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which cheesecake is the best?

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My grandpas.

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My moms Käsekuchen.
But because she tends to put old fruit in there sometimes it isn't always good.

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>Cream™ Cheese™
what do I use as a sub for nipponese jiggle cake?
t. yuro

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depends on the cheese to cake ratio, for me it’s the ny because I like more cheese than cake desu

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german version is based, the acidity adds so much.

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>which cheesecake is the best?
new york style, graham cracker base, cherry pie filling on top

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No-bake cheesecake is my favorite.

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It’s honestly kinda hard to go wrong w cheesecake but I will say I prefer mine to be a little tangy with a nice toasty flavor in the crust.

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Try mixing some neuchatel cheese and heavy cream. Just neuchatel probably isn't fatty enough to get the right texture.

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>no tourteau fromagé, fiadone or yarte au me'gin

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>NY style
Fine but could use some more color on top.
Every bite is exactly the same mass, texture and flavor, boring. Slight bonus for more browned than NY.
Got best parts of those above, nice to balance sweet with sour.
Second best but I don't know what Twarog does to make a difference.

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japanese sucks ass, it's all aesthetics and 0 consideration for flavor just like all nipshit
new york cheesecake is great, basque is good too

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>The horribly burnt surface is what makes it good!

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Cream cheese isn’t a brand or trademark. Philadelphia is, but cream cheese has generic versions. Just make cheese from half and half (half milk, half cream), and lemon juice instead of rennet. Push through a sieve to cream, and you’re done. It’s a very green cheese.

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Do they really not have Philadelphia?

Also, why not just make a jiggly quark cake instead of cheese cake? Fuck authenticity.

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There's been Philadelphia in every supermarket I went to except that Russian one. But it's usually more expensive than other brands and not that much better.
t. germ

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My family all enjoy the quark based one, we make it pretty lemony. Good stuff.

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My dad’s family recipe is the NY style one but with a thin layer of sour cream on top. Is that weird?

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It’s what makes it keep its shape.

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Niggas don't know 'bout muh Topfenstrudel.

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On top is a little weird but I normally put sour cream in my cheesecakes, gives it a bit of tang

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>murimutt "culture"

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japan is last for having no base, and therefore, being unbased

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new york obviously

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>rent fucking free

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There's people other than Bongs who shit on Americans you know..

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this nigger knows

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I'd love to try NY and Japanese ones, Germonies and Polish are goat, as cheescakes tend to be, but I know them rly well.

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>I don't know what Twarog does to make a difference
it's pressed quark of desired fat content (low/medium/high on fat). I don't know if it's that different from quark that you can buy anywhere else

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German is best, but I make it without the crust. Pure quark goodness!

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I want to hear the baker of that charred thing say that out loud in a kitchen full of people.
>"The charred cooks the shape in place"
>"But it still tastes liked black scorched flour?"
>"Uhhh it's a delicacy!"

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It’s supposed to be the result of a baking error.

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only occasional disgust due being used to rich nordic culture.

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We do, but it looks nothing like those ameribricks

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>ctrl+f: basque
>1 result

You all sicken me.

Except you

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I'm from Mexico and the sernik is the most common

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How did I do guys? New York style with a blackberry coulis. The texture is perfect. Some of the graham cracker crust stuck to the bottom of my springform pan, so it could look better.

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I used my anova oven, so it was a breeze. Very uniform and no browning.

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somone seems to be living rent free in your head anon, wanna talk about it?

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I actually kind of like how the back just hovers over the coulis. I can dig it man - looks architectural. Get your knife wet next time or use unflavoured dental floss.

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where the fuck is the crust on the side?

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Side crust? On a cheesecake? ARE YOU MAD!?

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The issue is that my springform pan is non-stick, so I didn't want to run anything that could scratch it underneath. Subsequent pieces turned out much nicer.

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look at the OP's image, you dolt

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It looks like your knife was pulling at the filling. Moisture helps with that, or sawing with dental floss.

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IS HE MAD!? You seem mad bro.

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Idk. It was my first one, and I thought it would be nicer if there were distinctive layers. My oven sets it so nicely due to being able to essentially sous vide a cheesecake that I didn't care about it holding shape.

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japanese, I like that it has no biscuit crust and it’s not as sweet.

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You're the sane one.

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I'll keep it in mind, fren.

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Terrible infographic

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cheesecakes are universally garbage

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mind to elaborate?

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Ice cream cheesecake. Apparently not a thing in the US but well worth a try.

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>which cheesecake is the best?
Of those 4 types, German is best because of the additional sourness but Polish is very close. (I also like the English cheesecake style, where the acidity comes from a fruit-based topping.)
The US cheesecake style is overwhelming and not balanced. It's not bad but unless you're very hungry it's just too much of a good thing.

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My grandmother would make no-bake cheesecake and freeze it. Is that the same thing or is there actual ice cream in it?

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Similar. The recipies of no-bake cheesecake I found don't have eggs in them, which this has.

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This kind

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The ingredients for some no bake cheesecakes are not far off from semifreddo. Just use italian meringue instead of the standard eggs and add whipped cream.

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I've only ever had new York cheesecake and that's all I'm ever gonna have
'ate foreigners
not racist just don't like em
simple as

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Interesting. It was nice frozen. I liked it.

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>burnt cake
french haute cuisine for you guys

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bit schizophrenic take for a weeb, but who am I to judge you

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None of those.
Ricotta cheesecake is the GOAT of all cheesecakes.

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it's ok I guess, not great, not terrible

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I got a JM Rossen cheesecake recently that was quite nice. Still have 3/4ths of it in the freezer. Shortbread is the base I believe. Best I've had but that's in comparison to other grocery store cheesecakes. I'm sure I've gotten slices from bakeries before but can't recall anything standing out.

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Basque is the good stuff. Simple and easy to make and has a nice caramelized flavour to it while being just right with its density.

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Basque one seems to be the winner of the competition for not-at-the-chart category
what makes it good?
Looks pretty humble and very similar to German and Sernik

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they literally cultivated the soft, harmless "kawaii" image to detract from all the war crimes they refuse to admit to

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I like New York-style best, especially when it's super cold, but Italian is also really good. The ricotta provides a nice base and the orange flavor is refreshing.

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BASED Knafeh poster, but don't forget the ka'ket (and the syrup ofc)

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How are they watching little girls become men again?

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Is just a New Zealand thing, maybe aussie too, to have a crunchy ginger base?

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Japan has one of the lowest average testosterone levels in the world, they are wholly domesticated and feminised

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Which one's the densest?
New york style cheesecake is basically the only kind of cake I like because it's so dense, I hate cakes that aren't dense

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Only ever had the American variety, but that German one sounds good.

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>they literally cultivated the soft, harmless "kawaii" image to detract from all the war crimes they refuse to admit to

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did you know that british people do their laundry in the kitchen? did you know they put a plastic tub in the kitchen sink and do the dishes inside the plastic tub? picrel for reference. pretty fuckin weird if you ask me desu. also they boil meat in flavorless river water basically and call it a meal, its practically all they do.

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Here we call German cheesecake cheese pie

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Kunefe is good, but too sweet (like most Levantine desserts).

I like the Central/Eastern European ones best, the cheese they use has just the right amount of acid bite, and they're not too sugary.

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Cottage cheese and keptchup a man of taste

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I made cheesecake frozen yogurt once by mixing cream cheese and Greek yogurt and turning it to icecream, is it anything similar

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>the best
It's all matter of preferences and, first and foremost: habits.

I like your style, gentlanons.

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there's a euro style bakery right behind the half price books. i will have to check that out sooner than later

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move over whitoid. this is how you do it

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The only sane guy in this thread. Bouns points for Nabulsi kunafa

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im wet

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you win

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only had new york, wish I could try the other ones

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which ever is the densest and tangiest

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That'd be NY style then.
It's funny because it's American and it's dense

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The frog burns his cake.

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Made some Basque earlier today. Had to use a pie dish because my spring form is broken, so it came out a little fucked. Still delicious.

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Put them all in a blender.

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do you use quark to make it? or some other kind of aryan cheese?

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I remember I was making some dope ass cheesecakes like 5 years ago because I told my gf at the time that I made the best cheesecakes (don't know why i said that) so I had to show up. Dove deep into cheesecake territory to not look like a liar and managed to hit homeruns. I took a bunch of pictures but i lost them. Trust me though, they were good.

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There isn’t cream cheese in Europe?

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Double Fromage

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One of these 500g tubs will give you 100% of your daily protein for less than 90 eurocents and only 370kcal.

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They literally had no concept of gayness in those days.