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Why does /CK/ hate IPA's? I think they're delish

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it's not the ipa's that /ck/ hates, it's the douchebags that drink ipa's that /ck/ hates

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People from all walks of life drink IPA's

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yeah the gay ones. gross.

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some are stringent and acrid

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Yes and douchebags can be found in all walks of life

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Nice score. Great ipas are delicious. There seems to be an obnoxious trend at all breweries to have 12 ipas and 1 lager when they should have some good lagers, a nice stout or two, and an amber or brown at least.

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Why does your gross thumb look so alien like? Did you mom fuck her brother?

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IPAs smell like vomit to me

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They got too popular too fast, and now there are a ton of bad ones on the market.

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Yes, that's also why I'm an alcoholic, and even the gay kind who likes IPAs.

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No, I hate IPAs. They're bitter hopbombs with no redeeming qualities.

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get BTFO, gayboy

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I like good IPAs, the problem is for every 1 or 2 good IPAs there are 50 bad ones. Making an ultra bitter IPA is also the easiest way to mask flaws in the rest of your ingredients or brewing process. That's why a lot of shitty hipster breweries have like 40 different IPAs but won't have a basic malty beer.

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IPAs are fine. I think they go well with certain foods.

I also get tired of them sometimes.

Drink whatever you want, you're an adult.

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If you unironically like IPAs kill yourself. Imagine liking sour ass nasty beer, stuck up retards. Drink something real like a stout or Porter or a Miller high life

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Based and absolutely redpilled

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imagine being a tastelet that can only enjoy very specific things

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Because I just don't like the way they taste but it makes me feel insecure so I make an issue out of it

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A lot are just bitter and nasty.

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>high life
Based and redpilled

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>they feel the need to make an ipa out of the belgian tripel which already has enough hops
>guy who bought it is so much of a faggot he had to put it in a whiskey glass rather than a proper pint
>its absolutely fucking flat
good god this fucking reeks of american
why dont you faggots just put boil hops in water and drink it if you love it so much

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IPAs are for womyn or effeminate numales who don't know anything about beers.

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Look how chapped and gross his fingertips are as well, I bet he does physical labour.

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Over saturation in the market, I love grabbing a nice boneshaker or voodoo ranger but it would be nice to find a good old fashioned Czech beer instead of seeing seven rows of unicorn sprinkle piss IPA or whatever other dumb name the brewery gives it

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This was at work

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>he doesn't like sour beers

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I like them but don't get them as much as I used to. also they all taste the exact same. not even exaggerating. I'd always pick up one or two if I spotted a new brand or one I hadn't yet tried and they're basically all interchangeable despite the boasts of containing X Y and Z meme ingredients
differentiating them from the others

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its been proven that anything "i", as used in IPA, makes you shit in the street

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Overhopped beer tastes like absolute dogshit and bongfats should literally all kill themselves for inventing IPAs just so they'd have horrible disgusting beer to drink while they broke the chinese tea monopoly

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because faggots like you describe them as "delish"

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Based level head and moderate voice

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I exhaled through my nose
(a wise thing to do when walking down a DESIGNATED street)

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Douchebag spotted

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I hate them because they taste like weasel glands.

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If I had the choice between fresh squeezed weasel and an IPA, I would take the weasel.

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The problem with most IPAs and craft beers is that they aren't refreshing. If you want to drink something and get thirstier, go for it.

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I don't care for most beer anymore. Just got sick of the stuff

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I've never had an IPA that didn't taste like a can of bad carbonated grapefruit juice, but based on this thread I could have only had crap ones based on a flooding of the market based on popularity. Or I could just not be an IPA fan because tastebuds.

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I am not 21 anymore.
Too fucking bitter to chug to get drunk quickly.
My gallbladder can’t handle it anymore and I will puke bile shortly after drinking one.
They all taste the same now.<span class="fortune" style="color:#d001aa">

Your fortune: Feliz Navidad![/spoiler]

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i genuinely hate ipas because they taste like malty grapefruit juice and i fucking hate grapefruit

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Based. I have two cases for this weekend

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Basically this. Everyone who is obnoxious about beer is an IPA drinker. Thanks to them IPAs have taken over bars and reduced non-lager offerings in bars and stores to IPAs. Combine that with IPAs being made for preservation rather than flavour and you can see why they're so hated.

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I like one occasionally. Some are really good, but most random craft ones I try are just overkill nasty tar flavored shit.

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>Miller high life


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>I bet he does physical labour.

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>Combine that with IPAs being made for preservation rather than flavour
Lots of things are. Is beef jerky a worse food because it was invented to allow the preservation of meat.

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Try two hearted. It's one of the best ipas around and pretty entry level. My grandma even likes it

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They can taste okay. You cant just drink them though, the they dont go well with any food. Massive amounts of hops gives most people a head ache or insane hang over after drinking more than one.

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Beef jerky is tasty but it's probably the shittiest way to consume beef. I'd much rather have a burger or steak than beef jerky.

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Because a lager tastes better for like 1/4th the price, i never really have that moment where i think "oh i'm so in the mood for a IPA!" and aytime i do have one it's most of the time disappointing.

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they probably haven't had a good one. the new england style ones tend to be better IMO, less bitter and more aromatic

>> No.17173938

This is true. I've noticed almost every brewery around my area has put out a simple lager over the past few years and it quickly became their best seller 7/10 times

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>bro trust me you just tried the bad one, im sure you'll like it after the 20th brand

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IPAs are gross and are a meme for soy men to appear manly despite having your tastebuds raped with hops

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two cases? 8 six packs? damn you plan on getting absolutely fucked up

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Would you go to a steakhouse where 90% of the menu is beef jerky?

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found the uneducated child

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>yes i am the lowest tier of society and am 100% expendable
>yes it's obvious given paco replaces me for $3/hr on a regular basis

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got eeeeeeeemmmmmmm

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Come home son.

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bit of backlash to them becoming so ubiquitous

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