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Why do Amerilards not use these?

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Can’t afford to buy giant cheese blocks at once and I don’t eat enough cheese that the big cheese block won’t go moldy before I finish it.

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they're stupid

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Americans do use those. What the fuck are you talking about?

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Why can't yuropoors put their cheese in a can? Then you wouldn't need to use a crotch shaver for cheese.

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Why buy a block of cheese when I can just buy a cheeseburger which already has cheese on it?

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Shut up europoor you just can’t afford sliced cheese. Kraft singles made your beer opener knife obsolete

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Physical exertion. That and they've evolved to get their cheese from a spray can

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We use this

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We have varies versions of that. >>17327573
like this. Or a grater with 4 sides and multiple options for shape and size.

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I use a rotary grater on blocks of cheese if I need some for melting or whatever. If I wanted some slivers of cheese I just use a knife. I like cheese slicers but no point in getting myself one imo
>t. brit

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What a gay faggot. They do use those retard.

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My government lets me own a knife.

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I absolutely hate peoples like this. Not because of the quantity they buy, but rather because they wait for deals at their local Walmart or some shit where they save $.50 per box instead of just buying it from a wholesaler or even directly from certain food distributors.

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is getting pre sliced cheese seen as some kind of foe paw in Europe?

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>Why do Amerilards not use these?
>they're stupid
>Physical exertion. That and they've evolved to get their cheese from a spray can

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Someone's a sensitive American

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So you rather eat the shaving cream directly?

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>Someone's a sensitive American

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As an American I own one of those, I just only get nice cheese once in a while if I'm having people over or something.

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basically this. I've thought about getting a slicer and just getting blocks but I don't use it enough and I can't afford extraneous purchases right now.

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We have those but, unlike most European countries, knives are not banned, so typically we use the appropriate cutting device when slicing cheese. Most American homes have each one of the knives on this chart

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We don't slice our cheese

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Yes we do, we have actual knives for it

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Knifes are for opening beer

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Kinda weird to have a big piece of cheese on the table. Kinda like having butter out. Guess it could be a thing, but it aint my thing.

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i say this and look like this

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>she ran out of wojaks and had to search for a new one

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