" in big letters on the top, and we got multiple copies of the 'appetizers' menu for multiple rounds, and the waiter never told us this before we ordered the first round, and the 'appetizers' menu had fucking deserts on it
Is this legal? It feels like a textbook scam and I paid 20 fucking dollars for this. Only silver lining is that the dude had to wait on us for nearly 3 hours and barely got any tip

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Lose weight

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Why would one expect any decent restaurant experience from a 20 dollar all you can eat place again?

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go in with these on and rob the place. The news won't report it because they can't show certain types committing crime on TV now.

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This but also beat up the people who work there

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I was at least expecting a better experience than the $7 chinese buffet in the local mall, where you can actually get all you can eat

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$20 dollars is not a lot of money fatso, especially for All You Can Eat Sushi. I've never seen a place even advertise less than 25 dollars and that was an "end of night" special at a place the health department shut down.

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Your hometown sounds incredible and I want to spend a week vacationing there. Sick of the mundanity of Brooklyn, it's the same "food that is only liked if a tire company says its good" shit every time. What's the point of Soul Food getting the approval of a French Tire Company? And All you can Eat Buffets? Only for rats.

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