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>making recipe
>last step is "Enjoy!"

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I'm sorry not everyone is a stuck up prick who hates life like you.

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Last step should always be "clean the mess you made"

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>last ingredient is "love"

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>last ingredient is "A woman's touch"

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>making recipe

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>and as always
Based chef John triggers artists

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>follow recipe
>doesnt taste right
>call mom
>tells me her own special spin on dish
>try it next time
>it taste right
thanks mom love you

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>write in to complain a recipe sucked
>they write back saying it's my fault for not following the final step

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>have your partner taste it

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Not my problem.

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I drink lots of vodka. That cleans out my system, and even cleans my teeth (I haven’t brushed in years, and haven’t had a cavity since).

I also eat a liverwurst sandwich pretty much every day – to counterbalance the effects the vodka has on my liver. I make my sandwiches on seeded rye (because it’s the healthiest bread), with mayo (because eggs are the best protein; I use kewpie, because the msg makes it taste better), coarse mustard (good for the white blood cells), zucchini pickles (because they taste good), and a bunch of baby spinach (just for filler; it could honestly be left out).

I also eat a lot of canned fish (mostly sardines, but also the occasional fancy smoked oysters) on saltines. They give you all your essential amino acids, and provide a nice opportunity to try out various hot sauces, which are generally very low in calories, while high in flavor and immensely prodigious to healthiness.

Aside from that, I drink large amounts of water (anywhere between ice-cold to slightly chilled) every day, always through a straw, and sometimes with a lemon wedge.

To each their own, I say, but I’m just shy of 30 and am doing better than most of you.

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