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would you go on a rampage if your Golden Corral ran out of steak?

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I'd take advantage of the situation and cop some feels and slits.

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Would pay to watch boomers lose it over food

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>Bensalem police confirm the brawl may have involved more than 40 people and happened following an argument among some customers. Officers are still looking into what caused the argument.
Do they really...?

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I can't believe there was white people or maybe mexican people fighting the chimps. The video quality is poor.

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>all i wanted was some steak
the plea of the common man

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Just got top sirloin choice for 4.99 a lb.

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>your Golden Corral
i'm not black and only blacks go to golden corral.

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god that article is awful
>Meantime, people we showed the video to blame the customers.

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why wouldn't they blame the customers?

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its not the topic, its the sentence structure

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it's perfect.

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Had this discussion with my elderly father over the weekend that grocery stores will have mob violence due to how many items have increased in price or out-of-stock entirely.
Shit already exists in LA, NY, and other cities for chain stores such as CVS and etc. It will eventually get into the grocery stores as well.

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Only in Burgerland

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A) pic related, rent free
B) this is due to low inventory and upset customers as I've witnessed this in Mexico and other non-America locations
People can be jagoffs.

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Just watch the vid and you can see joggers do it for free.

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Violence is the language of the oppressed. And about 40 people here were oppressed by not getting steak. Obviously this is the corporations’ fault for not getting enough steak, or for simply being Golden Corral and serving a low income niche demographic.

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If I wanted bong violence I go to the football stadium

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I would also as well except instead of doing that I'd just yell nigger as loud as I could over and over.

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>in Mexico and other non-America locations

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coastal shitholes every time

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I have never seen a non-employee black enter a Golden Corral. It's mostly ancient hicks and morbidly obese rednecks.

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that was pretty lulzy. this is what the cities have to look forward to as food becomes more expensive and seen as more of a luxury.

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People here won't get that.

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anyone over the age of 18 going to a golden corral willingly should be sterilized

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>I asked you for a cheeseburger!

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A buffet restaurant should be required to notify customers that their most expensive item is unavailable, before any money is spent. Otherwise you'll have people who will eat 2 plates of trash, find out there's no steak, then demand full refunds. Pretty niggerish behavior of both the restaurant and customers.

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Does anyone have this without some boomer news shit commenting on it?

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Remember whites, arm yourself and stand up to black on white violence.

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maybe at a tightly packed concert with hot young sluts otherwise here you're getting prune tit patty's and big mamma flammas with weaves

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I will not patronage restaurants that accept black ruffians into their establishment threatening my safety.

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Never come between a fatty and his food.

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Is the restaurant supposed to magically grow steak? A shortage is a shortage ffs.

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>hmm I want steak
>my best option is to wait forever in a shitty restaurant full of retards
>or I could swing by the store and make a steak with 5 minutes of effort

Some people are just not all there.

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Show me restaurant with a "no blacks" sign.

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it's pretty diverse

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> A) pic related, rent free
Nah, cumulatively America is really quite the spectacle and feels like every problem a european country might have turned to 11.
t. kraut