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>A whopping 36% of people order pepperoni on their pizzas, according to research by business advisor Brian Roemmele.

>Roemmele researched point-of-sale data from 604 pizza locations across the United States.

>Here's the chart of his findings

Very Interesting

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Why pepperoni?

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Americans have baby palates.

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>Onions, olives and tomatoes In very low percentages

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>only 8% of people order cheese on their pizza

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I'd be very interested to learn how he determined that 67% of americans do not ever order pepperoni from POS data

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is ham sausage? what type of sausage

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This chart doesn't make any sense.

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I was going to tell you how unique I am because I only order pizza with sausage and mushrooms, then I looked at your pie chart . Never mind .

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How come bacon isn't included ?

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>from 604 pizza locations across the United States
Let me guess, they were all just 2 or 3 major fast food pizza chains? Only children order pepperoni.

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Can't you fucking read "Cheese only" you dumb frogposter.

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Does cheese only mean margherita?

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This chart only makes sense if they're talking about one topping pizzas, in which case 36% is surprisingly low.

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>pepperoni is baby food because I’m obsessed with america
Whatever helps, man.

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Mushroom and anchovie Chads where we at.

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>This chart only makes sense if they're talking about one topping pizzas
In what universe?
>11% of one-topping pizzas sold are mushroom
Lol no.

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Where is Hawaiian?

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because it's the best topping.

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In “Other”, where it belongs.

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the cheese is generally implied in the US. if I order a pizza with any topping, it's understood that it'll come with cheese too.

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Yeah. The 8% is for people who order a cheese pizza - which is a pizza with JUST the Cheese and sauce, no toppings.

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Spinach, feta, and a heaping handful of garlic for me, please

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no pineapple?

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In the mathematical universe. You can't neatly pare them down to a pie chart if it includes ingredients ordered in combination.

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