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yeah, so what?

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That's fucking disgusting

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I'm not even lactose intolerant but this is clogging my intestines just watching

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We get it, you like dudes. More news at 10.

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ive seen abscesses at work that looked healthier than this shit

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i fukin love cheeberders but thats discusting

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watching this video increases your risk of heart disease

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>when she's ready to settle down

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>no wedding ring

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It came off in your asshole, faggot.

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Why do Americans put cheese on everything? No other culture does this

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because they are all fat blobs

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Because we can afford it

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>keeps acting like a retarded clown
>"wow why do people keep calling us out? You must be obsessed"

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>Rent free

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We have the best cheese in the world.

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get freedom

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Who would have thought throwing away some tea would cause 100s of years off hurt?

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what the fuck is the point of this? who on earth apart from some genetic freaks can even finish something like this?

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Why does this upset you?

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Never tried eggburgers, are they good?

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They're pretty nice as long as they're not put on fast food burgers

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kek, I love how they chose a paint roller as if they've never painted anything before. they could have used a brush so it didn't absorb 80% of the cheese

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looks like freedom to me

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yes, we really

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not enough cheese but this looks nice.

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We do because we can

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>who on earth apart from some genetic freaks can even finish something like this?
The people who do eat things like that unironically die from it.

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We could too you fucking american retard, we just don't want to weigh 1000+ pounds. I'm so glad america won't exist in 5 years

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found the faggot

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Yes because american cheese is sooo expensive

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In your heads 24/7 rent free, kek

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The only thing i don't get is why make such towering burgers if you can't bite them properly?

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For the social media interactions. This is advertising and OP posts it as often as possible.

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peak county fair food, blows funnel cakes out of the water

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Pic related:
Average European cuisine.

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G-d bless us, everyone.

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no wonder they shit their pants
americans have to be the most disgusting people on earth

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Based niko „the rift“ cado poster

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that batter seems too much firm but whatever

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Uhmm.. Extra-cummmmm!

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Deep fried Oreos are actually a pretty tasty fair treat but it doesn't need all those toppings. Maybe a dusting of powdered sugar but they're good on their own.

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We literally don't give you guys any thought whatsoever until you all constantly screech or bitch about something LOL.

God bless the USA, you fucking faggot

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Carl's Jr has an egg burger that's just fine. Don't be such a snob

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melted cheese is severely overrated

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Make burgers wider not higher. Modern society got its priorities totally wrong.

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That is fucking disgusting and I love burgers. I hate all stupid novelty gigabyte burgers but this is the worst I have seen. I once ate a 1 lb. Burger and I think that is about the upper limit for how big a huge burger can be and not be retarded.

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They have infinity cows

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Yes they're good and best if the yolk is a bit runny so it's a dirty burger

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Those look good

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looks like pus

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There's nothing more entertaining than keeping up with the US and their latest shenanigans. It's like their whole ""culture"" is commodified and turned into a reality show for the rest of us voyeurs to revel in.

What will they do next? how will they get out of their latest pickle? Oh my god look they're storming the capitol! Dude, come quick! they're using the death of some random nigger as a MacGuffin to advanced the master narrative more towards intersectionality! I must admit, the latest seasons has been a bit repetitive, Trump was fun and all, but we lack the climax Season 1 had with 9/11. That shit had me at the edge of my seat.

Tune in next, I know I will.

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That looks amazing. I’d be happy eating that every day

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No you cant. No other country can make burgers as good as America. I’m always so disappointed when I travel and order one. Granted, we do do some retarded shit with them. Like all the pics in this thread

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does this not have sound
i wanna hear all these things
even though i know i don't want to hear all these things

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>yuropoors don't eat cheese
no wonder all of you are so miserable and obsess over americans every day

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Too much meat

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why not just pour the bowl

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I don't know why everyone assumes obsession is a bad thing.

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These are really fucking good; especially with a scoop of vanilla ice crem.

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ok mohammed

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these things are so damn good, but only have it once a year.

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>American sushi

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European “people” are regularly eating shit like bird nests and maggot poop cheese but become huge pussies about comical American food.

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Foreigners on 4chan are so fucking stupid and I am so over it. Demoralization thread.

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god bless america xD

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Coinslot Avocado?

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was about to ask what was wrong with this...

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Keto Mettbrötchen
Also lol at badly staged this is. This bitch can barely keep it in at the first bite

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somebody needs their chussy ate

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Black people do some weird shit sometimes

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It really do be like that innit

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Great that we can do that, huh? I bet majority of it will go into the trash too.

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Lol, good old Goatse

>> No.17219587

Being insane knows no race

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Yep, but it's got to be a nice runny egg on a decent burg. The runny yolk just acts as an awesome condiment.

>> No.17219649

Their burgers always look so overcooked and dry.

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They look like they're not slathered in disgusting oil and grease.

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based and cheesepilled.

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post it

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nick is european

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I read that as obese over Americans every day. Maybe I should look into a diet.

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New copypasta. Love it.

>> No.17220174

And there's nothing you can do about it.

>> No.17220193

It reminds me of those large pustules that spew liters of pus when they open up an abscess in a cut of meat.

>> No.17220200

You mean the cheese pockets? That's the best part. Put a little salt on it and try to spoon it away from the rest of the meat. Cheese pocket cheese is meant to be synergized alone.

>> No.17220291

They ruined 4 perfectly good burger patties for this travesty

This is just appalling to watch. She must be brain damaged, there is no way anyone sound of mind would think chocolate and tomato sauce and cheese would make a good combination.


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human pigs

>> No.17220819

This looks good actually, the flavors combine with each other. How is this called?

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We like cheese so much, out last president was a Cheeto!

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>Commie shithole racing to the bottom
Well done

>> No.17222375

How bigoted. In the new American Education system the correct term is Atransmen.

>> No.17222403

It’s God you sniveling jew

>> No.17222407

I think I just got a hemorrhoid from this

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the point of burgers is that you can eat your shitty meat and cheese without getting greasy ass fingers, because there is a bun to hold. what is the point of a burger that literally shits out molten cheese onto you the moment you bite down on it? some of these are too big to hold, and even if you slice it you cant get a slice with everything into your mouth cause its too big

>> No.17222436

Und keine eier!

>> No.17223587

>your transition was a success!
>ummmmm what is all this yellow puss leaking out
>that means its working!

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>> No.17224192

>actually thinking that

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>> No.17224229

Actually thought of this. You ruined me.

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I love cheeseburgers, but that shit is fucking nasty. I would probably throw up, not only is it comedically too big, but the cheese is flowing like water and looks gross. The patty looks fake or imitation beef and the cheese looks fake as well.

>> No.17224698

So uh.... how are you supposed to eat it

>> No.17224841

What. Italy and France kicks you in the face.

>> No.17224845

Is it alive? Why is it moving by itself?

>> No.17224850

Only in the Alps.

>> No.17224857

It's all the meat juices. The compression of the mass of finely ground beef also makes for a different texture. It's real food but yeah, unappetizing.

>> No.17224865

It's my birthday today and this is what my gf's arse is going to be like after I unload 7 day's worth of saved load into her turdcutter (yes I've actually been edging for 7 days in preparation for this anal creampie to end all anal creampies). I turned 25 today and I'm going to remember this birthday as the day I obliterated her oring and had a massive cumfart cough on my dick and drip on my balls.

>> No.17224874

Ask her to stick a finger in your ass if you really want to load her up. It's fact.

>> No.17224927

It's tempting but I'm too uptight to have anything up my ass.

>> No.17224933

You're loss, You're not going to reach your full potential.

>> No.17224988

Believe me, I know. Maybe 2022 is the year I man up and explore this taboo.

>> No.17225099

uh oh major cope and seethe detected

>> No.17225202

this is one of those things that after the initial shock I genuinely believe could be very good, the savory meat might fit perfectly with the pb and chocolate which are sweet but have a certain darkness to their flavor, while the jelly would add the acidity and brightness to cut through and balance it, and it's not like banana bread is that much sweeter than your average brioche burger bun

>> No.17225211

Nah too much sweetness. They have the culinary nuance of a hysterical broad.

>> No.17225686

This was unironically made by a Serbian so once again you fail.

>> No.17226204

>americans can't handle not having cheap tea so smuggle it
>brits sell tea at a fraction of the price to fix the problem
>butthurt americans without real jobs dress up as injuns and toss it into the harbour despite being WHAT THEY WANTED THE ENTIRE TIME
It really is different when you put it into context.

>> No.17226225

>disrespecting the lamb
>american cheese
>sliced packet meat
>sliced american sugar bread
>whole gherkins as a SIDE dish
How do you even eat these without them falling apart?

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It's subtle, but just out of frame, there's a person holding it and touching it with a paint roller!

>> No.17226246

wrong. what they wanted was to be left the fuck alone.
>stupid americans just wouldnt accept the boot wtf is their problem amirite?
stupid for sure, but im not surprised.

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Funny how you're claiming to be ignorant of the actual reasons. Why are you sucking the cocks of a company that hasn't existed for 150 years?

No taxation without representation, red coat.

>> No.17226253

cutting a burger... If you can cal that thing a burger..

>> No.17226279

>I'm ready to settle down

>> No.17226288

t. fatfucks

>> No.17226293

gotta keep those milkers plump

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You guys seek stuff out like ridiculous cheeseburgers there's nothing we can do to curb your obsession just stop.

>> No.17226421

>American ice cream
Fuck off. Nobody here does that shit besides attention whores on the internet.

>> No.17226931

OP's pic is from a shop in Melbourne.
From my experience with novelty sized buns they are always old and gross too.

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God bless

>> No.17226973

>american cooking
>labels are in some euro language

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In your head rent free 24/7

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You sound so pathetic and funny,
Everyone point and laugh

>> No.17227115

This is german retard

>> No.17227296

America is like the biblical Babylon but worse

>> No.17227564

...Sir, this is a Wendy's.

>> No.17228139

I had family visiting NYC from Brisbane and the dad had to go home early because all the food he had was so sweet it was making him sick. He said he couldn’t even eat meat or soup because it was still too sweet

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I could never watch one of his videos. But this webm. Something about it, mesmerizing. Like being at a silent circus. Surreal.

>> No.17228579

Boys, we got another one.

>> No.17228915

I feel exactly the same way.

>> No.17229126

its not that, grandpa

>> No.17229137

>stole all of the food recipe from europe
>made them way worse

Why can't Amerimutts into food? They are worse than the British.

>> No.17229149

le you are just too poor for big blocks of nuclear orange whey product faec

>> No.17229829

tfw too poor for the ultimate bottom barrel zogchow slop so i have to eat normal human food instead ;_;

>> No.17230256

No, the Dutch do it.