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Why do Americans talk about paying different prices for fast-food delivery apps vs in-restaurant? Is this serious or is it some meme made up to gaslight us non-Americans?
Here we just pay 2-3 euro delivery + 50c service charge on apps like just eat, how the fuck do you end up paying 2x on an app?

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Fun fact: Some apps charge the restaurant up to 30% commission fees. That's why it's better to call the restaurant and pick it up. Some restaurants are tired of these fees and have started to band together to start their own delivery services.

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Only in America. Here the prices in the restaurant are identical.

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the price for you is the same
the delivery company gets a cut
ie the profit margin per order goes down, though the delivery companies argue that the overall profit goes up because the restaurants get a lot more orders

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that sounds third world

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Y'ever see the good ol' USA on a map my brother? Place is is purty big

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I will never understand how users on this site can't figure out that different countries do things differently. Sorry you are such a sperg that things being different confuses you so much, but it is what it is

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Prices for actual food usually inflate by 50c or a dollar, plus taxes, plus delivery, plus tip. That's where all the cost ends up.

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you have no clue do you? go compare the online menu vs the restaurant menu if you ever leave your house. they upcharge the prices on the digital menu at almost every place except corporate franchises. small business would otherwise not be able to make profit. takeaway and ubereats usually take 30-50%. not the 2-3$ delivery fee. that goes to the driver. the delivery company still takes another large chunk. hence usually a restaurant item for 6 euro is online 10 euro.

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>you have no clue do you? go compare the online menu vs the restaurant menu if you ever leave your house. they upcharge the prices on the digital menu at almost every place except corporate franchises.
Once again, no. They're literally the same here in Europe, every country I've been at least.

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stop obsessing over america bitch

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Sure, that explains why amazon deliveries can take weeks, while in my country we have a guaranteed two days delivery, even without prime.

But how does that relate to food delivery? If you live in Seattle and order Chinese food, they're not going to get that Chinese food from Florida, they'll get from a restaurant in Seattle or near Seattle.

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Frenchfag here, not true. Prices are differents, even between differents apps.

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I live in Seattle and get my Chinese food from China. I don't compromise.

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stop paying attentions to what americans are saying, they never make any god damn sense anyway.

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I never use those apps because the drivers work for slave wages in Europe but I heard an American streamer called WingsofRedemption say he made a ton of money doing Doordash. It's probably just a better job in America

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the real question is, why do you care what delivery prices are in america? do you find your self up late nights worrying about this a lot? that's pretty odd anon.

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in europe its mostly refugees doing those jobs, that's why food delivery companies are actively shilling for open borders and unregulated labor markets.

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Do foreigners really?

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It's relevant because in densely packed areas it's easy and economical enough for a retarded immigrant on a bike to run your tendies to you in 5 minutes while hitting 10 other stops along the way. American residences tend to be much more spread out with residential areas completely separated from commercial districts and requiring a motorized vehicle to travel between quickly and efficiently. This adds to the cost required to convince some impoverished failure to spend all day ferrying garbage food back and forth for lazy assholes, and that cost gets passed on in delivery and service fees.

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He's trying to quit his job at the dildo factory and needs to figure out where he can make the most money being a talentless unskilled retard.

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People who can afford it don't give a fuck and pay.

People who can't afford it will pay anyway then bitch about ((capitalism)) on Facebook or Twitter.

People in third world countries seethe about it while eating their delivery that the Nigerian immigrant delivery boy jacked off into.

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>to gaslight us
...by verbing the name of a movie you never saw?

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this is the answer. eurofags cannot comprehend how far spread out things are in the US. a good 50% of the retarded comments they make about us all stem from this same mindset.

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Prices on the app and menu are always the same in the places I've lived

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>people in other countries seethe that Americans have to pay more for the same service
amerishart logic at it's finest

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It's even more retarded when having someone else make food for you has the same insane price increase and people pay it.

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>does America REALLY?

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Evropean bvll here
Delivery prices are the same as in restaurant
Delivery varies from free to 2.50 eur. No other fees

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>Assumes its a britbong

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I just walk to the restaurant and buy my stuff
No tip too

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us Ameribros are too obese to walk you insensitive asshole