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>a meal
>something that needs skill

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what a stupid dog i hate him so fucking much

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Yes, I can cook pretty much anything as long as I have a recipe. Don't @ me

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Kind of? Also I want to fuck that dog. Get the butter so I can heat this bitch up mmm

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Yes, you retarded, cringe, dog enthusiast.

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No , not even if I follow a good recipe .

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Yes, but I'm only good at cooking Italian-American stuff.

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Yeah, I'm way too much of a cheapskate to regularly eat food I didn't cook myself

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>hating dogs...

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Fuck off back to plebbit with your DOGGOS, you lobotomized toad.

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>Not eating dogs
Gweilo are dumb as fuck.

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when you move out of mommys and daddys basement you'll learn real quick

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Yeah, just keep throwing food at a heat source until everything is cooked.

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Yes. I grill, smoke, bbq, all that shit. I also pickle my own stuff, cucumbers, jalapenos, carrots, green beans, shit like that. I can make cajun meat pies from scratch, blackened fish, gumbo (which is hard to source sassafras for since the FDA calls it a carcinogen sometimes), and boil crawfish/shrimp for parties. I can make my own biscuits and gravy and gravy making is quickly becoming a lost art (white cream gravy). I cannot make meme foreigner food except German food because lmao Texan and it's mostly shit that is eerily similar to chicken fried steak and regular old fried chicken. I can make chicken and veal parmesan that is the best you've ever had (because I buy a bag of unsalted pretzels to crush up with a mallet and use that instead of panko).

But my girlfriend broke up with me, so I'm doing the restaurant thing for a bit.

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No, but fortunately, I'm rich enough that I can pay others to cook for me.

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