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>go out for sushi
>the Asian family next to me has a beautiful plate of sashimi and nigiri
>the American family next to me has a hideous array of deep fried mayo sriracha panko bullshit

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>OP looks at own table
>no family

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How did the japs make nigiri before they had the flamethrower things?

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Asian here. Different folks, different strokes. Also fuck getting a parasite from eating nasty raw fish that swim around in natures soup full of parasites, bacteria and other gross nasties. Sushi is for retards. Also, get fucked.

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>be adult virgin
>silently, harshly judge complete strangers

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>Having an outgroup bias

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In America most sushi places will not have parasites. And mist of the parasites you'd get from it aren't very harmful.

Shit is delicious.

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Why are you staring at other people eating you fucking freak

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It's a made up story OP hasn't went outside in months

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my haiku for OP:
>left, jap family
>right, U.S.A. family
>me, wagie server

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Thanks. Means a lot. Appreciate it.

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I'm having sushi for New Year's. I hope it is good!
It's the only thing closely related to Japanese cuisine that I enjoy so far. I'm not deluding myself into thinking what I am getting is authentic though. But it tastes good.

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>go out for sushi
>order my usual 30 piece sashimi platter and a hot sake
>complimentary osaka comfort girl greets me after the waitress leaves and sets my beverage down on the table
>get sucked off for about 15 minutes while enjoying my sake, just taking in the nice relaxed atmosphere and people around me
>blow a fat load and let my penis rest in her mouth for a few mins to allow all the coom to be siphoned out completely
>like clockwork, sashimi platter arrives as the comfort girl wipes her mouth and excuses herself
>ignore her and get to work on my delicious japanese meal
>I grunt in pleasure as I devour each morsel, letting them swirl around in my mouth
>the sounds of authentic bamboo flutes fill the air as I finish the last piece
>the comfort girl returns and bends over the table to present herself to me
>freshly filled with zinc and fish oil, my erect throbbing fleshlance plunges deep into her squealing frame
>my primal warcry signals to the staff my satisfaction with the meal and they respond with applause
>an older couple chimes in from the side, impressed by the volume and energy of my voice
>"now THAT'S what I call sushi"

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Let me guess OP, the sushi restaurant is owned by chinks or Koreans?

Also notice how the "Asian family" lives in America because life is better here.

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Thanks for the gold kind stranger. Happy cake day Keanu chungus Rick Morty wholesome 100

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