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Need some recommendations on hot sauce. Been buying ones at random whenever I run out but I still haven't found one that I truly love.

Got this shit last time I went looking and its not very good. I mixed it in with my seasoning when making tacos last night and it just didn't work for me. No idea what else to try it with either. Its very watery.

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Hot sauce, you say???

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This stuff is bloody deadly.

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This one is pretty good. Not ultra hot but has good flavor.

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i like to put Chalula on almost everything. Just tried texas petes wing sauces, not crazy about them and I prefer franks. Fuck truff sauce

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i like the lime version. It's not hot, but it has so much soul and flavor.

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2022.. i am forgotten.

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Every thread. It's the best. You'd have to order it online though, it's like 4.50 a bottle but god damn is it good.

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Personal favorite.

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7r deep and no soijacks. keep it up ck

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rare yucatecas, these are fantastic if you can find them.

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I'm stocking a new pantry and have already gotten the basics out of the way (Frank's Red Hot, Luisiana, Tabasco, Tapatio, Cholula, Valentina, Heinz chili sauce, Sriracha)
people are gonna think im trying to be hipster but whatever, i have only stuck to sauces i know i have had and like.

anything i should add to my lineup? i'm a little weird with hot sauces; i think buffalo tastes like shit. i think habanero is hot as fuck but has a great flavor

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Thanks for the recommendations bros. I noted these all down in case I ever see any. Gonna have to order most of these online.

Saw this at the grocery store today and decided to grab it. It was 6$ a bottle but I hear its great on pizza.

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I misread your comment. I just picked up a bottle this evening. Looking forward to trying it next time I have wings or pizza.

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I've heard great things about aardvark habanero but I've never see it on any store shelves around here. Going to have to order some.

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Can't go wrong with Sriracha. Not much of a fan of franks. Last time I had it it ruined a pot of mac and cheese on me.

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From a land down under

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franks goes so great on eggs for me for some reason

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HOT SAUCE??????!!!!!!!!

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I am too embarrassed to use hot sauce because an anon will bully me

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I use this daily.
>>17346850 I have to get it on Amazon.

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costs too much tbqh

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there is another

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this shit bussin

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no cap?

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those sauces with those names and decals are definitely soi. enjoying sauce with food is not soi.

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shut the fuck up you fucking faggot

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please cry harder for me.

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Melinda's us my go to everyday type sausa

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people who say they put hot sauce on everything are tastelets. like can they not appreciate subtle flavors? it's like a kid addicted to sugar.

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Novelty sauces are to be discarded. I look to enhance my cooking, not ruin it with half assed meme trash.

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