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What happens if you drink an entire bottle of soy sauce?

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sex gifs

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kidney stones

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You probably won't enjoy it

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Drinking soy sauce was an old way of attempting to dodge the draft in Japan by making yourself sick. With one bottle though my guess is that you'll feel like shit but there won't be any lasting damage.

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Really depends on how much: www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6485125/amp/Woman-suffers-permanent-brain-damage-drinking-liter-soy-sauce.html

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Dunno but it's definitely waaaay too spicy for white people

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>Dunno but it's definitely waaaay too spicy for white people

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Vomiting, diarrhea possibly if the bottle is small enough. >>17333452 if you go all in and chug a huge one.

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>Dunno but it's definitely waaaay too spicy for white people

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>daily mail
a most reputable publication

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you experience the blissful state of umami,
kind of similar to that episode of futurama where fry drinks too much coffee

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You die

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>>daily mail
>a most reputable publication

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go ahead and drink that bottle of soy sauce then

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It gets salty. Beyond that, I don't know. Try until you can't breathe anymore, faggot.

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>you experience the blissful state of umami

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It would be extremely painful.

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>She followed 4chan level internet advice
Shame she didn't make mustard gas.

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>idiot does something inhumanly stupid
>better give more power to large businesses

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Please link The NY Times death by soy sauce article for comparison.

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This bottle is around 20 grams of sodium. It's going to be bad, but you probably won't die.

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Less. It's about 9g, IINM (and I don't think I am).
Sodium has an ld50 of 3000mg, so unless OP weighs 7lbs, you're right.

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For you

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