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how true is this?

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It's as true as it is misleading.

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The baby food one and the transglutaminase one are sort of true, but still bullshit.
Baby food is often fortified with food-grade elemental iron, because it's more digestible than plant-based iron compounds but still vegetarian.
Transglutaminase is used to bond different meat pieces together, but the video is showing a perfectly normal piece of fat when it says it isn't. It does look like transglutaminase has been used on that piece of meat, but by an incompetent moron, rather than a meat processing plant, butcher or restaurant. Anybody actually using it would have produced a much better bond. It's also not 'American', really. It's used in most meat processing industries, even for high quality cuts of meat, where they've got poorly-trimmed cuts that wouldn't be saleable as-is, but would if bonded with another offcut.

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If you believe any of this, there is no hope for you.

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America actively tries to murder it's citizens to further feed the capitalistic beast

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Okay chang

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The baby food thing is true not only for baby food but for any fortified food. Those rocks are actually the "iron" they fortify the food with, not calcium. That iron is not the same as naturally occurring iron and may actually cause serious health issues. Anyone who says that the "nutrients" fortified foods are just as good as the nutrients that naturally occur in foods are not to be trusted

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>That iron is not the same as naturally occurring iron

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The absolute state of american food my god this is worse than I thought

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Do an experiment, blend up some beef, put it in a bag, and put a little magnet on there and see if little metal chunks rise.

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This is schizoposting.

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This is why we dont import american meat

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You know that iron compounds aren't usually magnetic, right?

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WebM about Chinese food
Slap on American "food" green text
+1 social credit

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The literal American government made this

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Where's the anon who posts the fat German woman webms? It's your time to shine buddy

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not him but i think i know which ones you mean

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Are you genuinely this fucking retarded? You seriously think fortified iron is elemental iron?
Holy fuck zoomers are a special brand of retarded. Did they replace chemistry with gender studies?

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Every first world country has shitty processed food, but for some reason that's all anyone associates America with. I don't think I've seen a Kraft single irl in like 20 years.

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>taking a video of chinese "food" and calling it american

Kek as if rice milk is even a thing in the united states lol

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