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What is your favorite thing to order at Indian restaurants? Ive been strictly chicken/lamb curry (because its just so fucking good) and i want to branch out

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Saag paneer. Butter naan. Simple as.

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Big garlic naan guy. How hard do you rank butter naan over it, or is it case by case for you

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A list of stuff I like to order/rotate through

-chicken Tikka masala
-chicken Tikka
-chili chicken
-saag paneer
-Gobi manchurian
-paneer korma
-aloo Gobi
-pakoras (potatoe or chicken)
-chana masala

Also with garlic naan and sometimes vegitable briyani. Every now and again I'll get a dessert or dessert drink like mango Lassi

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Chicken vindaloo, mushroom pilau rice, garlic naan, pint of whatever Indian lager they have

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Oh and like four poppadoms with the onion salad and dips to start

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get some biryani

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Most places around here overdo the garlic. If it’s not too strong I’m fine with either. That said, its got to be cheese or aloo naan when I’m feeling decadent.

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chicken Tikka masala and 4 naan

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Mutton curry
Chicken curry
Fish curry
Crab curry
Prawns curry.
Sugar beans curry
Forget naan have roti and puri

T. South African Indian

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>uttapam -picrel
>goat curry
>chicken tikka
>vegetable and meat briyanis
>saag paneer
>bhindi masala
>malal kofta
>vegetable korma
>chana masala

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those look like the fake vomit they sell in novelty shops

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4 naan? 4? that's insane

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i really love kofta and gobi manchurian. ill drop so much money on so much of it

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I usually go for a veggie vindaloo or a chicken korma.
I do fucking love a biryani too.

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>saag paneer
>baingan bharta
>aloo gobi
>garlic naan

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an Uber to a better restaurant

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lmao, get filtered

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>ubering to walmart to pick up your tendies

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Some sort of Phaal with coconut rice.

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Simple as what ??

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King prawn Jalfrezi

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some good choices here but there's a local place near me that makes a killer lamb rogan josh that completely changed how I feel about poo food, might be the single best thing to come out of india

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Lamb biriyani

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I prefer going to buffet-style Indian restaurants, because I don’t know much about the cuisine.
I know that I tend to prefer the brown and red and orange goos to the green goo.
Kitchen-fresh naan is fucking awesome.
And that mango yogurt stuff for dessert is also awesome.

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You're obviously a bong, We like our pickle dishes and popadoms before eating.

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been a fan of pathia lately
times like these i wish i lived in a big city so i could hoard ingredients for indian more easily

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Lamb vindaloo
The green paneer I forget the name
Chicken korma
Shrimp biryani
Garlic Naan
Mango lassi

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Good list. I could eat aloo Gobi every day. Very underrated vegetarian dish.

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rogan josh is from pakistan

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>an Uber

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>novelty shops

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Indian food is garbage and makes you stink for days. Afghan, Iranian, and Arab food is superior.

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Lamb/goat vindaloo
Goan fish curry
Samosa chaat
Chicken/lamb biryani
Chana masala
Chicken karahi (Pakistani but all the "Indian" restaurants where I live have it)
Keema naan
Aloo kulcha
Mango lassi
Gulab jamun

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well give us your favourites then asshole

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those three are literally the exact same thing, except with 1/6th of the variety of indian

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Masgouf (grilled premium river fish)
Qoozi (stuffed roasted lamb)
Dolma (grape leaves and assorted vegetables stuffed and rolled with ground beef, rice, spices, and veggies)
Kale Pache (buffalo stew usually with meat and rice-stuffed tripped)
Asafir Meshwi (Grilled Quail)
Minabeer (stuffed sheep instestines)
Iraqi Kebab (similar to Adana kebab but more spicy than herbal)
Borani Kadoo
Gosh-e fil
Kabuli pulao

All of these make Indian food taste like dark ages dog shit

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Chicken Biryani
Chicken tikka masala
Chicken korma
Chicken curry
Chicken jal frazie

Is my top 5 in order. I really want to try a shrimp dish but every time I pussy out at the last second and get what I know I love

I feel bad because my entire life I just assumed I would hate indian food(I’m american) so I never even really gave it a shot. A few months ago I just gkind of had a revelation like I should at least give it a shot and been hooked ever since. It’s decently healthy too which is a bonus. I made some butter chicken at home once and it came out decent but I wanna try it again

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>vegetable biryani
>vegetable korma
No such thing
You should eat Mutton, makesit 10x better.

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Chicken 65, vindaloo, goat biryani, chicken changezi

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I’ve had goat and liked it okay, not tried mutton though. Is it similar?

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Patrician as fuck
>t. dating desi girl

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lamb vindaloo
chicken korma
chicken tikka masala

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chicken vindaloo w/ garlic naan and maybe vegetable samosas for me dawg

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Aloo Gobi
Padpi chaat
Butter chicken
Goat anything.

Honestly OP, if you have a choice between lamb and goat, get the goat. I love lamb, but goat is in its own class. It's tender as fuck and absolutely delicious.
Fun fact, I worked with a guy from Bangladesh who never had lamb till he came to Australia, because over there lamb is considered a poor man's meat for people who can't afford goat.

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Thats is a good fun fact thanks anon

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I've never ordered authentic Indian food before. What's a good "starter" appetizer and entree that has a decent balance of carbs and protein (and ideally lots of veg)?

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>no khoresh bademjan
Small wonder you don't like Indian food, you have complete shit taste

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Keema Naan. I have different curries depending on the day but there isn’t a day which I won’t order Keema Naan with my order, it’s a requirement.

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I went to an indian restaurant tonight and got a full several course meal. I’ve only had a couple indian curries before, never really tried anything else. This is what I got
>chickpea soup
>Lamb Samosa
>Piece of Chicken Tandoori
My favorite thing
>Seekh Kebab
It was ok
>Chicken Tikka Masla
Meh nothing special
>Lamb Curry
Also fine
>Chicken Korma
I liked this a lot
>Saag Paneer
Also really good
>Chana masala, Dal, Raita, Naan
>Gulab Jamun
Ok, a little too heavy for a dessert after all that food

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Lamb keema.

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Checks out

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