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>Mogging pizza in the game.

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>Detroit-style pizza

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>Shitt's pizza mascot is a flying person
>pizza from flyoverland
can't make this shit (pizza) up

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It’s objectively good and cheap. Furthermore, their ranch actually tastes good by some miracle.

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>insert flyover seething and cope about their sloppa shit """cuisine"""

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HA. A large one topping is like $15 now, and that's in the middle of bumblefuck nowhere. Lord only knows how much it costs in urban hellscapes.
>their ranch actually tastes good by some miracle.
It's Hidden Valley ranch seasoning, with buttermilk and mayonnaise.

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Wow you’re right. It got more expensive. Also, I don’t care about how they make the ranch as long as it tastes good.

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Haven't been but want to go. I know that they make dough in house every day, and they use the same canned tomatoes and cheese that legit pizza places do. Wish we had one.

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For me it’s Casey’s pizza

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>""" """
You gotta be 18+ to post here champ

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I live literally a 2 minute walking distance from one. It was the first pizza place I tried once I settled into my new home several months ago.

Definitely not bad for a chain pizzeria. The pepperoni pie I ordered was salty but tolerable. If the price wasn't so iffy (I think it was like $19 total, tax included, for a large pepperoni pie. Fair, but I expect some flair to it. Not just pepperoni) I'd have them as my stoned pizza place on speed dial

Sadly the overall cheapness and deals at Dominos makes it a more viable option.

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I go here every time I visit family in Iowa. Top tier low brow za

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Ok Y’all, here be your jet pizza, now y’all simma down and enjoy your flight sho’ nuff’ or I get tuh kick yo cracker ass

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Before we started working from I had a coworker that would bring in a breakfast za from Casey's every Friday. For gas station pizza it was pretty good.

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who in their right mind thinks that cutting a pizza into squares is a good idea?

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these retarded faggots sent me a "coupon" for a $15.99 large pepperoni pizza last week
i can get a better detroit pizza from little caesar's for half that, how the FUCK is that coupon price
place wasn't even average quality the single time i went a few years ago

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It’s definitely better than shitcago style at least.

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Little ceasers is garbage compared to jets. It's the best pizza chain. Not even from the Midwest

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they say on their website that it's only 300cal/slice but i've never eaten jets and not had half a cup of fucking grease slide down my chin and soak directly into my pores

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do you have parkinson's?

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What I mean is, it surely tastes the same as Hidden Valley ranch, which you can surely buy at a grocery store for a lot less. Though substituting it for pizza sauce SHOULD cost you nothing.

Also, BBQ Chicken, Aloha BBQ, and Hawaiian are all basically three toppings, unless MAYBE your nearest location considers Chicken to be two toppings. SO, ask if they have a deal on a 3 topping large pizza (I'm pretty sure this is a widely used sort of deal). If they do, get Chicken, Bacon, and Red Onions, with BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce, and there's a BBQ Chicekn "speciality" pizza on the cheap. Do not do this with the Aloha BBQ or Hawaiian pizzas, as they have pineapple on them, and are thus for massive faggots only.

Off the top of my head, I think Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza is the same. Just Chicken, Bacon, I THINK Onions (or whatever third topping you want), and ranch instead of pizza sauce.

Now, coupons and prices may differ between locations. Jet's franchises are given a fair bit more latitude in how to run their stores than, say, McDonalds. But at least at the one I worked at, the "discount" for order an assortment of toppings as a "SPECIALITY" pizza was not worth passing up making a Build Your Own 3 Topping large pizza with the 3 topping coupon attached. The Specialties that were 5+ toppings (Eugene Supreme, Super Special, Jet 10 [Note: only has 9 toppings, Pepperoni, Ham, Sausage, Bacon, Ground Beef, Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Black Olives]), were cheaper to just order as specialties than with any deal. Unless your Jet's has a "Family Meal Deal" of a 1 topping large, 5 topping large, and breadsticks at a FAT discount, like mine did before it was discontinued for being too fat of a discount.

Also, if your Jet's is like mine, saying "No [Insert Topping Here]" won't actually decrease the price, and trying to sub in a topping will just charge you like you added a topping.

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I, in my infinite desire to get customers on the phone to STFU so I could get back to work, would usually just hit the "No [Topping]" button, then add whatever they wanted to substitute manually as an "item note." No manager ever had a problem with this, but I don't know how you'd ask to do something stupid like that.

This is mostly a heads up on adding a whole ass topping (which is now like $1.59 on a SMALL PIZZA thanks to buttfucking "Brandon") to your Web Order when you really just want to sub toppings. I've seen numpties end up with a $30 large because they order something like a Super Special, No [Two of the five topping on a Super Special], """Add""" two substitute toppings, add one more topping.

Also, 8 Corners are a fucking scam, at least at my location. The gimmick is basically that they're two "4 Corners" in the box of a large deep dish. 4 Corners are small deep dish, cut into 4 bigger slices instead of the 6 smaller slices a standard Small Deep Dish is cut into. So an 8 Corner, being 2 smalls, is essentially 12 Normal Sized slices of deep dish pizza. A normal Large Deep Dish is 10 slices.

SO, an 8 corner is about 20% more pizza. Yet while a topping on a Large would add $1.99, adding a topping to an 8 corner would add $2.99. That is a 50% increase. A standard Large is $14.99, while an 8 Corner is $18.99. Which is around a 26% increase.

Conclusion: Do not order an 8 corner unless there's a deal for a 1 topping 8 corner. That usually brings the price down to about what a Large is, and is a good deal.

The website doesn't always have the good deals. If you can stand to talk to someone who hates you and probably has an IQ around room temp, call in and ask what deals they have to get the best ones. Specifically ask if there's a 3 topping deal if you want that, or a family deal if you want a shitload of pizza. Someone MAY fart in your pizza box, but you'll whittle the price down to something less ridiculous.

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Also never order through a third party app, you fucking cretins.
1.) It's really annoying.
2.) It is the single most expensive way to get your pizza.

If you are in the delivery radius, just have the store deliver it themselves. If you aren't in the radius, or the store's delivery time is absurd, consider leaving your house and picking it up. You take off a FAT CHUNK of the total bill avoiding delivery cost and minimum $5 tip. Probably $10 if you're a cool guy like I know you are.

Also, thanks to Brandon, the supply of toppings and drinks is a god damn shitshow. Third party apps literally never let you know if we didn't get goddamn parmesan delivered in the last truck load. The actual Jet's website doesn't even keep up with that well. Just call in and annoy whoever is stuck answering your insipid phone calls so you can know when placing your order if they're out of something you wanted.

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I didn't think shill threads were real, but I've seen more and more places I've never heard of, in my 30 years of life, shilled here like we're all supposed to know about them. Not only have I never seen a jet's pizza, now I'll make sure to NEVER step foot in one, should I see one.

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>who in their right mind thinks that cutting a pizza into squares is a good idea?
>t. doesn't know about Detroit pizza
It's been around since the 50s, when Detroit was White and was the auto capitol of the world. They started making pizzas in square steel pans used to hold automotive parts. It's legit.
your loss

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>West coast cuck doesn't have half decent pizza