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>"Ayo wecome to Sonic, can I getchyo order?"

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It's soon 3.30pm, I don't want breakfast

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Do Americans really eat 1500 calories for breakfast

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For me, it's a Breakfast Toaster with a Cherry Limeade.

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>American fast food is awfu-

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Could you put a white man on to take my order, please?

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fuck I’m so hungry. give me a premium rito and sausage breakfast toaster

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Yes. Were brainwashed to believe it's the most important meal of the day.

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Sometimes. The few who do it regularly get so fat they get put on TV shows about it.

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I haven't been to Sonic in 6+ years, is it worth a visit soon?

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Do americans really eat literal desserts for breakfast?

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they don't have sonics in any other country retard

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>incoherent nigger reply
go figure lol

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>hit up liquor store before the drivethrough
>family sized mozzarella sticks
>family sized cheddar peppers
>ask for extra sauces
>go home and smash em with wife while we play vidya and get hammered
Thanks for being there for us, Sonic.

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Read the labels dummy. The item itself is only about 500, the rest is from a big pile of tater tots and a sugary coffee. You can just not get those.

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Do euros really eat viennoiserie and coffee for breakfast?

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"Yeeaah boi, lemme get like 3 orders of french toast sticks and a large sprite ya feel me?"

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yo senpai lemme get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh number 19 combo

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>Mfw I remember Donic employees earn low wages with the expectation of earning tips
>Still never tip them

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Not really unless you like the drinks. I recommend a bacon cheeseburger toaster and either a cherry limeade or ocean water. Then you can ignore Sonic forever.

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Mfw I remember Sonic employees earn low wages with the expectation of earning tips
>Still never tip them

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No. Stop buying this crap and look up how to deep fry chopped chicken breast

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euros used to have krautchan
wonder why they never made another after it deaded

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Because EU/Leafs mostly post on reddit.

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Y'all got nuggets, gimme some nuggets

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When I was a kid everyone at Sonic was a pretty girl and they all wore butt shorts and skated your order to your car.

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1 of anything on the menu and 1 adult diaper.

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lemme get a coissonic sandwich combo with sausage and some widdly scuds

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anything without a spit in it please

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Based order, would hang out with this missing link any day.

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Usually if I get it it's because it's going to be a skip lunch kind of day
>#15 ultimate meat and cheese with unsweet tea
I had to stop doing this though because I only got breakfast on days I knew were going to be shitty and now I associate going to Sonic in the morning with dread, kind of like how you feel when you hear your alarm clock sound

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Green mountain Coffee and frozen burritos. I'll starve.

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Who the fuck has time to go to sonic for breakfast

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hmm its a hard call between
>2x cheesy bacon pretzel dog with tots and a large ocean water
>1x double bacon cheeseburger with tots and a large ocean water and a soft pretzel with cheese

everything else isnt worth it

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Same but I get chili cheese tots. Ocean water is my favorite drink from there.

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If you have shit to do, everyone does.

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Of all the fast food breakfast options sonic is the worst.

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what is the best

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Sonics are horrible everywhere but oklahoma

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Mozzy sticks, tendies, and an Ocean Water. I only ever go to sonic with my older brother and we've gotten the same meal every single time.

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Bojangles or hardys is objectively the best breakfast options. I would say McDonalds but i only every get coffee from there.

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